Have you been trying to attract something that you want but your vision doesn’t seem to come to life?

If so, here is a dose of some no-nonsense love from the Power of Positivity team today.

Let us get straight to the point. The chances are high that you have wanted something in your life and it has not materialized. Have a good, long think about why that is so.

Still nothing? You may have noticed that the word “wanted” above is highlighted. Why is that? It is highlighted because any want comes from a lack. When people want something, it is because they do not have it. Therefore, the feeling of not having is what people emit, with the Universe picking up on that feeling and giving you the same.

What about people trying to deter you from your goals? This one is easy, either limit your time with them or cut them out of your life completely. On your journey, you have no time to waste on people who don’t align with your standards of success.

In short, you must eliminate any roadblock that sits between you and reaching the goal line. Your success is in your reach. No longer do you have time for excuses.

Instead, you should come from a place of infinite abundance and belief in your heart of hearts that you already have whatever it is your soul is set on. Only then will you be able to possess it. That knowledge is the piece of the puzzle that you are seeking. Let us get to that now.

How to Attract What You Want (In 24 Hours Or Less)

What do you have at this moment? Do you take the presence of such things or people for granted? Or are you thankful to have them in your life? Think about that for a moment and write a list of the things and people in your life, and do this right now.

By the way, do not continue reading until you have completed this.

Then at the side of this, write something positive about that thing or person. It can be “thank you” or “I love you” or “what a great day it was,” or other words to that effect. Are you finished? Good.

Writer’s list:

  • Family – I love you.
  • This job – I thank my boss for valuing and trusting my writing so much (I have to win brownie points somehow!).
  • Friends – What a crazy bunch but I would never change them for anything.
  • Money – Thank you for entering my life and please be useful to me on your way out.
  • Possessions – You make my life easier, so thanks for what you do for me.
  • The day I passed my driving test – What a feeling of immeasurable joy!
  • This article – Another opportunity to help other people, and I hope that you enjoy it and take something useful from it.
  • My life – Thank you for another day.
  • Love – Without this, I am nothing.

What common thread do you see in each of these statements? Gratitude!

The Gratitude Attitude Will Attract What You Want

Without gratitude for what you do have, how can the Universe give you more? How can you accept more good things into life without the appreciation and happiness of what is already in your life as you read these words? It is like trying to ride a bike with no wheels or playing poker without the deck of cards.

Now, refer back to your list Write down what you do not yet have in your possession and add some gratitude, just like you did for your “already haves”. You’ll start to attract those good things.

make room for gratitude in your life

Writer’s list:

  • PoP readers – Thank you for reading and liking this article (again, I have to win my brownie points with my boss somehow!)
  • My favorite sports team – May they win the league and the cup this year.
  • My investments – Thank you for putting some extra cash into my pocket.
  • Changes in my life – Thank you for showing me the right path in life.
  • Money – Thank you for entering my life and please be useful to me on your way out.
  • Love – Without this, I am nothing.

Final Thoughts: Gratitude Helps You in Your Life Journey

It is like a thermometer for happiness in the present moment. Of course, negative things will always happen but your response to them is the key. Of course, you will feel different emotions at different times in life. Again, how you deal with them is the key. Can you stay in an overall positive frame of mind when the chips are down?

Here is our “rinse, wash, repeat” plan to do what it says on the tin:

  1. Know what you want – if you do not know what you want, how can the Universe give it to you?
  2. Block out all negative influences – they can be anything, including the examples above.
  3. See what you want with your own eyes (before what you want is also in your hands) – can be done in a number of ways, including the one shown above.
  4. Take action to get what you want – you must meet the Universe halfway for this, as the Universe has no silver platters.
  5. Recognize what the Universe has given you and be thankful – important for future manifestations as your desires become reality.

(Side note: If you have your own way of manifesting that works, press ahead and receive what you deserve.)

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Jim Carrey famously said in a speech at graduation at Maharishi University that he was the proof that you can ask the Universe for whatever you want, like his father, albeit a promising comedian, decided to become an accountant. When Carrey was twelve years old, his father was made redundant, and the family had to do what they could to survive. This is gold. He ended it with:

“You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” ~Jim Carrey

Now, get out there and attract those things that are meant for you!

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