Like the butterfly, the dragonfly is associated with light, transformation, and personal growth. If you see dragonflies often, you must look within and see what areas you could possibly improve on. Further, you should explore what you can shed to bring more light and freedom into your life.  The dragonfly symbolizes great transformation and personal growth. Additionally, it invites you to dive into your emotions for a fuller understanding of yourself and your personal journey.

Dragonflies change direction quickly and seemingly fly without any effort at all. So, we can learn adaptability, lightheartedness, and flexibility from this gentle creature. Seeing dragonflies often may also point to a great metamorphosis coming up in your life. Pay attention to the animals and signs around you, especially if you see dragonflies often. Indeed, the universe is trying to teach you powerful lessons.

If You See Dragonflies Often, This Is What It Means


1- Show your true colors with pride

Dragonflies often have varying colors, depending upon which angle you look at them. When they glint in the light, the winged insect will appear a different color than if they stayed in the shadows. So, this symbolizes the need to show your true colors more, and stop trying to hide your best self from the world. Also, it can be interpreted to become more flexible and adaptable, so that you can adjust to new environments quickly.

2 – Dragonflies remind us to take out time to enjoy the moment

Dragonflies have a sweet, gentle nature about them, and can seem somewhat whimsical. They show us to approach life like a child, and not stay trapped in one place for too long. Dragonflies move fast. But they stop every so often to take a break and refresh their energy. We could learn a lot from the dragonfly in our increasingly fast-paced, chaotic world.

3 – Expect abundance in life

Furthermore, dragonflies have been associated with joy, light, and abundance. You can take this one of two ways – either you have recently been blessed with something and the dragonflies have come to remind you of your blessings, or the universe has wonderful plans for your future. Either way, remember to always express gratitude and focus your mind on the positives in life.

4 – Dragonflies remind us to stay attuned to our feelings

You will notice dragonflies tend to hang out around ponds or other waterways, and water symbolizes emotions and depth of character. Seeing your spirit animal might mean that you should stay in tune with your emotions, and not feel afraid to show parts of yourself that you have previously hidden away.

5 – Change is inevitable

More than anything, it signify transformation, as their colors change as they mature. Like the dragonfly, you too must shed your old skin and transform into a new, more aware being as you gain experience and wisdom. The creature invites us to question our place in life, and not feel afraid to discard our old identity if it no longer serves us.

6 – Dragonflies can signify a need for self-care

Use this spirit animal during times of transition or deep emotional cleansing. Call upon one of these graceful creatures when you feel the need to dive within to understand yourself better, or when you feel the need to go through a transformation of the self. Also, if you feel that you’ve been hiding parts of yourself from the world, the dragonfly can help you to emerge authentically and get rid of anything that no longer serves your best self.


Final Thoughts on Dragonflies

As with any other animal totem, dragonflies will show up when you need a sign from the universe to assure you that you’ve chosen the right path. The creature represents a variety of different meanings and perspectives, but no matter what path you’ve chosen in life, it can provide you with comfort and stability along your journey. The dragonfly wants you to remember to approach life with a light heart, an open mind, and the bravery to change if you feel the need to.