When the frog shows up frequently in your life, Spirit wants you to learn to grow from change, and not let yourself become intimidated by it. Frogs have a strong association with transition and the temporary, constantly evolving nature of our lives. They can show us to become open to what these changes will bring, and to connect with our emotions and feminine energy in order to stay in tune with our higher selves.

Animal guides such as  frogs act as messengers delivering important messages from beyond, and frogs help us to cleanse old emotions and fear-based mentalities, and allow us to embrace our true selves. The frog represents a renewal and rebirth of the self, and a complete metamorphosis. Frogs move quickly, and as such, show us to do the same and not get held back in the past or on emotions that no longer serve us.

Do you see frogs appearing frequently in your life? If so, you might want to keep reading in order to find out what this means for you on your personal journey.

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  • Associated with cleansing in a variety of ways, the frog represents the ability to look into your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health in order to see where you can remove toxic energies. Since the frog lives near water, and water runs deep like our emotions, it might mean that you need to look into your feelings and see what you can remove from your life in order to feel your best. Or, you might need to examine your physical health and see what you can improve upon in order to feel more vibrant. Finally, you might also need to examine your mental state – do you feel clouded and off balance a lot of the time? Maybe you need a fresh perspective in order to gain more mental clarity and remove harmful beliefs.
  • The frog also represents the process of transformation, as it too undergoes a powerful process from growing into an adult frog from just a small tadpole. We all go through similar transformations, and the frog wants to remind you to remain aware during all the stages of your personal journey. Frogs have been associated with a rebirth of the self, and ancient civilizations have viewed the frog as a symbol of resurrection and fertility. Are Frogs Always Happy? Click the link to find out.
  • An amphibian, the frog moves easily from Earth to water throughout its life. You can use this spirit animal during times of transition, and if you need support during big changes in your life. Frogs remind us also to remain flexible, and to adapt to a new environment with ease. Don’t fight your current reality – simply embrace it, look around to see how you can best survive, and use what you have in order to live your best life.
  • Since the frog comes out at night, it has been linked with the dark arts such as witchcraft. You might feel inclined to play with magic and just explore life in all its mystery. Frogs live in two different environments, and as such, encourage you to explore a variety of perspectives and planes in life. Get to know all the different sides of yourself, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


  • In Native American tradition, they view the frog as the rainmaker. They call on him or her when they need rain, and view it as a sacred animal. Frogs come out at night, so they’ve also been linked to moon energy. When you feel a calling to your intuitive self and creative energies, remember to rely on your frog friend for support and expansion of your abilities.

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As with any other animal totem, frogs will show up the moment you need a sign from beyond, and will guide you to continue down the right path in life. The frog represents feminine energy, ease in transition, emotional and spiritual cleansing, and exploring life in all its wonder. No matter what stage of life you feel you’re in, you can count on the frog spirit animal to guide you in many different areas of life.