Some folks aren’t comfortable in their skin, as they feel missing. Maybe you’re a person who longs to be in another place in time. These are two of the first signs of an old soul that nobody should ignore.

Could it be that you recall a former life? Or are you too sensitive and overactive in your imagination? Countless people all over the world have reported these puzzling sensations and experiences. Whether it’s supernatural or has a rational explanation, there must be something to it.

For most of your life, have you ever felt like you didn’t belong and didn’t quite fit into the world around you? Perhaps you were bullied in school because you were different and were deemed “uncool.” At some point, you learned to embrace your differences as a gift.

The good news is that you’re in good company throughout the ages. Some of the most brilliant people in history were eccentric, loners, and strange. However, they became the visionaries, artists, writers, and inventors who defined eras, and they made the history lessons you read about today.

Ten Signs of an Old Soul

The cyclonic nature of the Universe is a phenomenon observed since the beginning. Shifts in social concepts, traditions, and ideas often seem to revolve. A practical instance is how fashion other popular trends return with a modern twist.

You and everyone else on this planet are part of the never-ending evolution of the Universe. Perhaps your insight and sensitivity are linked to the recycling of the collective consciousness into the present day.

Are you constantly daydreaming about faraway lands from long ago? How do you know if you’re in a spiritual warp or use disassociation as a coping tool? Here are ten signs of an old soul you may have and why it’s essential to recognize them.

signs of an old soul

1. Signs of an Old Soul: You Have an Affinity for the Past

Listen to your conversation and consider your hobbies and other interests. Have you often said that you were “born out of your time” and you yearn for the past? It’s one of the significant signs of an old soul, and you probably feel a profound attachment to a particular place and era.

You’re so in love with a time in the past that it permeates your tastes in food, clothing, and home decor. For example, maybe you’ve always wondered why Jane Austen’s books entrance you. You may feel like your spirit was plucked up from Austen’s Regency Era and planted in your current body and time.

2. You Look Beyond Materialism

While an old soul does appreciate having necessities and conveniences, you’re not driven by materialism. Maybe you’ve chosen a career that encompasses your love of history or serving others. Money is a servant to make ends meet for you, and it’s not your master.

You have your sense of style, and you don’t pay a fortune on designer clothes and things for your home. You’d instead browse rummage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets for vintage items that speak to you. You place quality over quantity and have dreams that go beyond temporary riches.

3. You Have a Few Close Friends

Another one of the signs of an old soul is if you’re probably more of an introvert than an extrovert. It’s not that you are unfriendly or have social anxiety. You are extremely sensitive, and you feel more comfortable by yourself or in a small group, at the most.

Consider your inner circle. From childhood to adulthood, you’ve probably maintained a few close friends. You have many acquaintances and co-workers, but they usually aren’t in your immediate circle.

According to the law of attraction, you instinctively attract people like yourself, and they “get” you. It’s a spiritual bond that makes a romantic relationship even more fulfilling.

4. Signs of an Old Soul: You’ve Always Been Mature for Your Age

Did your parents and teachers often describe you as an advanced child who was well beyond your years? Learning probably came easier to you than other children your age. Adults may have noticed your preoccupation with subjects that were considered over your head.

Such youngsters are usually avid readers, and it’s one of the signs of an old soul. You probably lost yourself in countless novels, and you always enjoyed an unusual rapport with seniors. Even as a child, you listened intently to their recollections as if you were part of them.

You’ve also had remarkable emotional maturity in your youth. Those around you may also have noticed your empathy. As you grow into an adult, being an empath can affect your stress levels. In her article published by Psychology Today, Dr. Elizabeth A. Segal notes that empathy may lower your stress and connect you with others, which can further point to someone with an old soul.

5. You Crave Alone Time

Sometimes, being by yourself is the best company around. Nobody knows this better than an old soul. There’s something about peace and solitude that rejuvenates your mind and soothes your spirit. You can be cleverly social as needed, but your soul relishes those moments when you’re alone.

If you feel out of sorts with your life’s settings, you may be an introvert. According to a study published by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, introverts are more likely than extroverted peers to remain single. In a long-term relationship, you’ve connected with a kindred soul who understands you.

signs of an old soul

6. You Are Highly Intuitive

Do you consider yourself an insightful person? As you’re searching for signs of an old soul, you’ve learned to develop your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Sensitive folks like yourself often use “feel” when describing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

There are many instances in your life when you “know” something in your heart. Whether it was about a career change, major decision, or discerning someone’s ulterior motives, your intuition often speaks clearly.

For example, maybe you have a successful career but feel missing. While you’re working on lucrative accounts at your desk, you’re daydreaming about opening a bookstore. You’re more apt to follow your dreams when you are highly intuitive.

7. You Often Experience Déjà vu

One of the classic telltale signs of an old soul is that you’re often influenced by déjà vu. It’s that inexplicable sensation of visiting a place for the first time, and everything is familiar. Sometimes, the feeling is so intense that you know where different buildings are and what’s inside before you ever take the first step.

In some religious traditions such as Hinduism, déjà vu is the knowledge you retained from a past life. The entire experience of being an old soul makes sense to those who believe in reincarnation.

8. You Are Spiritually Attuned

A common misconception is to equate spirituality to religion. Unfortunately, this fallacy often robs people of a fulfilling spiritual walk. While most religions have some aspects of spirituality, the two aren’t the same.

You can be spiritually mature regardless of your religious persuasions. Recognizing that spirituality transcends spiritual thoughts and traditions is an old soul’s sign. It’s a higher level of consciousness that you share with the divine, whether you call it God, the Universe, or your higher self.

You’re especially sensitive to the unseen and maybe a life student of the supernatural. In your heart, you know there’s a power beyond this world that can’t be comprehended on the physical plane. You instinctively feel a connection with the spiritual realm and acknowledge its presence in your life.

9. You Have a Strong Sense of Adventure

Even though you may be an introvert, you still have a keen sense of adventure. Maybe you’re a wandering soul who’s seeking a place and time that are no more. You may love to travel to different countries and gain new experiences that have long been on your list.

You may notice that you gravitate to a particular country as if you’re part of it. The people, culture, language, and traditions may be instantly comforting and familiar. These are all touchstones on your journey to where you finally call home.

10. Signs of an Old Soul: You Are Unusually Creative

Another of the inevitable signs of an old soul is vast imagination and creativity. It’s no wonder that artists and writers fall under this category. They have a fundamental connection with the collective consciousness that manifests in art, music, literature, and invention.

Have you always been a creative person who finds joy in making beautiful things? You also probably have vivid dreams that spark your imagination, and you bring them into reality.

signs of an old soul

Final Thoughts on Recognizing the Telltale Signs of an Old Soul

Whether you place credibility in reincarnation or not, you may be one of the millions of people who feel like an old soul. It can be frustrating at times, but feeling urges you to learn more and connect with a higher power. Your cosmic journey in this life will never be tedious, but it’s likely you don’t fit in with the crowd and tend to think outside the proverbial box.