Having a good morning often requires that you wake up in a good mood. Then, the feelings should continue into your morning routine, focusing on positivity as you get ready for the day. These morning affirmations can help you rise and shine each day, starting your day on the right track.

The words you say to yourself each day play a role in your mindset and demeanor throughout the day. Helping you rise and shine positively is a form of self-care that you can’t beat. If you can master shifting to a more positive mindset, you will have an easier time in life.

Repeating positive phrases work as a reminder to look for things to be happy about. Once you begin making it a habit to look for positivity, you’ll be in a much better mood overall. Even when things aren’t perfect, you can find something to bring a little bit of joy each day.

Twenty Affirmations to Help You Rise and Shine

If you need a little extra encouragement in your life, these positive affirmations can help. They’ll encourage you to stay positive and look for the good things in the world around you. As the words help you rise and shine, you’ll also notice an improvement in your self-esteem.

rise and shine
1. I choose happiness today.

You can choose how you feel, so use this affirmation each morning to set the tone for your day. If you tell yourself that you choose happiness right from the start, it doesn’t allow anything else to set in. You’ll be thinking happy thoughts all day and looking for the good in all situations.

2. I am at peace and feel whole.

If you feel at peace and that you’re whole, you’ll have a more leisurely morning and a better day. Being at peace with your life can make all the difference in how you handle things and adapt.

Plus, if you can feel whole on your own, you won’t need anyone else to make you feel complete, either. It won’t matter who you see that day or what they do for you because you already feel whole.

3. I feel good, and I’m allowed to feel this way.

You might sometimes subconsciously think that you aren’t allowed to feel good. However, no matter what is going on in your life, you have a right to happiness and positivity. Tell yourself that you feel good to start your day positively, and remember that this feeling is allowed.

4. I am optimistic as this new day begins.

Each new day is another opportunity to make things happen in your life. Use this affirmation as a reminder that you can choose optimism as you begin each day. Then, you’ll become more aware of the positive parts of your life, and you’ll find solutions to things you couldn’t before.

5. I balance effort and ease each day.

You must make an effort in your life if you want things to go well. However, you also have to take it easy sometimes. If you can find a balance between effort and ease, you’ll find that it helps you rise and shine.

6. I know the truth about who I am as a person.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about you because you know the truth about who you are. Don’t let the opinions or misinformation from others change the way you view yourself. Use this mantra each morning to help ease those unnecessary thoughts and replace them with positivity.

7. I am supported by people who love me.

You might need a reminder that your life is full of love. If you start your day with this affirmation, you’ll have your loved ones in the back of your mind all day. When you remember how loved you are, it will help you rise and shine.

8. I am doing what works for me.

You might have people in your life with a preconceived idea that you will go down the path they want for you. Or, you might have set your course but have found that it doesn’t work for you anymore. Either way, using this mantra can give you a new outlook on life as you begin your day.

You don’t have to stay on a path that you aren’t happy with because you’ll always wake up dreading the day ahead. Use this affirmation to help you live a life that works for you, making your morning much happier.

9. I ask for help because it is a sign of self-respect.

Asking for help isn’t a bad thing. Instead, it’s a sign of self-respect because you know when you need to ease back a little. If you have fewer tasks on your list, it will help you rise and shine.

This affirmation can remind you that you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. It’s also a reminder that asking for help will ease your burden and improve your life.

10. I am listening for messages from the universe today.

When you listen for messages from the universe as you are waking up, you’ll see more positivity and opportunities. It will change your mindset and make you feel happier as the day goes on.

rise and shine
11. I am complete on my own.

You don’t need anyone else in your life to make you feel complete. Reaffirm that you are more than enough. Then, you can approach the day with positivity, making it easier to get started in the morning.

12. I deserve great things in life, and I’m going after them.

If you ever feel like you don’t deserve great things, you likely won’t get them. Your thoughts and feelings set the tone for your left, so help yourself rise and shine by reciting this positive affirmation. You deserve all the great things, and you should go after them whenever you can.

13. I show strength when I change my mind.

There is nothing wrong with changing your mind, although some people might make you feel like there is. When you acknowledge that you want something different, speak up and say so. By having the courage to change your mind, you show true inner strength.

14. I am worthy and valuable.

When you use this affirmation during your morning routine, it’ll help you rise and shine. Knowing that you are worthy and valuable can help you face the day ahead and overcome obstacles. Plus, you’ll be more open to positivity when you understand that you are worthy of greatness.

15. I am responsible for myself and no one else.

If you carry other people’s burdens, you’ll have a hard time in the morning. You have enough on your plate, and you are only responsible for yourself. If this is a problem for you, then use this affirmation each morning.

As you repeat the affirmation, envision other people’s problems leaving your mind. Only focus on the things that you can control and what you are responsible for.

16. I encourage myself and others.

Encouraging people tend to be happier and maintain a positive mindset. Don’t hesitate to encourage yourself to do better and do the same for other people. Helping others can boost your joy in life, so offering words of encouragement will benefit you both.

17. I am safe, and everything is okay.

When you feel safe, like everything is okay, you’ll experience more positivity throughout the day. Some people feel unsafe and anxious even when there is no danger. If you’re one of those people, this affirmation can help change your mindset right from the start.

18. I become a better person every day.

As you learn and grow, you become a better person. If you’re applying yourself and making an effort each day, you can find confidence in the fact that you’re constantly improving. This affirmation can help you look for learning opportunities and approach them with positivity.

19. I am allowed to ask for what I need and want in life.

This affirmation can encourage you to ask for the things you want in life. When you know that you are allowed to ask, you’ll feel more confident and self-assured. As you start your day, this affirmation will serve as your reminder to put yourself first sometimes.

20. I am healing, and I get stronger every day.

When you face hard times in life, it can be hard to rise and shine each morning. You might want to lay in bed and avoid the struggles of the day ahead. However, this affirmation will help you feel empowered as you remember that you heal and get stronger each day.

rise and shine
Final Thoughts on Morning Affirmations to Help You Rise and Shine

If you need some motivation to rise and shine each day, then these morning affirmations are for you. Whether you aren’t a morning person or you’re facing a hard time, these phrases can help you. Repeat them bright and early, during your morning routine. Indeed, you’ll feel happier and more positive as you begin the day.

When choosing which affirmation to include in your morning routine, look for ones that resonated with you the most. It would be best if you believed the words that you say, so find the ones that apply to your life. As you make these affirmations a habit, you’ll begin to notice improvements in your life.