Have you ever wondered what your daydreams reveal about you? We all try to escape reality in various ways; after all, we would probably drive ourselves crazy if we didn’t! Life can get pretty stressful, so if it doesn’t hurt you or others, there’s no harm in trying to forget about reality for a bit. Bills, responsibilities, work, school, kids, the fact that we all will die someday – all of these things can become quite a burden on our minds.

People have various methods of escaping the mundane, but almost everyone does one thing each day – daydream! Daydreams can help us to think of a more positive reality or sort out our goals in life. Maybe you daydream while at work or just while doing chores around the house, and what these daydreams reveal about you may surprise you!

Here’s what daydreams say about your personality:

“If you don’t daydream, your life is a nightmare.” – Karl Lagerfeld

1. You are satisfied with your life.

Wait, isn’t the whole reason for daydreaming because you are drifting away from your life?! Well, most of the time. However, if your daydreams involve thinking about relaxing on a beach somewhere with friends or just hanging out with them, that probably means you actually like your life. It means you have meaningful connections with people and just want to spend time with those you care about.

2. You’re creative.

If you daydream about showing off in a competition or winning an award, it might mean you have a great creative streak. Research shows that people who play out scenarios in which they get to do something exciting or fun while showcasing their natural talents want to put their skills to good use and get rewarded for them.

3. You’re smart and have an efficient brain.

Daydreams also can reveal your intellectual abilities. A study from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that people whose minds wander may just have so much brain capacity that they can’t keep their minds focused on the task at hand.

Eric Schumacher, a Georgia Tech associate psychology professor and co-author of the study, as well as his students and colleagues, including lead co-author Christine Godwin, measured the brain patterns of more than 100 people. Participants had to focus on a stationary fixation point for five minutes while lying in an MRI machine. Researchers used the data gathered to determine which parts of the brain worked together.

Once they figured out how the brain works together in an awake, resting state, the team compared the data with tests the participants took that measured their intellectual and creative abilities. Additionally, participants filled out a questionnaire about how much their minds wander on a daily basis.

The results? The participants who reported more frequent daydreaming scored higher on the intellectual and creative test and had more efficient brains as measured by the MRI machine.

4. You need to solve a problem.

For example, let’s say you daydream about quitting your job and telling your boss off while slamming the door in his face and skipping off happily to a much better opportunity. Obviously, this might mean that you feel trapped or unfulfilled in your current job, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit. Maybe you need to talk to your boss and figure out how you can feel happier in your job or what other opportunities might be available for you. You can also try positive thinking in order to get more satisfaction out of your life.

5. You miss a loved one who passed away.

Daydreams about your parents or grandparents who passed on might mean you need to process your grief or that you just miss them. You might remember happy memories with them or imagine them in a better place. Sometimes, nostalgia can reveal what daydreams say about your personality.

6. You want to take charge of your life.

If you daydream about becoming world-famous or getting your dream job, it means you seek greater control over your life. You want to become your own boss and feel more powerful. Daydreams like these might mean you want to escape your current life because you feel bored or overwhelmed. You wish you could transport into a world where you feel more engaged and excited.


7. You need a change.

Daydreams that involve you running away to travel the world, for example, mean that you may just need a change in your daily life. Don’t take it literally; it might not mean that you really want to travel the world, but that you should try to do a few things differently. Maybe you need to get a new hobby or figure out how you can express your passions.

Final thoughts

Daydreams provide valuable tools for our lives. Unlike what your teachers or parents may have told you, daydreaming is not a bad thing! Pay attention to your daydreams, because just like our “real” dreams while sleeping at night, daydreams can give us great insight, and help us solve problems and understand our own personality better.


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