Trust is an essential thing to have in a relationship. But trust isn’t built in a matter of seconds. It has to be earned and nurtured. One of the things you need to know to feel safe in a loving relationship is that your partner values what you have.

It’s always nice to feel valued; you especially want to know your relationship is valued. Nobody wants to be in a relationship just because their partner is bored and wants to have someone. As your relationship gets more serious, you want to know it’s going somewhere. After dedicating five years of your life to someone, the last thing you want is to be broken up with like you don’t even matter.

But how can you ever tell if your partner truly values your relationship? Well, you can never be perfectly sure of how your partner feels. After all, all relationships pose some gambles. You always have to have a little faith in the possibility of your relationship being a success. Still, your partner can prove that they value your relationship.

They don’t even have to make any grand gestures. They don’t have to buy lavish gifts or take you on fancy vacations. That doesn’t mean they value you as much as it means they can flaunt their money. You can see it in little behaviors and acts when someone truly loves you.

5 Behaviors That Reveal a Partner Who Truly Values Their Relationship

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If actions do speak louder than words, you should watch for these things.

1. Your Relationship Partner Does Not Just Focus on the Physical Aspect

Any new relationship has a “honeymoon phase” in which you and your partner will be all over each other. That’s completely normal, and it’s not indicative of you not valuing each other. You will go through this phase with the people you’ll have flings with. But you’ll also go through this phase with the person you marry.

Physical attraction is still a significant part of any relationship, even after this period ends. But when someone is in it just for the physical aspects, that’s a sign they don’t value the relationship. No strong connection can be built just on the physical aspects. Such a connection won’t have any long-term prospects.

If your partner truly values you, they will be loving and caring, not just focused on the physical. They will know that taking and getting to know you is just as important, if not more. They’ll stick around even when you do not want sex. For them, it’s enough to just lay in bed and watch a movie. The emotional aspect is something they care about and work for. They want to be by your side through thick and thin.

People who are just looking for a fling won’t do that. They won’t take their time to hang out with you. After all, why even bother if they’re looking for a hookup? So, if you’ve met someone who wants something more than just sex, that’s a sign they value your relationship. Don’t just settle for a fling in hopes they’ll eventually catch feelings. Go for the people who know how to balance all relationship aspects.

2. They Treat You with Kindness in a Loving, Valued Relationship

You’re probably aware that just because someone claims to love you doesn’t mean they’ll always treat you right. The people who claim to love you the most can also hurt you the most. When you start sharing your life with someone, you’ll eventually start having issues. The thing is, conflicts are every day. A healthy relationship is not about not having any disputes but knowing how to solve them and treat your partner.

People often settle for partners who yell at them and otherwise mistreat them. That happens because we always hope our loved ones will come around and start being nice to us. But kindness is never something you should ask for. If your partner isn’t kind to you of their own volition, chances are they don’t value you.

If you’ve ever wanted to know if your partner values you, pay attention to how they act. Don’t put up with people who are always snappy and ready to fight. No matter what they tell you, this behavior is unjustifiable if it happens repeatedly. Being mad or snappy sometimes is okay.

No one will ever think you don’t value them if you’ve had a bad day and you’re snappy. But if your partner always acts like that, there’s only one logical conclusion: they don’t value you as they should. Someone who respects you will always try their best to be kind, even when you’re fighting. A bad partner will yell and make fights worse, even leaving when they don’t want to deal with issues.

A good partner will stay calm and try to find ways to make things right. They will cut you slack when you are angry or tired. They’ll always be nice, even when you’re going through a rough patch. They want a stable, loving relationship, so they’ll always want to solve any issues you might be going through.

3. They Want to See You Succeed


People tend to be jealous. It’s a normal part of human existence. This jealousy comes from the psychological need to be the best out of your peers. From an evolutionary standpoint, humans have needed to have the instinct to be the best. Hundreds of years ago, you could end up dead if you weren’t above your peers. So, what does that have to do with relationships?

Although we can override our jealousy instinct, that doesn’t always happen, especially in romantic relationships. You might think your partner will only ever be jealous of other people who seem interested in you. But you’ll come across some partners who will be jealous of you. And the partners most likely to engage in this behavior are those who don’t value your relationship.

Someone who truly values you will want to see you succeed. They won’t care if you make more money than they do. As long as you are happy, they are delighted. Not only that, but they’ll do whatever they can to help you along the way. They’ll do that for you if you need them to take care of the house while you work. They will make sacrifices as long as both of you can be happy.

4. In a Valued Relationship, They’ll Always Check Up on You

When you first start dating someone, they’re expected to always text and talk to you. That’s either because they genuinely care or want to flirt and get you to date them. But sometimes, people stop putting in this effort after you start dating. If they don’t value your relationship, they’ll think they don’t have to try as you’re already together. But a relationship in which your partner takes you for granted will not last.

Someone who truly values you will always try to check on you and ensure you’re doing fine. While this gesture may seem insignificant, it can make all the difference. When someone constantly makes time to see how you are, that’s a sign they genuinely care. They want you to know they’re by your side no matter what.

This is especially important when you are both busy and can’t see each other for a while. A simple text can make you feel loved and cherished. And someone who values you knows how vital checking up on you is. It shows they thought about you even if they don’t have time to talk.

5. They Make Plans for the Future

Someone who truly values your relationship will want nothing more than to start a life with you. They’ll want to discuss the future and always include you in their plans. They don’t do it because they feel obligated to. They do it because having you in their life brings them pure joy.

But not everyone you’ll ever be with will do that. Some of your partners will run away from any discussions about the future. They’ll even refuse to plan for the next week, so making long-term plans is out of the question. This happens because these people don’t want to commit, so they avoid it at all costs.

It doesn’t matter what if they tell you they are spontaneous and don’t like plans. That’s just an excuse to let them off the hook. Someone who values you will want to talk about how your life will look and what you’ll do with your future.

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Final Thoughts on Behaviors That Reveal a Partner Who Truly Values Their Relationship

Starting a new relationship is always thrilling and a journey on uncharted territories. It can be fun and exciting but also the scariest experience ever. And, if you want something serious, you need to be sure your partner wants that too. But, even if they tell you they value you, you can’t always take them at their word. People must also prove they deserve your trust to believe they are genuinely committed to you.

Someone who truly values you will show you that through their actions. They won’t just take you for granted. Instead, they’ll make a real effort to ensure the relationship grows and flourishes. If someone values you, they understand that the emotional part of the relationship is just as important as the physical side, if not more. Instead of getting mad and being mean, they’ll treat you with kindness and respect.

They’ll always be by your side and will fight to see you succeed. Even if they need to make sacrifices, they’ll do them because that’s how much the relationship means to them. This kind of partner will always take the time to make sure you’re okay, and they’ll want to talk to you as often as they can. But probably the most evident sign is that they’ll imagine and discuss a future with you. When you find someone like this, learn to love and cherish them.