7 Types of Romantic Hugs That Really Show the Love

7 Types of Romantic Hugs That Really Show the Love

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The human touch provides an essential connection between people and those they love. Infants instinctively cling to their parents at birth and soon equate it with love and security. Romantic hugs are a way that couples connect and display their affection.

In America, it’s common to greet close friends and family with a warm hug. However, this benign sign of affection isn’t shared globally. According to a study published by Aalto University, the level of people’s comfort with another person’s touch varies by country, gender, and relationship.

Science and Cuddling

The hug is so entrenched in American culture that we celebrate National Hug Day on January 21st every year, says an article published by Psychology Today. Archeological evidence suggests that humans have been huggers for thousands of years. The report also mentions that the average hug lasts about 3.17 seconds.

Hugs have different meanings, the same as the word love. There’s the kinship love and hug you give to your parents and extended family. It’s different from the “side hug” you give your best friend or close coworker. Perhaps your place of worship encourages a hug of fellowship with same-gender members.


All these are genuine hugs, but they aren’t the ones of lovers. Just as you may say you “love” your grandmother or “love” your best friend, you have romantic love for your significant other. It’s the same way with your romantic hugs.

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Two Essential Rules for Embracing

There aren’t any ironclad rules for hugging your mate. However, you must use your intuition to know the right time to cuddle them and when to leave them alone. Even the book of Ecclesiastes 5:3 advises that there’s a time to embrace and a time to refrain from such things.

When you see that your lover had a tough day at work, your supportive hug can mean the world to them. It’s also a nonverbal affirmation that reminds them that they are “the one” and always will be. A heartfelt cuddle is soothing in the evenings and helps you both relax and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Hands Off

If you follow the ancient wisdom of King Solomon, you’ll realize when to keep your hands to yourself. If you’ve had a spat and your mate is angry with you, it’s probably not a good idea to reach out for a bear hug. It can come across as condescending, making them even more furious.

When your person is deep in thought or working toward a deadline, give them some space. You mean well by wrapping your arms around them, but it might disrupt their train of thought. Of course, if they are stressed and overwhelmed, your loving presence may be welcomed.

2. Together But Different

While many couples are bound in love by common interests, some are attracted to opposites. Even in a long, healthy relationship, teams still have their individuality. You and your partner may differ in culture, religion, and philosophy.

The relationship works because you respect each other’s opinions and preferences and compromise as needed. The hug rules require more sensitivity when a hugger loves a non-hugger. Your family may hug everyone in their path while your partner hails from a family that doesn’t display affection.

If you’re the hugger, you must be respectful of your non-hugger’s boundaries. Allow your lover to hug or not hug as they prefer. It could be that they are affectionate behind closed doors but are uncomfortable around others.

Romantic Hugs Are More Than Intimacy

According to an article published by CNN, most women say they want more than just physical intimacy in a relationship. They crave hugs and cuddling for assurance and a spiritual connection. Unfortunately, most men are biologically inclined to forget the romantic portion.

It’s imperative to be sensitive to your partner’s needs, both males and females. Don’t forget the gentle caresses and cuddling that say you need to be close to them. Such nonverbal communication goes a long way in a healthy relationship.

Seven Types of Romantic Hugs

Do you and your partner hug the same way every time? Learn to be spontaneous and what each type says about how you feel. These are seven types of romantic hugs to consider.

1. Eye-to-Eye Romantic Hugs

If you’ve recently fallen in love or are still crazy about your mate, this may be one of your favorite romantic hugs. Both you and your significant other are poised as if you are ready to dance. Usually, the shorter partner has their arms lifted and loosely circled the taller one’s neck and shoulders.

The hallmark of this enduring embrace is eye-to-eye contact. You and your partner are mesmerized by the loving glow in each other’s eyes. Reassuring words of affection often accompany the eye-to-eye type.

2. The Loving Straddle

The straddle is perhaps one of the most intimate of romantic hugs. It’s almost complete body contact with your eyes locked in a romantic gaze. You can hug this way when your partner is relaxing in a chair or the side of the bed. You sit on their knees with your legs on each side of their legs.

Since it’s such a close togetherness, the straddle is mainly reserved for private moments. However, you may get by as a public display of affection if it’s playful and not too intimate in nature. Some embraces are best kept in the privacy of your home.

3. I’ve Got Your Back

It isn’t easy to surprise your special someone with a romantic hug face-to-face. But when you cuddle them from behind, your sweet affection may make their day. The back style is done when your mate’s back is turned, and they’re often preoccupied.

You gently encircle your arms around their neck while you lean your chest against their upper back. It’s almost like spooning, except you’re both standing. Think of the iconic back hug Patrick Swayze gave Demi Moore in the movie “Ghost.” That moment and intimate connection captivated audiences and made movie history.

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4. Long Comforting Romantic Hugs

According to an article published by Forbes Magazine, science proves the benefits of hugs. The power of touch releases hormones that can lower stress and your blood pressure. Plus, it can be a silent gesture that soothes anxiety, as stated in the article.


A long-lasting snuggle usually involves strong emotions such as loss and grief. It’s one that you offer to family and close friends when they are having a difficult time. When used romantically, it provides assurance. Or, you can hug this way when you plan to be apart for a while.

It revels in the closeness that neither of you wants to end. You share loving and positive energy, from heart to heart. It says, “I’m here for you, and I’ll hold your hand and heart forever.”

5. The Twirl (Romantic Hugs Like You See in the Movies)

The twirl is a classic cuddle that’s reminiscent of a dance. It’s a celebration of joy and youthful love. However, you must make sure that you and your partner are up for lifting and twirling. The twirl is the most spontaneous and attractive to all the romantic hugs to onlookers.

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