Does your soul’s journey often feel like a lonely trail? Fortunately, there’s no need for you to wander this path solo. Your spiritual guide, also called ascended master, gives you clues daily that they’re holding your hand along the way.

Your triune being is a delicate balance of body, mind, and spirit. Any time one element is out of tune, it affects the other two. The body is only a short-term temple that houses your collective mind and eternal spirit.

Some people believe that you turn to dust once you’re dead. Others say that the souls of the dead are eternal and will go to a place of paradise or torment. For those who believe in reincarnation, death is a perpetual cycle of rebirth and learning universal truths.

An article published by Investigation Clinica concludes that science can never prove nor disprove the theory of reincarnation. The proponents believe that each person’s rebirthing process depends on karma. Good deeds produce positive karma, while evil actions bring negative.

They assume the more lives you live, the more chances you have of cleaning up your karma. Once you’ve learned the universal truths of your destiny, your spiritual being is perfected. When you are self-actualized, reincarnation ends, and you’ve become a spiritual guide or ascended master.

Understanding Spiritual Guides?

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According to many reincarnation theories, very few people in the world are self-actualized and in their final life as a human. Throughout history, various cultures have exalted these perfected humans as their religion’s power and voice. Their hope is if they follow the guidance and teachings of their ascended master, they will eventually obtain perfection.

Now, these perfected beings are tasked with navigating their human wards throughout their spiritual journeys. These celestial beings are believed by many to be godlike. However, they respect the universal law of free will and won’t interfere in human affairs without consent.


In the Hindu tradition, some ascended masters have returned to earth to help open the spiritual eyes of culture. These reincarnated deities are called avatars. The avatar makes a connection with a group as one of its own. The teachings and miracles of these beings are handed down through history.

Celestial Hierarchy

Throughout human history, very few avatar interventions have been recorded. Believers in other-worldly communication refer to a chain of command among the spiritually ascended masters. They range from avatars to ancestral spirit guides and helper spirits.

How to Contact Your Spiritual Guide

Whether you call your cosmic presence spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, gods, or simply the universe, you’re not alone. There are as many beliefs and sacred traditions about spiritual communication as people who believe in it. There’s no right or wrong way to begin your spiritual awakening.

All you need is a willing heart, an intuitive ear, and a

positively teachable attitude. It’s also essential that you communicate with genuineness and respect. You may learn some fascinating aspects about yourself that you never knew.

Inviting your spiritual mentors to manifest their presence is a personal and rewarding experience. It’s up to you how you do it, but here are some helpful suggestions.

1. Set the Mood

Choose a place that is quiet and favorable to meditation. It doesn’t need an entire room, but it can be. You need a sacred place to call your own where you can communicate with your loving guide. Feel free to light candles, burn incense, or play calming music to relax and open your psychic power, called the third eye.

2. Begin the Conversation

As you sit or lie relaxed, start by saying welcome. It will feel silly at first, but it will soon be second nature. How would you greet a beloved relative or a special friend? Offer the same greeting to your spirit guide and welcome them to enter your sacred space.

3. Open Your Awareness

Imagine yourself as a lovely lotus blossom, slowly and gently opening its petals to kiss the sunlight. Be aware of every sensation around you as you practice mindful breathing. As you welcome your loving spiritual master, notice that you are no longer alone.

4. Be Patient

Forget what you’ve seen about spiritual communication in the movies. You probably won’t be blinded by a light glare and suddenly see an eerie being floating above you. Be patient and be aware of the slightest indications that your guide is present and has awaited this inspiring moment in your life.

Remember that these celestial beings are spirits and can manifest themselves in any way they think will help you. You may need several meditation sessions to open your spiritual eyes and ears completely. Be patient with yourself and know that it will happen.

Perhaps the most frequently asked question from those new to spiritual communication is, “how do I know?” As you plunge into the depths of divine relationship and spiritual awareness, can you tell if your guide is speaking or if it’s just you? Here are five signs that can help answer your question.

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Five Things That Often Confirm Your Spiritual Guide Connection

Open your mind to allow your spiritual guides to deliver important messages.

1. Heightened Senses

According to an article published by the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health, meditation can enhance your well-being. When your spiritual guide is near, you’ll probably notice that your feelings have gone into hyper-mode. It’s an entirely natural “high” that allows you to be keenly aware of the physical and spiritual world.

2. Here’s Your Sign

Ask for a sign if you want proof that your spirit guide’s benevolence is near. They realize that you’re human and your faith has limitations. It won’t offend them in the least.

For example, ask your guide that whenever they are present, they allow you to see a butterfly. These magnificently winged creatures have been associated with the spiritual realm for thousands of years. No wonder so many people ask to see them as a sign.

If you ask for butterflies, feathers, or whatever, you’ll be amazed at how often they cross your path. Each beautiful sign is your spiritual guide’s gentle way of saying, “Good morning! I’m here for you.”

3. More than Coincidence

Some events in your life may be random or accidental. However, as your spiritual awareness opens to your loving guides, expect more “coincidences.” The things that you may dismiss as opportune may have a celestial origin.

Isn’t it strange that you were thinking of a particular person, and they suddenly call or text you? Did you find the perfect parking spot at the mall randomly, or was it an other-worldly favor? Remember that your spiritual mentor loved you before you were born and will often find ways to bless you throughout the day.

4. Greater Compassion

Your spiritual guardians manifest pure love and will work with you to strengthen your compassion for others. Your patience may expand as a tell-tale sign of their involvement in your life. Over time, you’ll see that you’re less judgmental and more compassionate to others, including yourself.

5. Spiritual Manifestation

Everyone has different levels of psychic abilities. You may be one of the unusual empaths who can sense your spirit guide and see and hear them psychically. A few highly-gifted people may see manifestations in the physical realm.

Like an earthly friendship, you will know more about your spiritual mentor as you cultivate the relationship. At first, you may notice signs and unusual coincidences. You must only ask if you want to know your guide’s name and other things about them.

Your celestial friend will manifest themselves to you in a way that’s best for you to accept. They can appear as humans, angels, animals, or fantasy creatures. If your guide is a cherished loved one who passed away, they will manifest as you knew them.

Past the Opened Door

Once you’ve met your eternal guide and are comfortable with them, the rest of the story is up to you. Although they are forever at your side, they are infinitely polite and won’t intrude in your mind or world. They will only have a manifested relationship with you as you desire.

Whoever your loving spiritual being is, always treat them kindly and respectfully. Be gracious and say “thank you” when they gently hold your hand on your destined path. Express gratitude when they talk to your heart and show you divine favor.

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Final Thoughts about Your Spiritual Guide Contacting You

You needn’t be a “religious” person to recognize the loving forces guiding your life. When you ask your spiritual guide to make themselves known and be recognized every day, they are eager to help. As you form a loving bond between your heart and the divine, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.