When you fall in love or give your heart to someone, the last thing you think is that they’ll be an unfaithful partner. Sometimes, however, you can’t predict whether that situation will occur for you. If you feel like your partner might be cheating, looking for signs can help you figure it out.

Many people can appear loving and committed while stealthily holding onto other relationships. Unfaithful people will go out of their way to cover their tracks, and it’ll work for a while. Eventually, their behavior will make them look guilty if you know what to watch for.

If things have suddenly changed in your relationship, you have every right to be concerned. When you don’t feel appreciated or prioritized anymore, it’s a good sign that something nefarious is going on. You may have an unfaithful partner, and figuring it out as soon as possible is essential.

Sixteen Warning Signs of an Unfaithful Partner

You know when something is amiss in your relationship, so don’t ignore that gut feeling. Don’t jump to conclusions, but watch for the telltale signs of infidelity. Once you know what’s going on, you can start planning for what you must do next.

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1. They Are Suddenly on Their Phone All the Time

If your partner has always spent a lot of time on the phone, this might not be a red flag. However, if their phone time has significantly increased, you should pay attention. You might notice that they are texting and smiling all the time but won’t say who they are talking to.

Another sign is that they constantly check their messages. If they’re always waiting on a message from someone else, it’s a sign of being unfaithful.

2. They’ve Stopped Prioritizing You

If your partner suddenly stops being reliable or they stop making plans in advance, it’s a red flag. They might make last-minute excuses to get out of something, signaling that you’re not a priority anymore.

If it only happens occasionally, it’s likely not a big deal. However, if it becomes a habit, you’ll want to pay attention.

You’ll also notice that they don’t spend as much time with you anymore. They’ll spend more time doing other activities, and even when they are with you, they won’t seem present.

3. Your Partner Seems More Aggressive or Uncomfortable Around You

As your partner distances themselves from you, they’ll be on edge. They’ll be awkward or antsy, always looking for a reason to leave the room or go somewhere else. Plus, a cheating partner might get easily aggravated over little things when you’re together.

4. Communication is Lacking

When your partner is cheating, communication will likely be lacking. You might notice that the two of you hardly speak anymore and, when you do, it’s out of necessity.

Your partner will be uninterested in talking about the issues, and they’ll dismiss your concerns. Their lack of communication will leave you wondering what is happening in your relationship.

5. They’ve Recently Added New Passwords to All of Their Technology

If you used to have access to your partner’s technology but you can’t anymore, it could be a sign. Unfaithful partners often change all of their passwords and refuse to share them.

While your partner should have some privacy, they also shouldn’t work so hard to hide their life from you. If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t need to keep all of their devices from you.

6. They Spend More Time Out of the Home and Have Elaborate Stories

When your partner spends more time away from home, it’s normal to wonder what they’re doing. Many times, they’ll have elaborate stories about where they’ve been. They’ll have detailed descriptions of where they were, signaling a rehearsed story.

You might also notice that your partner travels a lot more for work. If they have a job that requires occasional travel, they’ll use it as an excuse to get out of the house for days at a time.

7. They Want to Avoid Specific Locations Without a Good Reason

An unfaithful partner might want to avoid certain places that they used to enjoy going. You might notice they get nervous or hesitant to go out.

This behavior could indicate that they go there with someone else and don’t want anyone to recognize them. It could also mean that the other person often visits that location.

8. Their Appearance Changes

If your partner suddenly changes their appearance, it could indicate infidelity. They might buy new clothes or put on more make than usual as an effort to impress someone else. Men might also try to dress better and build muscle as a way to impress.

Your partner bettering themselves and indulging in self-care isn’t a sure sign of being unfaithful. This sign might not be a big deal unless they have a history of cheating or exhibit other symptoms, as well.

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9. Intimacy Isn’t the Same as It Once Was

At the beginning of your relationship, intimacy likely wasn’t an issue. It’s normal for intimacy to wane a little as time passes, but it could indicate infidelity if it suddenly stops. You will know that something has changed between you, even if you can’t identify what it is.

10. Your Partner Has Become More Narcissistic

If your partner is getting attention from someone else, they might become narcissistic. They’ll know they can ignore your wants and needs and use toxic techniques to make you feel like it’s your fault. Plus, they’ll start spending much more time on their looks, ignoring you more all the time.

When people think they can get anyone they want, they’ll start behaving as if they’re superior. Unfaithful people often behave this way because they play games and get away with it.

11. An Unfaithful Partner May Start Accusing You of Cheating

Unfaithful people tend to project their guilt onto their partners by accusing them of cheating. They don’t usually have reason to believe that you are cheating, but they want to displace the blame. Not only is it a sign of self-guilt, but it’s also their way of keeping you defensive and distracted.

Your partner might also use this technique to make you think they despise cheating and wouldn’t do it to you. However, sometimes they do it out of jealousy and insecurity, both common traits in unfaithful people.

12. They Start Hiding Their Phone or Computer

If your partner starts hiding their phone or computer from you, it’s a major red flag. They might carry it around with them all day, and then it disappears at night. You might notice that they won’t even leave their devices unattended for a few minutes.

Taking their phone on short bathroom breaks or a trip to the trash can indicates they are hiding something from you. Technology holds messages, pictures, and browser history, all things that could get a cheater caught. If your partner has nothing to hide, they won’t try hiding their devices.

13. They Often Go Off the Grid and Say That Their Phone Died

Unfaithful partners often use the excuse that their phone is dead when they’ve been out of touch for a while. They will seemingly disappear without telling you where they are going or offering a vague answer.

The longer these moments last, the more likely it is that they are up to no good. Watch for signs that these instances start occurring more frequently, too, as that’s another indication.

14. Your Partner Looks for Things to Argue About

If your partner seems more irritable and looks for things to argue about, they might be unfaithful. Cheaters do this as a way to displace guilt by making it seem like you’re causing problems in the relationship. It is common for a cheating partner to yell or seem fed up with you over minor or unreasonable things.

15. They Don’t Want You to Do Nice Things for Them Anymore

It is a red flag if your partner gets defensive or uncomfortable when you do nice things for them. They don’t want you doing these things anymore because it increases their feelings of guilt. Deep down, they know they don’t deserve your kindness and love.

16. They Keep Bringing Up the Same Person

Pay attention if your partner keeps bringing up the same person in conversation. If they always bring up a specific person, they might be having a relationship with them. It shows that the other person is always on their mind.

If you try to talk about how they always talk about that person, they might tell you that you’re crazy. Even if they say you’re paranoid, it’s a definite red flag.

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Final Thoughts on Telltale Signs of an Unfaithful Partner

You never enter a relationship thinking that your partner might be unfaithful, but it can happen. If your partner’s habits or behavior change with seemingly no reason, pay attention. You deserve to know what is happening in your relationship.

Watch for these telltale signs of an unfaithful partner so that you can address the issue. They might have a good reason for their behavior, or it could be that they are cheating.