Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived before as a different person at another time and place? It’s a central belief in Hinduism and other cultural traditions. Here are ten hints that you may be a reincarnated soul.

1. A Reincarnated Soul Might Have Constant Déjà vu

The French lent this universal feeling its iconic name, which means “have seen before.” Did you know that at least 60-70 percent of people report having déjà vu at least once in their lives? People, places, and senses can trigger these unexplainable memories.

Do you often have a mysterious connection when you visit places you’ve never seen before in your life? The buildings, streets, sights, and sounds are strangely familiar. Before you turn a corner, you’re strangely aware of what you’ll see.

Maybe you meet a stranger, and you immediately click as if you were old friends. This phenomenon stretches even further when you recognize conversations and other current life events as a repeat of the past. Is this touch of déjà vu merely a string of coincidences, or is it proof of your reincarnated soul?

2. You Often Have Recurring Dreams

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Since the beginning, many cultures around the world have associated sleep and dreams with the spiritual realms. Although modern science still can’t fully explain why you dream, they believe it may be a projection of your subconscious. Dreams might also be your brain’s way of interpreting past and present situations.

Most people who claim they are reincarnated souls usually have a unique bond with the dream world. Have you experienced recurring dreams since your childhood? Perhaps these dreams are so vivid that they’re like real memories.

While some of these constant loops of dreams are pleasant, some of yours might be nightmares. You may see yourself in a tragedy as another person in a different place and time. Somehow, your recurring dreams ring true in your mind and may reveal a past life experience.

3. You Feel Like You Don’t Belong if You Are a Reincarnated Soul

Do you ever feel like you were born out of your time and don’t belong in the present? These tremendous sensations may have been with you for as long as you remember. How do you explain the affinity you may have for a foreign country or another period?

You’ve probably heard others call you an “old soul.”

It’s as if your mind, heart, and spirit intersect with another life in the past. You instinctively know things about cultures and eras way before your time. Just a glance into your home may show the décor and other elements of a different culture that resonates with you.

Those who believe in reincarnation would consider your attraction a typical attribute of a reincarnated soul. Maybe you feel lost in this present life and never feel at home. Is your soul searching for the places still lingering in your mind?

4. You Have a Soulmate

In an article published by YouGovAmerica, statistics state that at least 60 percent of Americans believe in soulmates. It’s a belief that two hearts were destined to be lovers. Those who claim to be reincarnated souls take it further by saying their soulmates have been with them in each incarnation.

How do you feel about your significant other? Do you have a physical and spiritual connection that transcends time and space? As soon as you met them, your heart already recognized them, and you knew they were the one.

Maybe you’re only apart between lifetimes. It could be in your cosmic plan to continually reunite with this person and fall in love. Is it love at first sight, or have you loved each other in the eternal past?

5. A Reincarnated Soul Might Have Unexplainable Fears and Phobias

Everyone needs a healthy dose of fear to preserve their life. Some common concerns include darkness, storms, or animals. However, phobias might interfere with your daily activities.

It’s taking common fears and multiplying them exponentially. Childhood traumas can explain many phobias. For example, if you nearly drowned as a child, it’s understandable if you develop hydrophobia, the fear of water.

But what if you have paralyzing fears and phobias that traumatic events in your past can’t explain? Maybe you’re terrified of fire and have recurring dreams about being in a burning house. Are you being hypersensitive, or are you a reincarnated soul who experienced a devastating inferno?

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6. You Have Inexplicable Knowledge

An article published by CNN Health shares the intriguing story of a teenage boy who awoke from a coma speaking fluent Spanish. It was a medical wonder that the young man didn’t stay comatose permanently. Even more unexplainable was that he was speaking a language fluently that he’d never studied.

It’s a rare phenomenon called foreign accent syndrome, and it’s related to traumatic injury and coma recovery. However, there have been cases where the subjects weren’t subject to damage. Known as xenoglossy, this unexplained ability has been reported since ancient times, says an article published by Babbel Magazine.

You may never experience xenoglossy, but you may have a strong passion for a foreign language. Even before you study it, the new words and cadence of the language feel natural to you. If you are a reincarnated soul, your heart may be yearning for the lands and tongues from your former lives.

7. You’re a Natural Empath if You’re a Reincarnated Soul

Anyone can be sympathetic and feel sorry for another person’s grief. However, empathy puts you in that person’s shoes, and you think those overwhelming emotions. Empaths are susceptible people who absorb the emotion and energy from the people around them.

Are you an empathetic person who people often turn to for comfort and reassurance? As you listen to their stories, perhaps your empathy is heightened to the point that you remember the same events? The strange thing is that you have vivid memories and sensations, yet they never happened in this life.

If you’re reborn into a new body in a different time and place, you may carry past experiences with you. So, when someone in your circle shares similar tragedies or situations, you immediately connect and empathize. As déjà vu would explain, you’ve been there.

8. You Are Highly Intuitive

If you’re in tune with your spiritual side, listening to your inner voice comes naturally. Your intuition may have guided you lovingly and helped you avoid pitfalls in your life. Plus, it has probably connected you with other people who were destined to be on your path.

Scientists can’t fully explain intuition, but some studies recognize it, states an article published by the American Psychological Association. This unconscious ability may help you make better decisions, per the article. When you have a well-developed sense of intuition, it may indicate past knowledge and events.

For example, a friend introduces you to someone who seems perfectly normal and polite. Yet, something in your gut tells you not to trust them. Do you feel negative vibrations from this new acquaintance, or have you locked horns with them in the past?

9. Other Psychic Abilities

Perhaps what many call psychic abilities is overlapping knowledge from being a reincarnated soul. You may have been reborn so many times that you can discern things in this life before they happen. Have you ever known who was calling you the moment the phone rang?

How do you explain when you warn someone with uncanny details and the event came true just as you saw? Those who believe in former lives may relate such phenomena to your connection with the collected consciousness. Plus, if you believe in a cyclical existence, you may have lived the same energy in another realm.

10. You Have Visions of Past Lives

One of the possible telltale signs that you’ve lived before is that you have constant visions of former lives. These can come to you in recurring dreams, or they can even manifest as a daydream. You relive moments of these former lives in vivid detail that include heightened senses and awareness.

For example, you may be sitting at your desk at work when your backdrop suddenly changes. Instead of being seated in front of a computer, you’re a medieval peasant accused of witchcraft, and you’re pleading for your life. The railing of the crowd, the profound fear, and the smell of the burning stake may be all too real.

Another possible scenario is meeting a stranger who is at once familiar to your soul. Again, you’re instantly taken to another time and place where you and this new acquaintance are close friends or relatives. Maybe you’ve even seen their face in your dreams or relived past experiences with them.

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Final Thoughts on the Telltale Signs of a Reincarnated Soul

While it’s essential to live in the moment, your past can teach you much about your present. What if your memories go further back than when you were born and are entirely unrelated to your present life? These are questions that may be answered in your next incarnation.