Almost all concepts in the Universe have a polar opposite. For example, yin and yang, light or dark, good or evil, sacred versus profane, etc. Likewise, the temporal world and spiritual world are mirrored images. You can connect with spiritual beings as quickly as earthly ones.

You need to know how to open up your soul and listen for a response.

Four Types of Benevolent Spiritual Beings

If you’re unsure about believing in supernatural beings, they understand. The good news is that they believe in you and want to help you on your spiritual journey. These are four types of benevolent celestial guardians that you probably recognize.

1. Angels

Angelic beings inhabit most religious and cultural traditions in some way. They are divine messengers sent to help their mortal charges. Archangels help with healing and offer guidance, while guardian angels protect from physical and psychic dangers.

Since the beginning, they have been popular subjects in art, music, and literature. Although they’ve been known to assume human form, they’ve never been mortal. Angels are often depicted with wings and swift messengers in the heavens, but they don’t always have wings.

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2. Ascended Masters

Unlike angels, these celestial beings were once human and have transcended into immortality. They are often religious figures of reverence, such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, or the Virgin Mary. Saints from all religious traditions are also part of this magnificent spiritual heritage.

3. Departed Loved Ones

The bond that connects you with your loved ones isn’t broken at death. They awaken spiritually and continue their relationship of love and devotion. Their spirits work to help you in your bleakest moments, just like they did when they were alive on Earth.

4. Spirit Animals

Many world religions recognize the spirituality of all animals. They believe that the spirits of departed animals connect with humans. They can offer mortals their noted attributes on a spiritual level.

How to Communicate with Spiritual Beings

You must communicate with your spirit guides and other heavenly beings with an open and honest heart. When you’re open to their messages, you’ll be surprised at how you mature mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are ten ways for you to consider communicating in spiritual realms.

1. Practice Living in the Present

Getting lost in your thoughts in a society that urges multitasking is easy. You’re often so caught up in life that you haven’t time to open your spiritual senses. Regrets of the past and anxiety for the future hinder the moment’s blessings.

If you want to be more aware of the spiritual beings in your life, try to be available for it. Practice meditation or a mindful exercise to bring your mind, body, and spirit into the present. You may be surprised that heavenly messages have been waiting for you.

2. Look For Signs from the Spiritual Beings That Guide You

If you are new to spiritual awakening, communicating with your spiritual beings may feel intimidating. Your rational mind is used to verify beliefs by the physical senses. It isn’t easy to accept something or someone you can’t see with your eyes and hear with your ears.

Your loving spirit guides understanding of your human limitations and innate need for proof. That’s one of the reasons they leave subtle clues that are only relevant to you. Some of these signs may be so obvious that you don’t recognize them.

Since spirit beings are associated with flying, they often use birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs as signs. They also enjoy sending you a caressing breeze or leaving objects, like pennies or pretty stones, to get your attention. It’s their way of assuring you of their benevolent presence and their wish for your happiness.

Also, they’re not a bit offended if you ask them for a specific sign. For example, you may request that someone give you flowers immediately. Or maybe you could ask to see a hummingbird in a place they usually don’t visit.

3. Seek More Knowledge about Spiritual Beings

The reward of diligent seekers is knowledge and discovering what they want. If you want to learn more about your heavenly guardians, research. The public library and the internet are virtual treasure troves of information about spirituality.

You may also find a trusted mentor with experience working with spirit guides and the cosmic realms. They can share their knowledge and expertise and offer practical advice. Remember that your beloved guardians long to share their infinite wisdom with you.

4. Remember to Use Spiritual Rules of Etiquette

While many ascended masters and other spiritual beings were once human, some never were. However, it’s essential to remember that they appreciate the same consideration you show to your earthly family and friends. Etiquette in the spiritual realms is congruent to those in the physical world.

When you welcome your spirit guides into your life, treat them as the adoring friend they are. They will happily tell you their name and more about them if you ask. Your celestial guardians also like to be treated respectfully, so “please” and “thank you” are always in order.

5. Cultivate Your Spiritual Side

As a triune being, caring for your spirit is just as important as caring for your body and mind. Indeed, it can make you more gracious, compassionate, and self-actualized.

Resolve to do something every day to cultivate your spirituality. Meditation, yoga, and visualization are excellent tools to open your third eye. The more time you spend in celestial realms, the deeper your connections to spiritual beings will be.

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6. Learn How to Use Divination Tools

Humans developed physical tools over millions of years to make life’s tasks more manageable. Essential tools like the wheel, fulcrum, and levers opened doors for countless tools and innovations in the modern world. Likewise, divination tools are necessary for working in spiritual dimensions.

Divination tools can help you communicate effectively with your heavenly guardians. Choose one that feels right or “speaks” to you. Consider tarot cards, runes, crystals, or I Ching coins.

7. Develop Your Intuition to Detect Spiritual Beings

Did you know you can develop and strengthen your intuitive skills like your muscles? According to an article by the University of Minnesota, it can help you identify and understand your intuitive experiences. The more you practice, the more you increase its usefulness.

Use meditation and visualization and learn how to trust your inner voice. Your spirit guides often use telepathy to speak to you, so it’s an essential skill to hone. Your intuition is a direct line to the heavens and the compassionate spirit beings who long to communicate with you.

8. Communicate with Your Guides Daily

The difference between a friend and an acquaintance is the depth of familiarity and relationship. You may greet a next-door neighbor each morning, but that doesn’t mean you’ve formed a bond. Close friendship requires work, time, and consideration from both parties.

The same principle applies to spiritual relationships as earthly ones. Opening your heart daily and conversing with your celestial guardians creates a stronger bond. You’ll probably notice a difference in your life’s outlook when you spend quality time with these heavenly companions.

9. Trust Your Guides with a Situation

The test of any vibrant relationship is the ability to trust each other. Knowing someone has your back when you’re in distress is a blessing. You also feel honored that a friend has the same confidence in you.

Your spiritual guides are eternally at your side and have your best interests at heart. While they’ll never overstep their boundaries against your free will, they are pleased to help. The key is that you must be willing to allow them.

Try trusting them with more minor issues in the beginning to build trust. You’re short on time and need a good parking spot. Humbly ask your spirit guides for help and be ready to thank them for the anticipated results.

Once you’ve built faith in your heavenly helpers, it’ll be easier to lean on them for more urgent requests. Remember that they’re not genies who will shower you with treasure. They aim to protect you and gently guide you on your destined path.

10. Keep a Journal to Record Interactions with Spiritual Beings

Forming a loving relationship with your spiritual guardians is an adventure every day. Some of the blessings and miracles you’ll encounter may be too numerous to remember. Consider keeping a journal of your spiritual connections as a point of reference and faith-building.

It can be as minimal or elaborate as possible because it’s for your eyes only. Of course, you can share it with a trusted friend if you like. Record any signs and spiritual impressions you see each day and any messages from your spirit guides.

Maybe you have the psychic gift of automatic writing or drawing. These are phenomena that the spirits do through your hands. It’s another way they must communicate with you.

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Final Thoughts about Communicating with Spiritual Beings

Did you know that your loving spiritual guardians are as eager to speak to you as you are to them? Once you connect with their benevolent presence, you’ll never be the same. They knew you before birth and have always been by your side.