The single man often feels left out, especially if everyone around him has relationships and he hasn’t found his soul mate. Maybe all his friends and family in his age group are getting married and having kids, and he’s not there yet. He may also be in a position where he’s not ready for relationships because he’s married to his job.

Being career-focused is a good thing, but sometimes it gets lonely. Guys are known for their rough and rugged exteriors, but inside they can be as soft as a marshmallow. They need you to stroke their egos and let them know that you’re there through whatever turbulence life throws their way. If you’re part of the inner circle of a single man, he needs you to encourage and help him navigate through life.

Women, too, often need to hear some wake-up calls. However, because their behavior differs from men, we addressed that in a companion article.

Ten Things a Single Man Wants to Hear

The longer you live on this earth, the more wisdom you gain. Going through the school of hard knocks can undoubtedly teach you a few lessons. If you have a single guy in your life who hasn’t figured it all out yet, he needs your help.

He needs sage advice that can only come from someone who’s already been down this path. Here are some things he needs to hear from you.

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1. “Don’t Rush into Any Relationship – Wait for the Right One.”

It’s not unnatural for men to feel like true love will never happen for them. A man must know their time will come, but they must be patient. Additionally, remind them that the dating world is much like a day of fishing on the lake.

They may catch several small bluegills that aren’t worth keeping before they reel in that giant catfish. Patience is necessary with affairs of the heart, and he must remember it’s okay to be single. There’s never any reason to rush, as when they find someone that fits, they will know it.

2. “An Active Social Life Is Necessary for a Single.”

While it’s okay for a single man to spend some time alone to recharge his batteries, he needs a social life. Your inner circle is the people who strengthen you and make you a better person. Life will be mundane if you don’t have anything to look forward to or exciting to do.

A single man sometimes needs a little push to get out there and mingle, as this is how he can meet new and exciting people. Additionally, staying behind four walls and playing video games isn’t mentally healthy.

3. “Self-Care Is for Single Men Too.”

Why do people think it’s odd for a man to do self-care? It’s okay to have a manicure/pedicure and to make himself feel and look fantastic. There are no rules that say pampering yourself is something only a woman can do. Relationships make you appreciate self-care, and a lady loves when a man takes good care of himself.

Some studies back up this statement, including one from Southern New Hampshire University. Researchers say Americans are eager to work long hours and pass on vacation days, which can affect their mental health. Taking time to care for his needs can help prevent burnout, depression, anxiety, and resentment. So, it’s okay for the single man to take time to do what he likes to do, as his mental health depends on it.

4. “See The World Before You Settle Down.”

While most people want to settle down into family life, it’s essential to get out there and see the world. Once there are children and a wife, there’s little time or energy to get out there. The single man must make a bucket list and check off the most important things.

There’s always more time and money when he’s single, so he needs to take advantage of it. Relationships and family are great, but they’re restrictive too. He needs to see the world before he settles down.

5. “Never Let Anyone Pressure You into Anything.”

The single man will experience a lot of peer pressure. If you thought stuff like that was only reserved for high school, it’s not the case. Friends and family members will pressure people to do things they don’t want.

Whether it’s dating someone or something illegal doesn’t matter. He mustn’t make choices in a moment of weakness that will affect him for the rest of his life.

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6. “Find Yourself as a Single Man Before You Look for Love.”

Relationships take a lot out of people, even the good ones. However, before anyone heads into a commitment, they must first fall in love with themselves. A single guy may have many regrets and things they wish they had done differently.

Encourage the single guy that it’s essential he falls in love with himself and is secure with good self-esteem. It’s a recipe for disaster if he tries to bring another person into his life without first being at peace with who he is.

7. “Know Your Worth.”

Everyone has value, and he’ll be happy when he knows his worth and believes it. Worth is not dollars and cents as in monetary means, as it’s more profound than money. As a human being, he has many gifts and callings, which are priceless gifts he offers to the world.

People who don’t understand their worth often say “yes” to situations when they should have said “no.” Knowing your worth lets you feel satisfied and comfortable in your skin, enabling you to love deeply. No one in this world knows your worth as you do, so the single guy must get in touch with his true value.

8. “It’s Not How Many Times You Stumble in Life That Matters.”

If a single man never made a mistake, he would be perfect. Sadly, there are no perfect people in the world, so there’s a reason why individuals make errors. If you never stumbled, would you ever learn to walk?

If you walk into any high-end department store, you will likely see the brand name Vera Wang. You probably don’t think anything of it, as she’s another famous designer. However, you don’t realize that she was an ice skater before becoming a well-known wedding gown artist, according to Biography.

Her skating career was average, and she was crushed when she didn’t fulfill her dream of making it into the US Olympic team. She left skating to work for Vogue, as her heart was always in designing clothes. Things didn’t go so well for her, as she tried to become editor-in-chief and was denied this position.

She worked as a senior fashion editor for over fifteen years and felt she deserved a more profound role in the company. Down but not out, she left Vogue and went to work for Ralph Lauren. When she found love and wanted to be married, she decided to make her own wedding dress. She used modern designs with traditional elegance to create a masterpiece.

From this point, she became famous for her gowns, but over the years, her popularity has grown into a company worth around $650 million. Wang was knocked down a few times, but she kept pursuing her passion until she got where she wanted. Remind your single guy friend that with love and relationships come mistakes, but he can rise above them. He can do and be anything he wants in this life, but it takes tenacity and determination.

9. “Flirt but Limit the Dirt.”

It’s okay to flirt and have fun but be careful who you get involved with in life. One-night stands seem like a good idea for the single guy, but they can turn into a nightmare. Relationships can get dirty if neither party has the right intentions. While most guys want to sow their wild oats, remind him that he needs to be selective about who he invites into his bed.

10. “It’s Okay to Be Single–You Don’t Have Everything Figured Out Yet.”

As a single man ages, it’s only natural for him to feel he should know everything. Oh, to have the stubbornness of an 18-year-old who thinks they have the whole world figured out.

In your twenties, you realize there are bills and significant responsibilities, and you’re finding out about relationships and what to avoid. By the time your 30s roll around, you’re learning that your parents were right about many things. Assure him that it’s okay if he doesn’t know it all and makes some mistakes along the way.

He should never put unnecessary pressure on himself to do or be something he can’t. With age comes wisdom, and with knowledge comes understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

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10 Simple Reminders Every Single Man Needs to Hear

Final Thoughts on Saying the Right Thing to a Single Man

The single guy in your life needs you to support him. While he may have it all together on the outside, on the inside, he has moments of weakness and doubts too. One day, he will likely settle down and find his soul mate, but until he reaches that point, he has a lot of living and loving to do.