Do you see turtles showing up frequently? It might mean that you should take heed to how you approach your path in life.

Turtles are peaceful, determined creatures that walk their path steadfastly yet serenely. Turtles have a dogged determination, despite their slow speed. They’d rather get somewhere slowly than nowhere fast. 

If you see turtles often, they want you to really examine your life and see where you might want to slow down and look at better solutions for how you approach problems. The turtle symbolizes the ability to thrive in a busy, hectic world without becoming lost in the madness. The turtle doesn’t care how fast others move – it walks at its own pace, and couldn’t be bothered with conforming to the hectic speed at which the world moves.

Turtles can live on land and in water, and move at different speeds depending on their environment. They encourage you to switch speeds from time to time in order to gain perspective. Pay attention to the animals and signs around you, especially if you see turtles often – the universe is trying to teach you powerful lessons.


Here are some messages you might need to hear.

Turtles represent peace and tranquility.

It prefers to take the slower route and grow over time in a series of steps rather than speeding ahead in short bursts. Turtles like to take their time in life and see the world in all its wonder. As such, transform with each new step they take. They don’t make any rash decision. Indeed, each choice they make has been carefully calculated and planned out. Call on the turtle when you need help with grounding energy, or when you would like more peace and order in your life.

The American continent is called “Turtle Island” in Native American folklore.

The tale says that the Turtle carried the weight of the land on her back as she journeyed across the Americas. Hindu and Chinese cultures have a similar belief about the turtle, as you can find pictures of the turtle holding up Mother Earth and holding her in balance. Having the turtle as your spirit animal means that you have a strong understanding and relationship with ancient wisdom and the old ways of living. You feel a natural calling to the earth and all of its elements, and carry your home with you wherever you go. You can live anywhere and feel perfectly at ease.

Infinite wisdom

The wisdom of the turtle totem teaches us to persevere and stay strong despite what we might face in life along our path. This animal encourages us to look deep within and trust ourselves and our hearts no matter what fear we may feel by doing so. The turtle can help us greatly to keep at it when we feel like giving up. You can call on the wisdom of the turtle when you need help pushing through obstacles and sticking to your guns.

Since the turtle generally lives a long life, you can relate this symbolically with creating long-lasting success in your life by staying determined and not allowing yourself to give up.If you have the turtle as spirit animal, you might take longer than others to make decisions and carefully analyze each aspect of your choice. Don’t feel bad about doing this – you might take a while to produce results, but they will generally turn into long-term successes.

Bring peace to your life

Turtles represent a peaceful walk through life, internally and externally. This animal represents peace in the Native American culture. Feminine energy and peace go hand in hand. So many cultures call on the turtle to provide the necessary feminine wisdom in order to go about life with calmness and clarity of mind. With the spirit of the turtle totem in your life, you can rely on the turtle to slow you down when you feel overwhelmed or rushed by a situation or important decision. If you move too fast through life, you will miss important details that could’ve helped you to stay on the right path. The turtle can ground you and give you support when you feel lost, discouraged, or that you’ve been walking aimlessly through life.

Your spirit animal

Use the turtle spirit animal when you feel you need peace and greater understanding about your path and purpose. Call upon one of these peaceful creatures when you feel the need to slow down and gain better understanding and grounding if you feel lost or imbalanced. Also, if you feel that you want to just give up and can’t possibly move forward, the turtle can help you to gain encouragement and get back in the saddle again. Finally, if you feel you can’t understand your emotions, the turtle can help you gain clarity.

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As with any other animal totem, turtles will show up when you need a sign from the universe to assure you that you’ve chosen the right path. The turtle represents a variety of different meanings and perspectives. But if you see one, it will definitely provide you with comfort and motivation to pursue your path and not rush through an important decision.