Do you envy strong women who don’t put up with a bunch of nonsense?

Women tolerate all kinds of things in a relationship. When women get together and talk about their past relationships, they’re often appalled by everything they put up with. Thankfully, relationship experts have been listening, and they’ve compiled a list of things that women should never tolerate in a relationship.

Some of these things seem so normalized that many strong women don’t realize that it’s something they don’t need to put up with.

Our title and today’s topic focuses on how today’s women handle relationship adversity. However, nobody should put up with people who disrespect or mistreat–men or women. So regardless of your gender, take note of these traits and expect the best for yourself!

Here Are 7 Things Strong Women Should Never Tolerate in A Relationship

“A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not to be done.” – Marge Piercy

Women who stand up for themselves will not put up with men who exhibit these behaviors.

1. No kitchen know-how

As charming as it might be to cook dinner for your partner every once in a while, not knowing how to cook isn’t an endearing trait. However, a strong woman should never put up with someone who can’t cook a meal or doesn’t know how to fend alone for a few days.

Women should be companions to their partners. In fact, they are not their partner’s mother. Not knowing how to cook is, indeed, a baseline for any adult. Otherwise, “This signals that he may not see you as an equal,” says Jennine Estes, M.F.T and author of Relationships In The Raw.

2. Not cleaning up after themselves

A woman in a relationship is not a maid or a housekeeper! If a man leaves his drawers all over the floor, his wet towel on the bathroom sink, and his socks outside the hamper, he’s not ready for an adult relationship. A strong woman should never have to tolerate picking up after a man every time she comes over. He needs to grow up if he can’t clean up after himself.

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3. Lack of compromise

Rex Tillerson once said, “Compromise on ethical conduct is not an option.” A strong woman should always have a relationship in which compromise is the preferred form of ending disagreements. Indeed, no strong woman should ever tolerate being in a relationship with a man who doesn’t want to compromise. Compromise is one of the backbones of being in a serious relationship. So there’s no need to tolerate a relationship where one person doesn’t want to give and only wants to take.

4. Verbal abuse

Strong women may not realize they’re being abused in a relationship because the abuse might not be physical. Relationship experts agree that this is one of the top things that strong women should never tolerate in a relationship. Their partners should all be speaking to them with respect. Strong women should never accept being spoken down to, condescended, insulted, or verbally humiliated in their relationship.

5. Unsupportive of her goals

Being in a relationship is like having a built-in support system. According to research by Brigham Young University,ambivalence in a relationship — the feeling that a partner may be unpredictable with his or her support or negativity — can take a quiet toll on the health of an individual.” A strong woman will have plenty of goals that she wants to achieve in her life.

A strong woman should have a partner who is supportive of those goals. If a man in a relationship is unsupportive of a strong woman’s goals, then that’s a red flag that the relationship will not work. Relationship experts agree that a strong woman should never tolerate an unsupportive partner.

6. A partner who doesn’t help with the children

Sometimes, a relationship gets to marriage and children before a strong woman realizes that she’s been tolerating unacceptable behavior. Strong women should never accept a man who doesn’t help out with the children. Parenthood should be a shared task among both partners, and a strong woman should never tolerate a man who doesn’t pull his share of the weight.

7. Untrustworthy

A strong woman should always be able to trust her partner. Relationships survive on trust and communication. No one should feel like they can’t trust the person they love. No female should never tolerate being in a relationship with someone who can’t be trusted. She should never have to endure a man who tells lies – about himself, or his life, or about what he’s doing or who he is with.

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Final thoughts on Strong Women and Relationships

There are so many things in a relationship that no one should tolerate. Many females may not realize that minor annoyances in their relationships are unacceptable. A strong woman should know all her boundaries, desires, and wants in a relationship. She should control her life, including who she chooses as a partner. Relationship experts have been researching the types of things that should never be tolerated in a relationship, and these are the top behaviors. Strong women should not tolerate their partners exhibiting these things in a relationship.