Sincere compliments can help make your partner feel validated and happy in your relationship. Many people falsely believe that people need compliments because they need attention, but there’s more to it than that. Complimenting your partner validates how much they mean to you, who they are, and what they have accomplished.

Whether in a long-term relationship or a new romance, taking your partner for granted is easy. You might assume they already know how you feel about them and forgo giving compliments. However, no matter how long you’ve been together, it’s essential to keep complimenting your partner.

Sincere compliments not only flatter your partner, but they’ll also feel acknowledged. They’ll know you see and appreciate them, leaving less room for negativity within the relationship. Giving compliments can also help negate negative words your partner heard that day.

Even if your partner knows how you feel, they must hear it sometimes. Don’t fixate on how they look when you’re flirting, as they will love to hear you appreciate other things about them. Use these sincere compliments to help your partner feel validated, safe, and loved.

Twenty Sincere Compliments That Will Make Your Partner Feel Validated

sincere compliments

1. You always give your best and know exactly what to do.

By telling your partner they always give their best, they’ll know you pay attention and appreciate them. It also lets them know that you count on them when they don’t know what to do. This compliment will deepen your emotional connection and help your partner feel good about themselves.

2. Your kindness inspires me to be a better person.

This compliment will validate your partner by letting them know you recognize their kind heart. It also reaffirms how mighty kindness is in the lives of those around your partner. Knowing their kind heart is appreciated will make them feel good about themselves and the relationship.

3. You are one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.

When you use this positive phrase, your partner will embrace the words and feel more comfortable with who they are. They’ll see that you love who they are as a person, allowing them to feel safe in the relationship, too. By helping validate your partner’s positive traits, they’ll open up and let you see even more of their soul.

4. You are so funny that my stomach hurts from laughing sometimes.

Your partner will be thrilled to know you think they’re funny. People with a good sense of humor are flattered when someone appreciates their jokes.

This compliment is one way that they flirt with their significant other. Complimenting their ability to make you laugh will make them feel good and comfortable being around you.

5. You are so intelligent and always teaching me something new.

When you’re dating someone smart, please don’t hold back when complimenting their knowledge. Letting your partner know how smart you think they are will help them see that you appreciate them for more than their appearance. Plus, they’ll be excited to hear that you learn from them.

6. I’m so proud of the way you handled that.

Everyone struggles with handling obstacles and upsetting situations sometimes. If your partner handles something well, point it out to them to make them feel validated. Not only will it show them that you pay attention and care, but it’ll also help them with handling future predicaments.

7. You are so ambitious, and I know you’ll accomplish anything you focus on.

Complimenting your partner’s ambition will encourage them to keep pushing through. It’ll show them that you support their dreams and trust them to stay focused.

This compliment also shows that you know they can achieve their goals. Sharing these positive feelings will make your partner feel validated and supported.

8. What you did takes an incredible amount of courage.

It’s sometimes hard to show courage and do the right thing, so don’t let it go unnoticed. This compliment will show your partner that you are proud of what they did and think they did the right thing. Your partner will likely show courage the next time it’s necessary, too, since your compliment will stay in their mind.

9. Your ability to accomplish your goals is impressive to me.

If you have a driven partner who works hard to reach their goals, tell them that you see their dedication. Acknowledging and pointing out these qualities will help your partner understand that you believe in them. This validation might be all it takes to deepen your relationship.

10. You are incredibly talented, and your perseverance is fantastic.

People sometimes don’t recognize their strengths, but they’ll begin to see them when you point the traits out. There will be things about your partner that you know better than they do.

If they don’t recognize their talent, make sure you express it sincerely. It’ll boost your partner’s confidence and help them see themselves as you do. Plus, it’ll encourage them to put their talents to good use.

sincere compliments

11. Thank you for all you do for me and our relationship.

Never miss a chance to tell your partner how much you appreciate them. By pointing out how much they do for you, they’ll know that you’re thankful for every gesture. Giving sincere compliments is a positive way of flirting, deepening your relationship quickly.

12. I appreciate how you make me feel supported in everything I do.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive partner. If your partner makes you feel supported in all of your ambitions, make sure you compliment them for it. It’ll help them feel validated in your relationship, and they’ll experience a deeper connection with you.

13. Your optimism makes me feel calmer and less stressed.

Your partner will feel good about your relationship when you tell them their positivity helps you. It shows your significant other that you balance one another out and bring out the best in each other. Plus, they’ll feel good knowing they have a calming effect on you.

14. I’m proud of you for working so hard and reaching your goal.

When you see your partner working hard, speak up and let them know. Recognition will make them feel good and persevere through any obstacles. Once they’ve reached their goal, use this phrase to make your partner feel validated and empowered.

15. I’m inspired by the way you find joy in the little things.

Finding joy in the little things is a highly beneficial trait to have. Not everyone can do it; even the most positive people struggle with it sometimes. When your partner finds joy in the little things, make sure to let them know.

16. You are so thoughtful when you do little things for me.

Everyone likes recognition for the effort they put into their relationships. When your partner does little things to show appreciation, make sure you acknowledge their effort. Not only will your partner feel good about it, but it’ll also make them want to do it more often.

17. You are so passionate and full of energy.

When things get tough and your partner encounters an obstacle, use this compliment to help them. It’ll encourage them to keep going as they remember their passion. Plus, they’ll want to prove that you’re right about their passion and energy levels.

Your partner sometimes might focus on the obstacles rather than how good they are at the task. This sincere compliment will help them see things the way you do, easing the negative thought process.

18. I love how intently you listen when we talk.

Having a partner who listens intently is a blessing that not everyone experiences. When you express this compliment to your partner, they’ll feel good about themselves. Plus, they’ll know you appreciate the gesture, making them want to do it more often.

19. You are the best role model.

Whether you refer to the best role model for your kids or in general, your partner will be flattered to hear these words. This phrase will make your partner feel validated in all that they do. It shows that you think they have something to offer the world and that they’re putting their talents to good use.

This sincere compliment will also encourage your partner to continue being a good person. When they know someone notices and appreciates their good intentions, they’ll seek more opportunities to set a good example.

20. I trust you and your ability to lead.

Trusting your partner and their ability to lead is one of the biggest compliments you can give. It makes your partner feel like they can take care of you and improve your life and the relationship. This phrase also shows that you feel safe within the relationship and comfortable around your significant other.

sincere compliments

Final Thoughts on Sincere Compliments That Will Make Your Partner Feel Validated

Offering sincere compliments is essential to make your partner feel validated. Whether you’re in a long-term or new romance, sincere compliments can make all the difference.

When you compliment your partner, they’ll feel good and want to continue doing what you love. Moreover, they’ll know you recognize all they do and are capable of. Your bond will improve, and you’ll both reap the benefits of the kind phrases.