Attitude is everything! So if you have a good one, you can be sure that your positive thinking will lead to positive results in life. But how do you keep that positive attitude up at all times? Consider this cheat sheet a go-to resource to keep your psyche ship sailing straight!

“Thoughts Become Things… Choose The Good Ones!” – Mike Dooley



1. Find the why: If you’re experiencing a challenging situation,  ask yourself why this is happening.  From there, you’ll be able to figure out how to change your current course based on your actions up to this point.

2.  Plan the next step: After you find the why, look at the how and plan the next step to be sure that avoidable situations are prevented the future.

3.  Say Something Nice: Whether to a friend, family member, or random person in public, it’s surprising how much better you’ll feel when you say something nice to someone.  It’ll change their day and keep yours going the right way!

4.  Choose LOVE: If you’re receiving negative energy from someone, it does not mean you have to reciprocate.  So send them blessings, say a prayer for them, or help them escape their funk by simply choosing to show love.

5.  Laugh: When caught up in a tense or negative situation, one of the quickest ways to diffuse the energy is to have a good laugh.  Stop right in the middle of the mayhem and tell a good joke or plain out start laughing!  Let the good vibes rush through your body and to those around you – you deserve it.


6. Pray: Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or chanting, the positive energy created by getting in touch with your spirit is momentous.  You can often receive answers to your questions and solutions to your problems when you just take a moment to listen to what the divine in you has to say.

7. Find gratitude:  If something not going your way, one of the first things you can do is think of all the things you are grateful for.  Surely you have got it better than many, regardless of your situation.  And if you can’t think of anything right away, just be grateful to be alive!

8. Vision Board: When going through a rough patch, refer to your vision board and remind yourself why you’ve decided to be a positive person.  You have goals and want them to be met – the journey toward success is much greater enjoyed when you’re happy about it.

9. Remember the positive:  Although sad times occur, it doesn’t mean you have to stay depressed.  Think of all of the good times you had, and where you would want to be today had the sadness never occured.

10. Get Happy:  It may sound cliche, but keeping sadness at bay is much more doable when allowing yourself to get happy daily.  Follow the Power of Positivity on Facebook for daily “get happy” moments to keep your happy meter fully charged!

11. Avoid the blame game:  Your thoughts and choices affect your life.  If you’ve overreacted, that’s not someone else’s fault.  You are a mirror; what you say to others, you say to yourself.


12. Stay in control:  Just because you may not be where you want to be, the finish line may be right around the bend.  You’ve got this!

13. Maintain a high level of emotional intelligence: Keep a strong awareness about how you feel in situations, and allow yourself to control how you react through self-realization.  There is a lot of strength in stepping outside your own box to learn how you act and react.  In other words, keep calm and carry on!

14. Be the victor, not the victim: Choose what you want to become, not what happened to you.  You may have been affected, but it’s in the past now and you can make a decision to do what you can, where you are, with what you have!

15. Embrace Adversity: Believe that you are a STRONG person who can handle anything that is thrown your way.  Affirm that adversity is easily overcome through my positive thinking mindset and welcome the challenges that arise.

16. Seek opportunity: Every problem has a positive opportunity ingrained deep inside it.  There’s always a certain amount of value in any situation, and it’s your choice to learn from it and GROW

17. Focus on Solutions: “Followers focus on problems.  Leaders focus on solutions.”  If life goes array, there’s nothing you can do about what has already happened.  Look ahead to the solution, and how you can get there.

18. Read scripture: Regardless of religion, many positive principles remain the same throughout the world’s sacred books of knowledge  Whatever book or teacher you prefer, study it often.  It will wire your brain to follow positive thinking principles and deliver success!

19. Personal Development: With the wide range of personal development products available, many avenues exist to attain a steady state of positive thinking.  Pick yourself up a book or DVD (The Magic is a great example) and prepare to start making positive thinking a staple in your daily routine!

20. Recall achievements: If everything goes wrong, look at what went right!  Sometimes one of the best things you can do to bolster self-esteem is to remember how far you’ve come to get to where you are now!


21. Eliminate all-or-nothing thinking: Positive thinking involves a lot of gray areas.  It’s not all or nothing in life, and sometimes you’ll take one step forward to find yourself being knocked two steps back.  It takes a large spectrum of experience to get to where you’re going – allow all situations to propel you!

22. Affirmations: The importance of positive affirmations will always be the main ingredient to attracting more health and abundance into your life.

23. Breathe: Practicing breathing can provide many positive benefits, especially when bothered.  Prana breathing is especially effective when feeling stressed or anxious. A count of four during the inhale, and a count of eight on the exhale repeated for a few minutes will surprisingly bring you calm and relaxation by slowing your heart rate and allowing your brain to process more fully.

24. Stay around positive energy:  Neurons that fire together wire together, so it is important that you flood yourself with positive energy sources.  So please take a moment to consider your daily habits. Are they helping you along your journey, or are they stressing you out?  If not, find ways to integrate more positive ways of living into your daily routine

25. Avoid alcohol: Many people like to have a few drinks now and then, but it’s not great to overdo it.  The bad decisions, headaches, and health problems that follow will cause more problems than it’s worth.  If you need a fix, find a holistic alternative and allow your body to thrive naturally.

26. Do a good deed: Performing a good deed or random act of kindness is a great way to switch into a positive mindset.  First, you’re thinking of doing something good for another person, place, or thing – then you’re carrying it out and seeing a positive energy that it spreads, making you feel good.  Double win!

27. Know that your source of positive power is bigger: If you’re dealing with struggles, remember that the positive source of power is far greater than any problem can ever pose.  You can choose to become what you desire. So don’t let what happened to you in the past hold you back.

28. Align your beliefs with your feelings: Your feelings directly represent your beliefs about the person or situation. Ask yourself, “why do I believe this to be true?”, then connect the dots and discover what’s true for you!


29. Forgive someone: Sometimes, there are memories or experience that may gnaw away at you and hinder your positive thinking. So get in touch with that person you need to forgive and let it happen.  Let them know that you understand and forgive them the way God (Universe, Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.) would.  When you forgive others, it’s a gift you truly give to yourself!

30. Ask for forgiveness: Sometimes, you’re on the other side of the spectrum, and you’re the one who needs forgiveness from someone else.  Ask for it – you’ll be surprised at the positive response.  As explained above, they’re not only forgiving you but let go of trapped negative energy in their own body, which is truly a gift to themselves.

31. Write: When feeling down, pick a pen up!  Writing and expressing your emotions on paper can release the negative energy you’ve been holding and help you understand how writing positive messages to yourself can bring you benefits in many areas.

32. Write a thank you note: Tell someone thanks you in a note.  It will surely brighten their day and make you feel like you’ve rippled some positive energy (because you will have!)


33. Exercise: Exercise helps the body produce and distribute endorphins. In fact, you know exactly what I’m talking about if you ever had a “runners high.” When you exercise, you’re not only taking your mind off of the negative situation but also enjoying the intrinsic benefit of getting fit and looking great!

34. Get Outside: Nature is a sanctuary of its very own.  When you find a quiet place in nature, everything buzzing around in your mind stops and allows you to tap back into a positive thinking mindset without resistance

positive thinking

35. Get excited: Everything is energy, and there is an unlimited amount of it all around you.  Turn up the radio, give your partner a passionate kiss, jump around, or even scream out loud!  Don’t be afraid to give yourself goosebumps – it will take you to a higher level you never knew possible!

36. Eat more raw, plant-based food: Raw, plant-based foods contain energy that is not found in any other processed or cooked food.  There is a much higher level of light energy in these foods and your body will know it when you’re taking them in.  You won’t feel sluggish, tired, or full. Instead, you’ll feel energetic, revitalized, and satisfied!

37. Have a success partner: It is very important to have someone you can share goals with, review periodically, and set new ones.  Find a successful person, or people, to be around and you’ll quickly learn that energetic synergy can be created to achieve maximum results.

Bad Mood

38. Put on Music:  A study proved that favorite music can help you become more positive. When feeling blue, get that positive thinking in check with one of your favorite happy songs!  Think of any song that lifts you up; some examples are Roar by Katy Perry, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, and Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby Darin. Of course, those are just a few.  Share your own favorites in the discussion below!

39. Sing: When that favorite song comes on to prime your positive thinking, sing along to improve your mood.  Singing expresses emotion, releases endorphins and oxytocin, and also creates sound vibrations that move through you to change your emotional landscape.  And don’t be afraid to sing like you’re in the shower!

40. Turn off the TV: Television programs do exactly what they say they’re doing – programming… YOU. Therefore, you’re likely to be upset about tragic stories if you watch too much. As a result, the negative energy of a scary movie or story will transfer to you.  Time spent in front of the TV also leaves your mind idle, rather than engaged in positive thinking.

41. Dance: The energy created when you start moving to a familiar beat or slow dancing with your partner is tremendous.  You can feel the energy flowing through you.  Turn on the audio and dance like no one’s watching!

42. Live in the now: Remember that you’re in the present moment, at all times.  Everything that has happened can not be changed, but your perception of it can change.  Therefore, you don’t have to feel remorse if you’re no longer in that individual moment.  There may be a door that just opened next to the closed one you’ve been staring at all this time.

BONUS: 43. Bookmark this cheat sheet for positive thinking and refer to it regularly.

Here’s to maintaining that mindset!  Share your favorite tips to help maintain positive thinking in the discussion below!