How often have you heard your actions speak louder than your words? What comes out of your mouth can be sugar, spice, and everything nice, but if your body language doesn’t align with the spoken word, it’s all a waste. Many people say they love one another but don’t show admiration.

Sure, part of loving someone is telling them how you feel. However, the other part of being in a relationship is demonstrating this love. You can show admiration for someone without ever opening your mouth.

You display true feelings that don’t get lost in the translation in many ways. For instance, it’s cold and snowy outside, and a husband starts his wife’s car and scrapes all the ice from it. So when she leaves for work, her car is toasty warm and ready to go.

Did he have to go out and scrape the ice and battle the elements for her? No! However, he did it because he loved her and didn’t want her to be cold and miserable. What about the wife that takes her husband lunch because she knows he’s so busy he won’t have time for a break that day?

All of these little things can add up and help to fill the love tank, which is essential if you want to make it for the long haul.

Fifteen Ways to Show Admiration Without Speaking

These little things you do each day reiterate your verbal statements. You probably already show admiration in many ways, but here are a few more to add to your list.

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1. Show Admiration by Putting Down the Cell Phone

If your partner has something they want to talk about, put down your phone! Don’t scroll through social media as they speak. They shouldn’t have to compete with an electronic device for your attention.

If you go to the movies, dinner, or out with friends, leave the phone in the car or on vibrate. There’s nothing more important than the one that stole your heart. Flirt a little bit and make them feel like a teenager again.

2. Make an Effort with Their Family and Friends

Their family and friends predate your relationship, so these people are essential to the one you love. While you won’t always see eye-to-eye with others, make a conscious effort for your partner. A top reason couples seek counseling is trouble with in-laws.

He further states in his article that parents often have a hard time letting go of their children, and most of the backlash and controlling behavior stems from this issue. Look at the situation with fresh eyes and tell them you love their child and want to love them.

3. Leave Love Notes to Express Admiration

Why not let the loved one know you still have a crush on them? Whether you’re newly dating or married for twenty years doesn’t matter. If you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you must find ways to let them know they’re still the one.

4. Support Them

If you want to show admiration to someone you love, be there for them for all the little things in their life. If they’re being honored at a dinner for their job, then you clear your schedule to show up. They need you to support them through the big and small things, and this goes far beyond lip service and saying you love them.

5. Ask About Their Day and How They’re Doing

When you admire someone, you care about the happenings of their life. Many folks use the “How was your day” question as a filler conversation for dinner time. However, when you love someone, you care about what happened in their day and how they’re doing.

6. Bring Them Breakfast in Bed

Songs have been written about the little things and their importance. A simple gesture like making breakfast in bed for them shows how much you care. You take time out of your day to make them feel special, and it’s a very kind act.

7. Turn on the PDA

Some people would prefer to keep public displays of affection to themselves. However, you must be considerate of the other person’s feelings. Your partner wants you to show the world that you’re not ashamed to be with them, and there’s nothing at that moment more important than feeling their touch and warm embrace.

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8. Help Them Out

In a romantic relationship, you need to help one another. While it doesn’t seem like the stuff dreams are made of, having the support of your loved one means a lot.

If your partner struggles because of deadlines at work and other responsibilities, pitch in and help them out. Sometimes, you must get your hands dirty when you admire someone to make their lives easier.

9. Check in During the Day to Reveal Admiration

Find some time during the day to connect with text messaging. Even if it’s a funny meme or a joke you can’t wait to share, it shows you’re thinking about them. If you have a break or lunch hour at work, take a couple of minutes to check in with them during the day.

10. Make Time

You’re both busy, but you must make time for one another. You can show admiration by finding a way to be together. When people are dating, they will drive for many hours or fly across the world to see each other.

However, once you’re married or in a committed relationship, this shouldn’t change. If something is important to you, you will make time.

11. Use Spontaneity

Life can get pretty dull when everything is so routine and regimented. However, when you add a splash of pizzazz into the week, it shakes things up. A quick weekend away or a dinner at a fancy restaurant mid-week shows you can still turn on the charm for your crush.

12. Perform Acts of Service That Display Your Admiration

If you know anything about love languages, you know that some people need acts of service to fill their love tank. Doing little things, like a backrub, running a bubble bath, buying a new outfit, or making their favorite meal, can show how much you admire them.

According to Dr. Marni Amsellem from Psych Central, sometimes the most meaningful things in your relationship can’t be boxed with a pretty bow. She further states that doing little things for no other reason than “just because” can mean everything.

13. Make Their Dreams Come True

If you want to show admiration to someone you love, why not make their dreams come true? Maybe they dream of going to Italy and riding a Gondola down the Arno River. You win their hearts without saying a word when you take their highest hopes and dreams and make them a reality.

There’s an inner child inside each of you who wants someone to buy them the latest toy or take them on a memorable vacation. When you move mountains to make their dreams come true, you’ll capture their heart forever.

14. Write a Thank You Note

When did you last thank your significant other for all they do for you? Do they help keep the laundry clean, the house livable and go to work daily to provide money? Why not thank them for all these things?

So it’s not glamorous and doesn’t stand out as the most memorable thing to do, but it means a lot when you feel down and unappreciated. Hearing how proud you’re of them can show how much they’re admired.

15. Be a Good Listener

Why does it seem that listening to people requires so much work? When your significant other speaks to you, you must stop what you’re doing and engage. Being an active listener demonstrates that not only do you care about what they’re saying, but you’re taking time out of your day for them.


Final Thoughts on Ways to Show Admiration Silently

When you first start dating, you will flirt by playing footsie under the table, pouring affection, and doing anything to get them to commit. However, once you’ve been together for a while, you will find that things shift a bit.

When someone is by your side day in and day out, you slowly slip into a routine that can become mundane. You and your partner want to hear that you’re loved, but more than anything, you want someone to show you. Anybody can come up with beautiful words that seem like they were written for a card, but if there are no actions behind these sayings, they’re nothing more than words.

Things like holding the umbrella when it’s raining, doing all the chores so they can rest, or warming their clothes in the dryer on a cold day all show just how much they mean to you. Many relationships can’t survive without all these little things, as in the grand scale of things, they’re pretty substantial.