Let’s face it; there seems to be a lot of guesswork in potential love connections. It’s like the classic children’s game of picking away daisy petals with “they love me, they love me not.” Consider the countless hit songs about unrequited love or romantic interest in disguise.

Fifteen Behaviors That Reveal Romantic Interest

If you’re wondering if someone is interested in you romantically, you won’t get far by flower petal plucking. Perhaps your prospective love interest has been sending you clever hints that you haven’t noticed. Here are fifteen signs and gestures that may signal wanting more than friendship.

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1. Someone With Romantic Interest Will Make Time for You

When someone has a romantic interest, they make time for you. Even if they have a hectic work schedule, you’re a top priority. They’ll often ask if you have plans for the weekend and will already have something in mind.

They’ll be the first to volunteer if you need help with something, even if it’s not convenient for them. For example, they’ll gladly help you move in new furniture or watch your pet while you’re on vacation. While close friends will often go the extra mile, this person may be attracted to you.

2. They Seem Protective of You

Part of being genuine friends is that you have each other’s backs. They’ll be the first to come to your defense if someone bad-mouths you. This person may also be quite sensitive to your feelings and needs.

If you’re having a bad day, they’ll be the first one to call, listen, and try to encourage you. They may also notice how you’re treating yourself and may bring it to your attention. They either have a savior mentality, or you’re their romantic interest.

3. They Put Their Best Foot Forward

A person who has a secret crush on you always wants to create a good impression. They’re usually impeccably dressed and use their most refined manners. Their eagerness to get your attention is apparent, and they aren’t trying to be fake.

They also take a keen interest in your likes and dislikes. When they bring you coffee in the morning, they remember that you prefer fat-free milk. Perhaps, they want you to see their potential as a romantic interest, and it doesn’t hurt that they have an eye for detail by knowing what you like.

4. Flirting Usually Reveals Romantic Interest

Who knew that flirtation was such a complex activity for humans? According to an article published by Psychology Today, it involves body language, intellect, empathy, and creativity. While some people are just flirtatious by nature, most do it to attract a love interest.

Do you have someone in your circle who has an eye on you? They have that little sparkle in their eyes and a subtle smile. They say sweet and flirty things that are only meant for you. It definitely could signify that they want to be more than friends.

5. They Actively Listen to You

Many people in your circle and the public hear you, but they aren’t listening. However, those who have your best interests at heart actively listen to what you’re saying. They pay full attention and aren’t glancing at their smartphones every five seconds.

They don’t interrupt, and they mirror the emotion in your conversation. By their open body language, you can tell that they’re interested in what you’re saying. It’s an essential characteristic of a potential mate, and they’re all ears.

6. They Often Self-Disclose to You

One needn’t be a narcissist to enjoy talking about themselves. It’s often the best way to break the ice when you’ve just met someone. However, the level of self-disclosure you employ depends on the relationship and trust.

A person who has a romantic interest in you may often self-disclose earlier or at a deeper level than most. Maybe, they will share some of their background and interests, hoping you will do the same. Just be cautious of those who share way more than you care to know.

7. People in Your Circle Tell You Someone Has Romantic Interest in Mind

Be assured that if you notice someone who has a crush on you, people around you can see it, too. It’s like the song “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About.” Don’t be surprised when your besties take you aside to hear all the juicy details.

However, you may not have any details yet and haven’t made any moves. They see the winks, hushed personal jokes, and other symptoms that the love bug has bitten. If you haven’t noticed this person’s romantic intentions yet, your circle will help you see.

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8. They Stay Connected to You

The heart of any relationship is to stay connected to one another. Not only do you communicate about mundane things, but you relate profoundly. Someone who has romantic interests in you will connect with you as often as possible.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re stalking you. However, they may call and text you more than other friends and family. You can tell by their words and the genuine smile that they love to talk to you and maybe are interested romantically.

9. They’re Interested in Your Family and Friends

Perhaps, you’ve had your share of narcissists and toxic people who can only have a one-sided relationship. That’s why it grabs your attention when a potential partner is sincerely interested in you, your family, and your friends. Not only do they ask about them, but they may also want to meet them.

On the flip side, they may like to share things about their family and circle of friends. A real tell-tale sign is if they invite you to a holiday dinner with their family or ask you to attend a special occasion with them. If it’s a wedding, their intentions couldn’t be more obvious.

10. Somebody With Romantic Interest Enjoys Making You Happy

When somebody is infatuated with you, they will do their best to get your attention. Perhaps it’s a sticky note on your desk each morning with a smiley face and a positive message. You may be surprised occasionally with a stunning bouquet or balloons with a note saying, “just because.”

This person is going beyond the usual niceties of a friend. They know your favorite foods, music, and anything else that makes you smile. When you’re happy, they’re delighted.

11. They’re Overly Interested in Your Love Life

You can always tell if someone has a secret crush on you if they’re too interested in your love life. While they won’t come out to say they’re attracted to you, their veiled jealousy is more than a hint. They may casually question you about your new love interest, but don’t look for them to be excited about it.

They also may point out flaws in your love relationship or how that person isn’t right for you. Are they overly concerned friends, or is the green-eyed monster lurking behind their questions?

12. They Like to be Close to You

A person in love with you wants to be as close to you as possible without being creepy. They’re the pleasant company you have at lunch break, and their workspace may be in close proximity. Even in a group, they’re the person who sits just a little closer to you.

13. They Remember Small Details

You can always tell if someone’s an active listener if they remember your conversations. In fact, they listen so intently that they can recall your talks together in vivid detail. They can recount some of the fondest memories you’ve shared, as they show a genuine interest in your life.

14. They’re Often Giddy Around You

When you’re somebody’s romantic interest, it’s often like being back in junior high school. They’re usually well-poised and articulate until they’re around you. Then, they’re all thumbs, and they accidentally say goofy things.

You may also notice that they blush whenever you’re together. If it’s not part of their usual personality, they may be fascinated with you. The butterflies in their stomach is making them giddy in love.

15. They Have Positive Body Language

According to an article published by Master’s in Communications, how you carry yourself is just as important as what you say, maybe even more so. Your body-language provides non-verbal cues to your emotions. According to the article, people can usually tell another’s sincerity by observing their body language.

If you suspect someone is enamored with you, look at their body language. Relaxed and open body language says they’re not only comfortable in your presence, but they’re interested in your conversation. It might also indicate that they’re secretly falling for you.

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Final Thoughts Signs You May Be Someone’s Romantic Interest

It’s inevitable that at some point, someone in your circle will want to be more than just friends. When you notice these subtle hints, you might have a secret admirer. Maybe it would be worth your while to get things out into the open and see if a beautiful romance is possible.