The definition of masculinity and manhood is ever-changing and evolving with the times. Gone are the days when only males who drove rugged cars and were eager to square up and fight were considered strong men. And with this steadily shifting narrative on what strength in men entails, there are, naturally, people who are unable to deal with it.

Strong men make amazing partners. They are fantastic friends, family members, and more. But some women may have difficulty accepting the new trend of masculinity, and all the things that make men so strong.

Here Are 10 Traits Of Strong Men That Most Women Can’t Handle

1.    They Prefer To Promote Peace Over Violence

Violence is seldom the answer, and a strong man knows that he doesn’t have to use his muscles to showcase his problem-solving skills. When faced with an awkward situation, he uses his mind and heart to overcome it, instead of turning to aggression.

Of course, some women may be unused to this approach to problems from men. It may cause them to perceive these men as weak, which is a very misguided view of the situation. Regardless, a strong man knows that there is wisdom in picking battles, finding compromises, and promoting understanding and peace.

2.    Strong Men Are Ambitious

A strong man is highly ambitious. This ambition can often mean putting their careers and goals above any romantic attachments. It’s a highly respectable and positive decision, but it’s one that some women may take issue with, as it automatically lowers their position on the ladder of priority.

Of course, a strong man knows the value of balance, too, so they will be happy to balance their ambitions and family life once a relationship is more committed. But it is unlikely that the relationship will be anything more than of equal priority to their other goals, which is something that some women may dislike.

3.    They Want Equality From Partners

There’s a misconception that all men want to rule over women in their relationships. There’s an opposite misconception that men are often “whipped” in their relationships, bowing to the women in their lives. Well, a strong man doesn’t want either of these things. He wants equality, plain and simple.

A strong man will intend for him and his partner to evenly split responsibilities reasonably, depending on working hours and other factors. This workload applies to:

  • Financial obligations, like who pays for dates or handles housing bills
  • Planning events, including dates
  • Intimacy, ensuring healthy give and take
  • Childcaring, meaning he will put effort into raising children equally
  • Chores and work, ensuring both parties spend similar amounts of time working
  • Emotional openness, so he expects his partners to be as vulnerable as he is with them

We aren’t saying that men are calculative and demand precise 50/50 splits or else. But what we are saying is that men know that the most positive relationships require balance and equity, and they will not settle for less than that. (1)

4.    They Know What They Want

Being wishy-washy is a historically weak quality, no matter which gender is performing it. That’s why a strong man knows what it is that they want and have no qualms about gunning for it without hesitation.

A strong man analyzes his wants and needs, reflecting on his wishes and actions, to discover what he wants. This doesn’t mean that he has everything figured out. Instead, it shows that he is aware of his direction in life, and he knows what the heart of his desires are.

On top of that, a man’s strength will not let anything stand between him and his goals. His positive thinking has no room for pessimism. Someone who slows him down or stops him from getting where he wants to be isn’t going to be kept around for long. (2)

5.    Strong Men Demand And Provide Honesty

A strong man doesn’t see any point in beating around the bush. He wants clear communication at all times. He sees no point in obscuring the truth with buttery, flowery speech. This is because he wants the honest, constructive truth quickly, and he believes that others would benefit most from receiving such honesty. As such, men of strength will also:

  • Avoid speculation and rumor, aiming instead to find out the truth about a situation before commenting on it
  • Steer clear of gossiping or believing rumors, instead directly asking the person concerned about the issue
  • Tell someone directly if they have a problem with them
  • Welcome any form of constructive criticism
  • Know how to accept and take constructive praise
  • Be honest about their emotions, feelings, needs, and desires, without fear of judgment
  • Dislike mind games and hint-dropping, aiming instead to make it clear what they want and receive similar treatment for others.

It’s not unusual for women to occasionally desire a gentler type of speech from their partners. As such, the blunt directness of a strong man may be off-putting to them. But at the heart of it all, this is a man who wants clear communication and easy understanding, and that is a positive thing for any relationship in the long run. (3)

6.    They Take The Reins

A strong man does not shy away from leadership roles. They are more than happy to take the reins and all the responsibility that comes with that. They can take the initiative and put in all the effort needed for that to work.

But lots of women have bad experiences with being wrongfully mansplained to, or being treated as incompetent. As such, some women may misinterpret a strong man’s natural leadership abilities and command as an act of sexism.

But hang around him more, and you’ll realize that he merely has a desire to take the initiative, regardless of the genders of everyone else in the room. All you need is a little positive thinking!

7.    They Are Emotionally Open And Vulnerable

Some men believe that crying is a sign of weakness, and they try to hide their emotions as a result. But a strong man knows that the best way to process a difficult time is being honest about his feelings. They allow themselves to feel the emotions, knowing that this is necessary for understanding them.

This also means that strong men are often happy to be vulnerable with their partners. They open up about themselves, they cry when they feel like they need to, and they talk to their partners about their fears and problems.

For some women, this is a sign of weakness. But the healthiest, most positive thing someone can do is confront their feelings and issues, facing them head-on.

8.    They Know What They Are Worthy Of

Many times, men are reduced to having to be “grateful” for the women they date. They have to express that they feel “lucky” and as though they should be thankful for a woman to want to date them at all.

But a strong man doesn’t have time for this type of self-deprecation. They know what they are worth, and they know what they deserve. They refuse to stand for adverse treatment and will not settle for less than what is fair for them.

Sure, a strong man will feel lucky to have found their significant other, but they will also realistically know that they are valuable to the relationship, too. They have something to offer just as much as their partner does. It is this type of positive thinking that keeps their self-esteem healthy and balanced.

9.    They Value Time They Have Alone

It’s a common joke that men want to be left alone sometimes in their basement or “man cave,” or whatever other stereotypical statements exist. This is somewhat true for strong men, but not in the way you may think.

These types of men genuinely see the importance of being comfortable with being alone for their self-improvement. This means that a man of strength will always want a little time to themselves once in a while.

In this time alone, they can meditate, reflect, and be his person, and that’s very important to a strong man. They want to be free to explore their hobbies and interests, and they also want to have time to explore themselves. If someone takes his desire to be alone personally, he will cut them off.

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They Are Independent And Desire Independence In Partners

Strong men are fiercely independent. They don’t need anyone to tell them what to do. They know how to care for themselves and don’t wish reliant on anyone. Neither do they want anyone to be reliant on them, nor do they want to be controlled. Independence is essential to them.

For some women, this can be quite intimidating in relationships. They won’t be able to feel like they are nurturing or caring for this man in the traditional sense, and they won’t be able to allow themselves to be “taken care of” by him.

Of course, this is not to say that they don’t offer compromises, or that he does not welcome discussion regarding long-term relationships in terms of work and financial distribution. If the best option is for his partner to raise their children while he works, for example, he will not hold that against his partner. However, he still wants to be with those who have relative independence to match his own.

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Final Thoughts on Understanding Today’s Strong Men

Strong men have much to offer, whether it is to relationships, to their workplace, or to themselves. Women who can’t handle them are certainly missing out, but these men don’t care about that. Instead, they’re happy waiting until the right person comes along.

If you’re a man who aspires to emanate these qualities, don’t let the fear of women being unable to keep up stop you. Your strength comes from within, not from the people around you. Besides, do you want a partner who doesn’t want you to be strong?

Being strong is something to be celebrated and appreciated, and you’ll find that this strength propels you through life in ways no external person can do for you. So take that strength, hone it, and wear it proudly!