This Rice Experiment Is Proof: The Power of Positivity Alters Our Physical World

This Rice Experiment Is Proof: The Power of Positivity Alters Our Physical World


What you are about to read may shock you or be something you already know. Either way, keep your mind open and receptive to this discovery by Dr. Masaru Emoto. You’ll be amazed by how you can apply the effect of the results to improve your daily life.

A researcher and alternative healer, Dr. Masaru  Emoto, has given us physical proof that our thoughts, intentions and words affect of physical world.

“HADO creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.” – Dr. Masaru  Emoto

What is HADO?

HADO (Pronounced “HA-DOE”): Expression meaning “wave” and “move”. The smallest unit of energy; the basis of energy for human consciousness.

The premise is simple, yet profound: water is a reflection of us. Some say that Dr. Masaru Emoto has introduced a revolutionary, yet natural, idea that water is a direct reflection of human words and thoughts. Critics say that Dr. Emoto’s teachings are pseudo-science and lack intellectual rigor and scientific validity. Continue on and decide for yourself…

The Power of Positivity

What are these teachings?

Dr. Emoto believes that human consciousness has a direct effect on physical reality. His philosophy can be best understood in his books, seminars, and demonstrations (one which is discussed here). His most famous teachings are the effects of human interaction with water, which was featured in the highly popular movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?

The most famous work of Dr. Emoto was published in 1999 and is called ‘Messages from Water,’ which has sold millions of copies all over the world. In the book, Dr. Emoto explains in detail that what we say, feel, and what we listen to has an effect on water. The research clearly shows how the power of positivity can transform anything in our physical reality. He uses water as an example. Since human beings are made up primarily of water (60-75% depending on the source), water has a direct effect on us.

The ‘Rice Experiment’

“If you have a peaceful mind and peaceful thoughts, water becomes more peaceful.” – Dr. Emoto

To demonstrate the power of human words the power of human words and thought, Dr. Emoto used an uncommon technique: a rice experiment.

In the video, Dr. Emoto places rice into three glass beakers and then fills the beakers with enough water to submerge the rice. To the first beaker, he states the phrase (in Japanese): “Thank you,” “You’re an idiot” to the second, and ignores the third.

A month later, the thanked rice fermented and gave a pleasant smell. The rice that was affronted turned black. Finally, the rice that was ignored began to rot. These depictions of the rice are clear in the video of the experiment.

In the end, Dr. Emoto is pictured explaining that how we treat children is especially important. According to Emoto, we should take special care in how we interact with them and ensure that attention is given. The video ends explaining that indifference does the greatest amount of harm, as demonstrated by the third beaker of rice in the video. It’s amazing how the jar with positive words was still white and fresh, when in our reality we would at least believe that it would definitely start to go bad. Amazing! That’s the power of positivity at work.

This experiment has become a global sensation. Just type it into youtube or google and you will see countless people who got the same results. But, don’t just take our word for it. Check it out the video below that documents the last day of the rice experiment.

147 Days of The Rice Experiment Documented – Last Day

Watching the videos and researching about Dr. Emoto and his teachings is undeniably fascinating. We hope this research has brought you more insight about the true power of positivity and why it is so important to apply it to your everyday life.

Psychologists have repeatedly shown that our mindset and words have a profound effect on our body and those around us. Is it possible that our powerful mind and speech also has an effect on the elements of our Universe, too? Dr. Emoto certainly seems to think that they do. What do you think?


75 thoughts on “This Rice Experiment Is Proof: The Power of Positivity Alters Our Physical World

  1. Great experiment! I would be interested to see the experiment repeated with three jars of the same origin. Because the different results could be attributed to mould spores already present in what looks like three second hand jars. Using new and sterilized jars would make the results more convincing to the scientific world as well as those with a more logical outlook. Namaste

  2. Unlike, no room for negativity. John, this does not jive with what we just read and watched.

  3. The elite mandate horrible new for us all every day and night to cause us bad health….

  4. Wow… An Awesome Articel…
    Guys, I recommend u must to read this articel.. This articel is about the true power of positivity and why it is so important to apply it to your every day life… (Y)

  5. My wife is always speaking to the food she cooks " come on, just a little browner" or " rise, you little cookies, rise" and yep it ALWAYS works…..but if she is in a bad mood …..burnt offerings every time … that science ? No , my guess it's all to do with the wine she's consuming at the time and there's the double bind….

  6. Just because someone posts something that says Scientific Proof, it doesn't mean its proof.

    An experiment where someone puts rice in a jar with I hate you and I love you on it, where one goes mouldy and one doesn't is one of the biggest abuses of the phrase "scientific proof" I have seen in a long time.

    Think about this for a second:
    The experiment proposes that if you put hateful words, in English, on a jar of rice, and loving words on another jar of rice, based on this one will "rot" faster than the other.
    What is the rotting or decay process? It is bacteria and or mould. Living entities that flourish with moisture and food.

    This experiment is proposing that mould, or bacteria somehow flourishes due to negativity, from thoughts transmitted from the mind of of the person who added to the rice to the jar.

    Decay is one of the most natural facts of life, everything decays in some way.
    To imply that something will decay faster because of negative thoughts defies logic, science and reason.

    Decay is inescapable.

  7. The use of single studies (particularly those sponsored by pharma) is unfortunate, Janelle, but plenty of medical studies are repeated and subject to meta-studies. Anyway, it doesn't take away from the fact that even basic aspects of scientific method are overlooked here.

  8. Feelings are universal and do not need a language. Many times we only need to think the feeling and it can be felt by others without a word being spoken! Even scientists have acknowledged that there are many unexplainable things that baffle the most brilliant minds. We are all still learning!!

  9. How again are fraudulent results sound?

    "But we can actually see it!

    Many of the SAW sites feature photographs of what are often misleadingly described as "molecules" of water of various states of purity, as captured by an electron microscope at 20,000x magnification. The following are typical and can be seen on many sales sites:

    A "beautiful, star-shaped molecule of clustered water™."

    Distilled water
    ("dead water" because its "memory" is lost.)

    Tap water
    (full of grunge, no doubt; yuckk!)

    Chlorinated water

    Well, if the water in your body is anything like the ideal shown at the top, then I have bad news: you are dead, and are no doubt residing in a deep-freeze! This is not a "molecule" at all, but an ice crystal, probably a snowflake. If the latter, then it will almost certainly be less pure than the one shown below it, since snowflakes, like raindrops, are built around a core of dirt. The fact is that these photos are not of water molecules and convey no information about the water. They are most likely the work of the showman, water-mystic and father of cluster-lore "Doctor" Masuro Emoto . More of Emoto's photos and pseudoscientific rubbish can be found at the Hado site. For even more far-out fantasy, see More Messages in Water or The Power of Prayer Made Visible.

    Emoto's book "The Message from Water" contains photos of ice crystals from waters which have been exposed to

    music, words spoken, words typed and taped to the glass containers, photographs and long-distance thought messages. Some of the photographs are amazing and all of them show a response from the water.

    Many of the photos are quite nice, but the shapes of ice crystals are highly dependent on the conditions and rates of freezing, so Emoto's fanciful interpretations have no scientific validity."

  10. I wanna try this experiment at home 🙂 I think it is right to say that positive words affect our physical reality.

  11. Janelle Sheen it's the feeling, caus' the man talk to each rice glasses each day… for 147 days, isn't it ?

  12. Just remember because somebody might feel that a smell is "pleasant" doesn't necessarily mean it's pleasant to all life forms or even other people… to say a positive word and then end with what you think is a "pleasant" smell doesn't prove much to me, it is kind of subjective. Same goes with associating the black with negative and the rotting….I feel the same way about peoples ideas of karma……just because you may feel a situation is positive doesn't necessarily mean it is to everyone which in my eyes makes most peoples views of karma purely subjective and a little selfish…..if you catch my drift….if you don't then please let me know and I can elaborate more. Keep in mind this is all my opinion but it's kind of hard to argue with it I would think. Love the positive ideology behind it though…..

  13. Damien Bower "Please explain to me how an ice crystal is the same as a water molecule."

    Your skepticism is misguided… it was not about that… it was about different mental projections causing different effects upon the substance… the MAIN results are sound.

  14. Justin Quezada My skepticism is very real, thank you. Why are you getting so upset? Name-calling isn't constructive, just shows weakness and doubt. Please explain to me how an ice crystal is the same as a water molecule.

  15. Damien Bower There is science showing mind affects reality, dumbass… you have the typical sheep argument "oh it's all just fairy-tails and wishful thinking"… un-indoctrinate yourself…

  16. Damien Bower He even documented the rest of the days leading up to this… sorry your pseudo-skepticism fails…

    Lol, I bet you think James Randi would really give away one million dollars too… another argument from ridicule and dogmatic taunt, waving a million dollars and saying "prove to me" is not science, it is retarded…

  17. Justin Quezada One more time. Ice crystals are not water molecules. There is no way to claim otherwise. That is an error that ranks with confusing a volleyball with the Moon. Picking out perfect crystals is an exercise in aesthetics, not scientific research. You are preaching pseudo- spiritualism. The world is an amazing place, no need to make up fairytales about it.

  18. Damien Bower Give me substance "debunking" it… or stfu… this experiment is done by many people and they all get the same result…

    You are arguing from authority… you are being dogmatic.

  19. Damien Bower I do not attack the goal of science… only the pseudo-intellectuals who claim science like you… you have not given one logical reason to claim this is fraudulent… you're preaching pseudo-skepticism… you just claim "it's just wishful thinking", that is not debunking…

  20. Justin Quezada Sorry, the good Doctor has been debunked as a wishful fraud. The photographs are ice crystals, NOT water molecules. That's a hard cold incontestable fact. "Science" is only a method of research. Funny that you attack science on the Internet, the culmination of thousands of years of science.

  21. "Science" is contradicted by ourselves, since we all are subjective observers, and science seeks a so-called "objective" world… all so-called "direct" observations are subjective… there are inconsistencies in EVERY science… and the ones like Brain=Mind do not even have logical basis, but when someone ridicules that, they are called "stupid" by dogmatic materialists…

    "Science" seeks an impossible goal…

    ALL that is being done here is people dogmatically attacking things that simply do not fit into their indoctrinations…

  22. " Dr. Emoto has been repeated debunked. "

    No… All that has happened is that he has been dogmatically ridiculed by Materialists…

    "Science" is contradicted by ourselves, since we all are subjective observers, and science seeks a so-called "objective" world… all so-called "direct" observations are subjective…

  23. Janelle Sheen You can't get any sort of meaning from a written word without having some knowledge of the written language. I have no idea how the word "angry" is written down in Arabic. So if I see it, I'm not gonna think anger in any sort of way. How could I if I have no idea what the word says?