What Tonight’s Aries Moon Reveals About Your Life

What Tonight’s Aries Moon Reveals About Your Life

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Change is in the air for all of us, thanks in part to the events brought on by the super new moon in Aries on April 7th, 2016.

In this article we will prepare you for what you might expect to encounter in the near future as these changes begin to break old patterns.


The science of astronomy and the belief in astrology used to be connected together by the same theories, all the way up to end of the 18h century and the time of Sir Issac Newton who described the theory of gravity. The movements of the Earth, Moon, Sun and planets through the field of stars could be predicted more reliably by then, but the scientists thought that the descriptions of their influences on human lives were explained away by coincidence.

Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Babylonian, Incan, Native American and other cultures have used the placement of the planets to learn about the seasonal influences on our planet. Oracles, or trained seers were consulted about the best time to plant crops, whom to marry, trade relationships, and even advice when planning to war against a neighboring tribe.

The science behind the 12 sun signs of astrology lies within the realm of psychology. Personality traits have been assigned to each astrological sign. We may or may not agree with these descriptions or we may feel that they do not always apply to us.

We believe ourselves to be free-willed and able to make choices despite what our horoscopes say, which is true of course. However, certain personality ‘types’ certainly do exist in the field of psychology (Read our article on Introverted vs. Extroverted people for example) and do seem to correlate with the astrological signs and the personality traits that have been assigned to each sun sign.

Can astrology predict our lives, or do we read what we want to into the descriptions of the astrological signs because we like the type of person who is described? In our recent article, we told you about a study that shows that the season in which you are born can affect your personality, energy level, and your likelihood to act in certain ways as a result.

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Let’s look at the exciting changes that you can expect to be presented to you as opportunities in your life as a result of the super new moon in Aries. Of course, you have the free will to decide whether or not to pursue these new opportunities.


The Super New Moon in Aries Will Change Your Life

Have you felt like you couldn’t wait for things in your life to change for the better? The good news is that this super new moon will bring much needed change to your life, it will happen quickly, and it will be in a way that helps you to grow as an individual.

Why The Super New Moon Is Bringing Change

The moon cycles through phases every month, so why is this new moon any different? A supermoon is when the Earth is at its closest point to the moon in orbit. In other words, we are feeling an even larger effect of the pull of the moon because of its closeness to us.

A normal new moon usually brings fresh beginnings and an end to old ways. You can look for this cycle of changes in your life each month as a fresh project or new idea begins as the new moon starts its cycle and then these new starts will decline or wraps up as the moon goes through a full cycle and wanes back to a last quarter.

With the nearness of this supermoon, you will see these fresh beginnings in larger scale. You will likely notice more creativity, more energy, and more invitations to try something new at this time.

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At the same time, because this is a huge cycle of the end of the previous month’s moon, you should be seeing other aspects of your life closing the book on the chapter that has ended. This could be an old relationship that no longer serves your best interests, or even an outdated way of thinking or acting that you want to change about yourself. Look at this as a time for breaking bad habits and choosing to work on the most positive aspects of your personality.

The Significance of Aries

Aries is a fire sign, and a fire sign often indicates the qualities of passion, energy and fast-paced, uncontrollable energy. The implications for this time of the supermoon in Aries are similar to what a person born with the moon in the sun sign of Aries would experience as a character trait.

The astrology website starslikeyou.com.au says of the moon in Aries ‘You are likely to feel at your best when you involved with exciting, challenging or new experiences – anything that lets you express your pioneering side. You may experience yourself as a dynamic individual, and enjoy getting things started.’

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