Each zodiac sign corresponds to a constellation in the sky, and if you follow astrology, you know that you can gain a lot of insight by following the stars. No need to read your horoscope each day anymore; we have compiled a detailed overview of 2016 for each zodiac sign, so you can know what to expect.

We hope this year brings you much happiness, love, and peace!

Consider This Your Ultimate Zodiac Guide For 2016


For the Aries zodiac sign, you have a transformative year ahead of you. This year, you’ll learn how to set goals, prioritize, and increase your willpower and determination so you can achieve your dreams. Don’t allow your zodiac sign’s impatience to get in the way; sometimes, you just need to plant the seed, and give it the nourishment it needs to grow into a masterpiece. You will definitely witness your hard work paying off later in the year, so don’t give up!

Also, you will have the urge to leave behind bad habits this year, and really clean up your act so you can feel and look your healthiest. Simplicity is your word for the year – every aspect of your life will go through a transformation as you work to get rid of everything you don’t need, from toxic foods to clutter around the house to outdated habits.


It looks like love is in the cards for your zodiac sign in 2016, Taurus! Don’t let your doubts stop you from making a move, though; act while you have the chance! A solid relationship might just turn into an engagement, as your partnerships this year will really start to blossom. A pregnancy might just be in the stars for you as well, making this a very active year for you in the love and relationship department!

Also, as long as you keep focused on your visions, they will start to manifest into reality for you. Just keep believing in yourself, don’t let people tell you your dreams are too big, and put in the hard work. Show the world what you’re made of, and don’t apologize for your talents! This is a big year for your zodiac sign, Taurus, so enjoy it!


Gemini, this might just be the year for you to finally settle down. Your zodiac sign normally has a hard time sticking to something or making a firm decision, but when it comes to love, the heart always points the way. You want a serious relationship, not just something that fades away with the passing of time.

You might even find yourself traveling for love this year, falling for someone from an entirely different culture overseas. This may lead to an exciting foreign job opportunity, so keep an open mind Gemini! Definitely expect to have a huge career change this year, because the Gemini zodiac sign can never stay in one place too long. You might also gain a new best friend with a great sense of adventure, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Cancer, get ready for things you would’ve never expected. This year, instead of hiding in your shell, you will have a very active social life, and become more extroverted than ever before! You’ll have a busy year ahead, with socializing, planning events, and networking, but it will all pay off in the end. You could stand to get out of the house more, so don’t let your shyness hold you back. Open your heart to these new relationships, and also, get ready for exciting career advancements!

It might not happen overnight, but all the networking you’ve done will definitely help you with a creative endeavor, which will lead to financial abundance and widespread recognition for your work. Cancer, it’s been a long time coming for you, but this is truly YOUR year. You will finally break free from your shell, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!


Leo, you’re used to being in the spotlight, but in 2016, you’ll be behind the scenes a bit more. This is a great opportunity to reflect on yourself, your goals, and your relationships, and reevaluate some things. You will also dial it down a bit in the spending department, and start saving some money instead. This is a positive thing, because you’ll be investing in your future. 2016 is also a conservative year for you romantically; no more playing the field, Leo. It looks like you might find your soulmate this year, so be on the lookout for the real deal!


When it comes to the Virgo zodiac sign, you normally don’t throw caution to the wind; in fact, you are usually far too cautious and calculating, but this year, all that changes. You will start to take more risks, become more extroverted and confident, and basically become the opposite of the person you’ve been the past few years. It’s quite liberating, wouldn’t you agree? As far as friendships, you will become close with several female friends this year, and learn who your true friends are. In romance, it looks like you won’t be settling down anytime soon, so enjoy yourself, Virgo; it’s about time!


For the Libra zodiac sign, this year looks like a very introspective, transformative year for you. Your mind tends to wander all over the place, so in 2016, reign it in. Start up a meditation or yoga practice to quiet your mind, and don’t be afraid to dig down deep in your soul for answers. This year is about healing from your past, and living more in the present.

Even though 2016 may sound quite lonely for your zodiac sign, Libra, never fear. Your newfound spirituality and inner freedom will send like-minded people your way, so you will make connections that will further you on your journey. You’re the sign of balance, after all, so this year is the perfect union of solitude and friendship.

Also, it looks like your dreams of meeting your soulmate might finally come true this year! Just remember to let your guard down and not let your doubts keep love away.


Scorpio, last year was tough, no doubt about it, but this year your load will lighten considerably, thank goodness! You’ll regain clarity and balance, and all your hard work from 2015 will finally pay off. It seems your determination and work ethic will bring in a high-level position this year, and you deserve it. However, climbing up the ladder doesn’t mean leaving people behind; collaborating with a colleague or friend could prove very fruitful for you, so keep your mind open.

As far as romance, you don’t have any desire to get serious at the beginning of the year, preferring to keep your options open. However, two eclipses in Pisces on March 9 and September 16 might prompt a more serious commitment, so let your heart lead the way.


Sagittarius, strap in and prepare yourself, because 2016 will be a very exciting, prosperous year for you in the career department. However, if you want to reach your goals, make sure to have an actionable plan to refer to along your path to success! Also, learn how to delegate tasks to others, so you have more time to focus on the things that will really advance your career.

Of course, working all the time without having any playtime will make your zodiac sign cranky and restless, so schedule some time each week for relaxation and fun. Even if you just have one day a week for recreation, it will help you manage the more serious endeavors in your life much better.

If you’re in a committed relationship, look for it to get even more serious this year; you might even find yourself starting up a joint venture with your partner! This year holds a bounty of opportunities for you, Sag, so take advantage!


Is this real life, Capricorn? 2016 will urge you to take a step back from your workaholic tendencies, and take some real time for yourself. You will probably feel restless and unproductive at first, but just go with it. You deserve some R&R, and thankfully, this year you’ll get plenty of it. You’ll find yourself delving into esoteric topics, and learning about self-healing and quieting the mind. Practices you used to make fun of or dismiss, will finally make sense to you.

This year, you let go of the reigns a little bit, and finally allow yourself some time to relax. Instead of trying to control everything, you go with the flow more, which definitely will give you some peace of mind. Travel is in your future, too, Capricorn. You just need a change of pace, a break from work, and this year provides exactly what you need. Buy a passport and head off to places that you never would’ve expected yourself to end up; here is where you’ll truly transform and release old baggage.

2016 won’t be all play and no work, however. Your newfound freedom might spark some creativity and lead to entrepreneurial ventures; after all, you can’t stay away from work forever, and your inner leader will call you to action once again.

In love, you might meet your match on your travels, so what are you waiting for? Buy a ticket and get to see life from a new perspective!


The Aquarius zodiac sign will have very fruitful relationships in 2016. You will have fiery, passionate, deeply stimulating relationships with several lovers, who satisfy you both physically and intellectually – I mean, what more could you want?! However, you might hit some roadblocks in those relationships this year, as well, as jealousy and trust issues come to the surface. If you both can work through these problems, you might have a lifelong relationship ahead of you!

In other news, you will have a very active year in your community, and learn who your true friends are. If you’re a member of any organizations, it looks like you will earn yourself a leadership position, or at least get more involved with the community.

You’ll also thrive in the creative realm, and your passions will quickly turn into a profitable online business or possibly a scientific discovery! You’ve always been a leader, a visionary, and a forward thinker, so this comes as no surprise. This is a wonderful year for entrepreneurship, advancement, and prosperity for you, Aquarius!


When it comes to relationships, your zodiac sign will thrive this year, finding a perfectly complementary partner for a business idea, or maybe even romance. Let’s face it, Pisces, you need someone grounded to offset your imaginative, unpredictable nature, and even if the relationship makes you feel a bit stunted at times, it will help you in the long run. You will learn and grow from this relationship, so let it run its course.

You will also meet people from other cultures, and might even move overseas for love, if you find it there. Keep an open mind this year, Pisces. Anything is possible in love!

2016 also holds a lot of opportunities career-wise; this year calls for a bit of grounding on your part in order to get the ball rolling in your professional life. Call on the help of life coaches or other leaders if you need it; it’s fun to live and create from your imagination, but sometimes, you just have to put your feet back on the ground for a while to get the more practical things taken care of as well.