How do you know if you’ve found true love? Is there any specific sign, or is it all based on feelings you have inside? Romance and love make the world go round, but you may have many questions about whether the one you’re with is “the one.”

22 Signs That Show You Have True Love

There’s no more delicate matter than those that involve the heart. You want to protect yourself as you don’t want to be hurt. Most folks don’t feel complete in this life until they find their other half or soul mate.

This person is the one who helps them make sense of life and gives them purpose. Here are some indications that you’ve found true love and the person you’re meant to be with on this journey.

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1. You Have No Doubts That You Feel True Love

Everything about it feels genuine when you’re with the right person. You don’t second guess your feelings and wonder if they feel the same way about you that you feel about them. A relationship that’s all wrong is full of doubt and fears, but a genuine romance feels like fate, or it seems written in the stars.

2. They Make You Feel Attractive

It doesn’t matter if you have morning breath and bedhead, as they look at you like they’ve won the lottery. The stars they have in their eyes for you are evident. As they repeatedly tell you, you always know how attracted they are to you. The wonderful thing is that it’s not just lip service either, as they mean what they say. That’s true romance!

3. Decisions Are Made Together

Even making the most significant decisions in your life seems more manageable as you have someone who helps you with them. From deciding what to wear to taking a job promotion across the country, you know you have someone who has your back. They would never let you make such decisions alone, as these decisions and your future also affect them.

4. Comfortable Silence Works Too

You don’t need some action-packed event or an in-depth conversation together. You two can just lay side by side and feel the beating of one another’s heart, and it’s unique.

When you’re with them, it’s as if the whole world stops, and it’s just you two for a moment. True love doesn’t require you to be or do anything to please the other person, as just being in their presence is enough for you.

5. There’s Complete Honesty Between You Two

Romance is about so much more than physical acts, as there’s something special between you. You feel safe enough to be 100 percent transparent with them, and they feel the same way about you.

6. In True Love, You Balance One Another

It’s not always true that opposites attract. How could you enjoy doing things together if you don’t have anything in common? You’re two different people from different worlds, yet somehow you always manage to complement one another.

You don’t mind going clothes shopping or watching sports, as you know it brings the other person much pleasure.

7. You Feel Safe

When you know someone has your back, you feel safe. No matter how cruel the world is to you, there’s peace that comes from knowing they’re by your side.

8. There’s Mutual Respect in Your Romance

Couples that make it till death do you part are those with high levels of respect for one another. Regardless of your issues, you think too highly of one another to resort to childish games.

9. They Support Your Dreams

Where would you be if you didn’t have a dream? Life would be pretty dull if you never thought you would be anywhere but where you are right now. You know you’ve found the one for you when you have the silliest dreams, and they still support you.

10. You See Them as a Lover and Best Friend

True romance means that you can be friends first and lovers second. The friendship part ignites the passion between you, especially since you connect on a different level.

According to the Mayo Clinic, true friendship gives you a sense of belonging and purpose, and it helps to enhance your self-confidence and self-worth. You’ve found these qualities in them and so much more.

11. You Share Similar Values

Every person has morals and values that govern their life. It’s challenging to be in a relationship where your values don’t match, as it’s likely to cause division. However, you seem to feel passionate about many similar things in life, and even when you disagree, you still respect one another.


12. There’s a Deep Level of Trust

You trust this person. You can tell them your deepest secrets and know they will never betray you. Being vulnerable with other folks has been a challenge, but for some odd reason, you have no problem bearing your heart and soul to this person.

13. You Can Be Yourself With  Your True Love

With true love, you don’t have to put on a facade or be something you’re not. You feel 100 percent comfortable just being yourself, and they love and accept you for who you are in this life.

14. Your Futures Are Well-Aligned

You’re both going in the same direction and have similar goals. You maintain your individuality, but you find comfort in knowing that they’ve equivalent dreams and goals as you do.

15. You Don’t Try to Change One Another

You like them how they are, and they aren’t trying to change you. Neither of you has a hidden agenda to try to change one another, and it’s a good thing. Researcher Dr. John Gottsman from The Gottsman Institute studies relationships and what makes them work.

A study found that 69 percent of the issues people have going into a marriage are still issues years later. Some of these issues cause the couple to call it quits.

However, his award-winning book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work states that you can work on the other 31 percent of things together and make your relationship flourish.

16. They Listen When You Talk

One of the main complaints about partners is that they don’t listen to one another. How often have you heard someone say their spouse takes their words in one ear and out the other?

However, things aren’t like that with you two, as you know that they’re genuinely listening to what you have to say. You have good communication, and they engage in good conversation.

17. In True Love, Things Feel Easy

You have no clue what those people are talking about that says relationships are a lot of work. Sure, you don’t agree with each other 100 percent of the time, but when you’re with your true love, things go together like a sock and a shoe.

18. You’re Growing Together

When you find your true love, you will grow together. You see yourself change and become a better version of yourself, and you like what you see. Having someone by your side to walk in life’s journey makes you more secure, and you see growth in all aspects of your life.

19. You Can’t Wait to Call or Text Them

They’re the first person you want to call or text when anything happens. Your lunch breaks at work are just another excuse for you to check in with them. You want to share everything about your day and count the minutes until you see one another.

20. They Lift You Up – Not Put You Down

They would never speak harshly to you or call you names. When you speak, uplifting conversations encourage you to be and do more. They are your biggest cheerleaders and pump you up to make you feel like you can conquer anything.

21. True Love Is Unconditional

True love means you love them in the good and bad times. Sure, things won’t always be a bed of roses, but your deep love for one another can see you through some of life’s most incredible storms.

22. You Work at Romance and Happiness

Romantic relationships take many components to make them work. You’ve found that you genuinely care about the other person’s happiness. You do the little things that put a smile on their face, and you care whether they’re depressed or anxious, as you’re always trying to improve their day.

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Final Thoughts on Finding True Love and a Forever Romance

You don’t need a list to tell you that you’ve found your true love. If you know it in your heart, everything makes sense. When you’ve found the person whom the Universe intended for you to be with, your heart will scream that they’re the one. This list only confirms what you already feel inside, which is beautiful.