16 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of a Toxic Partner

16 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of a Toxic Partner

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It’s a basic human need to have a romantic relationship. Nonetheless, the person you consider your soulmate jeopardizes your well-being. So how do you know when it’s time to break away from a toxic partner?

You must guard your heart if you see these red flags.

Sixteen Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Just the thoughts of falling in love with a beautiful person may send your heart soaring. Although, as your relationship matures, you see the best and worst sides of each other. Of course, every couple has its rocky moments, but the good should always outweigh the bad.

Are you and your significant other compatible? What are some clues that your togetherness is doing more harm than good? Here are 15 signs it’s time to walk away from a toxic partner.

toxic partner1. Communication Breakdown

Excellent communication is the lifeline of any relationship. If you and your person aren’t having meaningful conversations, it’s a red flag that something is wrong. Couples in love value each other’s opinions and are eager to hear about what’s going on in their minds.

Of course, any couple can get too busy or be angry at each other for a short period. However, a toxic partner may stop listening to you and disregard your feelings. They may even become belligerent, eerily silent, or verbally abusive. It would help if you considered that this person isn’t good for you anymore.

2. No More Emotional Support

The beauty of being with a partner knows that they have your back and you have theirs. When the going gets rough, and you feel like you’re a failure, their loving support reminds you that you can make it. Whenever you feel down or in need, you know that your lover is holding your hand.

If you have a toxic partner, you don’t have that safety net. Instead of being your best cheerleader, they are harmful and make you feel even worse. Someone who can’t support you emotionally and uplift you isn’t what you need.

3. Dishonesty

The foundation of healthy relationships is trust and honesty. When those are broken, the whole structure will fall. Are you and your mate transparent and honest with each other?

When little white lies start compiling into bigger ones, and things are swept under the rug, it breaks down trust. If you constantly must second guess your toxic partner’s motives or stories, how can you feel secure in the relationship?

Do you keep catching your person in lies, and they refuse to own up to their responsibility? If they are chronically lying about one thing, what other things are they hiding? Maybe you need to evaluate your exit options.

4. Total Disrespect

Another essential facet of a committed relationship is mutual respect. You and your mate may not agree on everything, but you respect one another’s feelings and opinions. When they appreciate you, you are their top priority, and they are quick to apologize if they’ve inadvertently hurt you.

If they’ve lost their respect for you and take you for granted, the relationship may be turning toxic. You deserve to be respected by the one who says they love you. If not, don’t tolerate the disrespect anymore and walk away with your pride intact.

5. Your Relationship is Chronically Stressed

Anyone who says their relationship doesn’t have stress is either oblivious or lying. Of course, it takes a lot of work and determination to keep a relationship healthy, which involves pressure. However, without some stress, neither of you would learn, grow, and evolve as a couple.

On the other hand, your partner should not be a source of avoidable and chronic stress for you. According to an article published by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, chronic stress can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. If your health is declining because your person is overloading you with anxiety, you may have a toxic partner.

6. Jealousy

Has the green-eyed monster set up camp to terrorize your relationship? While it’s normal to be somewhat jealous of your person’s attention, it can destroy a relationship if it’s a constant problem. Unfortunately, so often, severe control issues are masked as jealousy.

Does your mate make you feel more like a heavily guarded possession rather than a lover? Are they so paranoid and jealous that you can’t go anywhere or have any friends or family around? These are signs of an unbalanced person who is not only toxic but may also be dangerous.

7. Irresponsible Financial Deals

Are you in love? Contrary to romantic myths, a healthy relationship requires more than love. Just remember that romance without finance isn’t happening.

No, this doesn’t mean that money rules your heart. A relationship built on greed and materialism is doomed to fail, too. However, you want your partner to be responsible in work and financial management.

Some toxic partners are reckless spenders, and they can bog you down in debt and other financial ruin. Take notice if they are spending money erratically and are always expecting a bailout from you. Consider breaking ties before they ruin your credit and bankrupt your savings.

finances8. Your Support Network is Dwindling

We all have different personalities, so, understandably, some may clash. Likewise, you may have the occasional family member or best friend who doesn’t get along with your mate. The difference is that mature people know how to be civil, even if they don’t like each other.

This situation becomes problematic when your lover can’t get along with hardly any of your family and friends. Your mate may be the problem, but they want you to take their side and cut ties with others. Beware of toxic partners who try to keep you isolated.

9. Your Mate Won’t Accept Blame

Making mistakes and having shortcomings are all part of the human condition. Unfortunately, couples in the best relationships still make mistakes every day. However, the saving grace is that they take responsibility for their words and actions and ask for your forgiveness.

A toxic mate may refuse to acknowledge fault and will shift the blame to you and everyone else. According to an article published by the American Psychological Review, blame-shifting is one of the many ominous signs of gaslighting.

10. You Ignore Your Needs

A healthy relationship fulfills a couple’s need for companionship, intimacy, and validation. If your relationship feels more one-sided, consider that you may be giving too much. Your mate should respect and love you enough to ensure that your needs are paramount.

With this attitude, joy and fulfillment are mutual. However, be wary if your person shows signs of a narcissistic personality and is only concerned with their needs. They can’t love you and watch you ignore your needs in favor of them.

11. You Feel Lonely

One of the sweetest advantages of falling in love is so you can be with one another. If your person is emotionally unavailable and isn’t interested in fixing the situation, why bother? When they say they are there for you, they must be “there.”

You can be sitting on the couch right next to your lover and still feel lonely. Do you share your thoughts, feelings, and dreams as a couple? Do they take time to have meaningful conversations with you?

12. You Are Bitter

It’s been said that bitterness is the only poison meant to hurt someone else, and it only destroys you. So how can you stay in a relationship if you or your partner is harboring resentment? Whether it stems from your relationship or other people, it’s bound to create overwhelming toxicity.

Maybe your person is embittered and refuses to extend forgiveness to whomever. As a result, their dark feelings will seep into your relationship and will soon make you feel angry and resentful. It’s a negative whirlpool that will hurt you in the end.

13. Controlling Behaviors

A significant other who loves you isn’t interested in controlling you. As an adult, you remain the person who makes your own decisions. A toxic mate often tries to control what you think, what you do, and where you go. A relationship shouldn’t be a virtual prison.

14. Waiting for a Change

If you stay in an unhealthy relationship hoping that your mate will change, you’ll be sadly disappointed. While people can work on changing bad habits, many are already set in their ways. Wanting to change a toxic person isn’t a basis for a beautiful life together.

15. Are You in Their Future?

Listen closely when your partner discusses plans and dreams for the future. Are these “I” or “We” plans? If you aren’t part of their future, then why are you part of their present?

16. You Feel Depressed

How do you feel when you are with your significant other? Do they bring out the best in you, or do you feel lost and trapped? These negative feelings may lead to depression.

toxic partnerFinal Thoughts on Leaving a Toxic Partner

It’s difficult to walk away from a relationship in which you’ve invested time, energy, and your heart. If you’ve recognized any of these tell-tale signs of a toxic partner, leaving may be your best option. You’re a worthy person, and you deserve better.

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