Finding a sincere woman is one of the most essential traits in a new romantic relationship. Sincerity towards her career, goals, and overall life shows her priorities and that she’s capable of a long-term thought process. Plus, the signs that you’re with a genuine person show if you can be with someone for the long haul.

Sincerity shows in how someone views and treats their goals, values, family, friends, and other important life aspects. It promotes healthy, lasting relationships full of trust and dependability. When you know that you’re with a sincere woman, you’ll know that your effort is well worth it.

You’ll know what to expect from a genuine person because you never have to guess how they’ll behave. They don’t unexpectedly switch things up on you, and you can recognize their traits without question.

Women aren’t the only ones who show sincerity, and we didn’t leave men out. You can read about the signs of a sincere man in another article.

Seventeen Signs of a Sincere Woman

A sincere person doesn’t change her behavior depending on who she’s with or what she needs. You’ll always know what to expect because her traits are consistent. Some of the signs include the following:

sincere woman

1 – A Sincere Woman Communicates Well

Communication is essential to a healthy relationship, no matter how long you’ve been with a woman. When she is willing to discuss things, it’s a sign of sincerity as she wants to stay connected. She won’t leave you guessing or assuming what’s on her mind because she’d rather be upfront.

A heartfelt woman who communicates is ideal because research shows it leads to relationship satisfaction and optimism. However, without communication, the relationship can suffer and eventually fade out.

Someone showing sincerity won’t let the relationship suffer and will speak up when she has something to say or ask you when she has a question. There won’t be any need for assumption because communication is always open with her.

2 – She is Patient and Comfortable With Silence

Some women want to talk nonstop and expect their partners to do the same. A sincere woman isn’t like that, as she doesn’t have to fill the silence and remains patient when you don’t want to talk much.

It can be hard to remain silent and find comfort in it. When you meet a person like that, it’s a good sign that she’s authentic and doesn’t feel the need to fill the silence with meaningless chatter.

A heartfelt woman isn’t only patient during silence. She’s also patient while waiting in lines, handling conflict, and dealing with others.

3 – She Empowers You

An authentic female empowers you to do your best. She’ll recognize your gifts and inspire you to achieve your goals. A woman like this won’t hold you back, try to change you, or say hurtful things. She’ll offer compliments and encouragement and genuinely wants to see you happy.

4 – She Shows Respect

You won’t see a straightforward woman disrespect other people, no matter who they are. She sees everyone as deserving of kindness and respect.

You’ll notice that your partner respects your boundaries and opinions. She also speaks to you respectfully, even when she’s angry. A person like this will value your privacy and does things to show you that you matter.

5 – She’s Honest

An honest and open relationship involves not playing mind games with one another. If you have a trustworthy partner, she won’t say things she doesn’t mean or make promises she can’t keep.

She won’t lie to you, even about minor issues, and she tells the truth gently. Lying weakens bonds, so she places a high value on trust and honesty.

6 – She’s Not Afraid of Vulnerability

When your partner isn’t afraid of being vulnerable around you, it shows sincerity. She’ll be comfortable with herself and won’t care what others think. If your partner is like this, she’ll recognize that the people who matter will love her for who she is.

A partner unafraid of vulnerability doesn’t hide her feelings, whether or not it helps her. You’ll always know her feelings because she doesn’t care if she looks weak. Since she isn’t afraid to be herself, she’ll have strong self-esteem and confidence. She won’t need validation because she knows her worth.

7 – She Prioritizes You

An authentic female can commit to you and prioritize your relationship. You’ll know she wants to spend her time building a long-lasting, healthy relationship because she puts you first.

Someone who wants your relationship to work will call when she says she will and doesn’t ditch you for other plans. When she says she wants to spend time with you, she’ll prioritize it over other things.

She understands that fulfilling promises can be a determining factor in partnership. While you might not mind when plans occasionally change, making it a habit can ruin the relationship. She won’t risk the harm it could cause because she wants to be with you.

Prioritizing one another doesn’t mean you must give in to everything your partner wants. It also doesn’t mean constantly putting yourself last or neglecting your friends and family.

Instead, it means you make sure to spend quality time together and come through when you say you will. Sometimes that means choosing your partner over other aspects of your life, but not always.

8 – She’s Always Looking for Growth Opportunities

A profound woman always looks for growth opportunities because she knows it’s the only way to improve. She doesn’t need anyone to recognize her growth, and she never stops seeking knowledge. She knows that there’s always more to learn, and she’ll continue doing so and becoming a better version of herself.

9 – They Share Opinions Without Outside Influence

While a sincere woman respects others, she isn’t afraid to share her opinion. She won’t worry whether those around her have differing thoughts because she’s not afraid to be herself. Someone like this would rather be honest than hide what she thinks.

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10 – They Argue Productively

When you’re with a heartfelt woman, you’ll argue productively. She’ll want to discuss the situation and determine a solution together.

Your partner won’t use name-calling or harsh words because she wants to grow as a couple and understand one another. She won’t lose her temper or lash out when she’s angry.

A woman like this understands that reacting negatively in these situations can lead to pain and resentment, even if she apologizes. She’ll focus on being nonjudgmental and strive to deepen your bond through problem-solving.

11 – They Freely Offer Compliments

An authentic female offers compliments without caring what others think. She also gives praise and admiration when people deserve it, rather than holding back for superficial reasons. Spreading love and encouraging others to feel good is essential to her.

12 – She Treats You Like a Partner

A profound woman will treat you like a partner she can grow with. She asks for your input when making decisions because she respects you and your relationship. If you’re with someone like this, she likely openly talks about your future together. She isn’t afraid of commitment and knows your relationship can last.

When a woman treats you like a partner, she’ll take you around her closest friends and family. She’ll want you to get to know them, and it shows that she isn’t trying to hide her life from you. It also shows that she’s serious about having a long-lasting relationship with you.

13 – She Enjoys Meaningful Conversations

You’ll experience meaningless conversations throughout your day, but a sincere woman wants something more. She loves a deep, meaningful conversation that allows them to connect with you. When the two of you have quality time to talk, you’ll remember the discussion because they’re more fulfilling.

14 – She Doesn’t Hide Her Phone

Someone who truly wants to be with you isn’t afraid to leave her phone lying around. She isn’t worried that you’ll find something inappropriate or contradictory. While that doesn’t mean you should snoop through her private conversations, it should offer peace of mind.

15 – She Laughs When She Wants To

A sincere woman will laugh when she wants to and stay quiet when she feels it’s right. She doesn’t hold back her laughter or force it to appease those around her. You’ll know when she thinks something is funny and won’t fake it to fit in.

16 – Her Values Drive and Inspire a Sincere Woman

If you have an authentic woman, you’ll notice that she’s driven by her values in everything she says, does, and believes. She won’t let external influences change her mind, and societal pressure won’t affect her.

17 – She Admits Her Mistakes

If you have a straightforward partner, she’ll hold herself accountable when she makes a mistake. She’ll admit that she isn’t perfect and accept responsibility for her actions. A woman like this doesn’t try to avoid consequences but uses them as an opportunity for growth.

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Final Thoughts on Signs You’re with a Sincere Woman

These signs can help determine if you’re with a sincere woman who wants a long-lasting relationship. If you don’t recognize these signs in your partner, it might be time to consider if she’s in it for the long haul.

An authentic woman will prioritize you and prove she wants you. She’ll be honest and show integrity in all situations, making it clear that she’s a good person. You may have found the one if you’re with someone like this.