The alarm clock sounds warning you of another day. You’re tired, don’t feel like getting up, and wish the coffee was ready before your feet hit the floor. Your morning routine is essential as it gets you prepared to face another day.

It’s what you do in these few minutes that counts, as it can make or break your entire day. Did you know that you can change your happiness just by altering a few of your morning habits?

How often have people assumed that you got up on the wrong side of the bed because you’re cranky and feel off? If you’re finding that waking up isn’t such an easy task for you, then there are some things that you can do to ensure you have a better day.

Ten Useful Tips to Improve Your Morning Routine

You know that you need to shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed before you head out the door. However, did you know that your morning routine needs a few more habits that will make the day much brighter?

Even when chaos is all around you, if you’ve set the tone for positivity and success, you can overcome it. Here are ten new habits to incorporate.

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1. Start Your Morning Routine by Giving Thanks

Who said Thanksgiving is the only time of year that you should give thanks? You need to be thankful for all your blessings every day. An attitude of gratitude will get you far in this life.

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already noticed the differences between your children and their gratitude levels. One child will be thankful for the smallest of things, even a stick of gum. However, there’s always another one that acts as you owe them breakfast served on a silver platter.

Now, which child is it easier to parent? Did you know the Universe feels very similar to you? If you have the attitude of entitlement, you’re likely to get less.

However, if you’re thankful for all your blessings and live with a heart of thanksgiving, then the Universe is more apt to bless you with more.

2. Meditate

Some people like to meditate before they even get out of bed. They like to do this because they want to purge any negative attitudes or thoughts before beginning another day. Take a minute to clear your thoughts, get your blood pressure and anxiety in order, and start the day with a clear head.

Many people are startled when the alarm clock goes off and feel like the mad dash begins. However, if you take a few minutes to meditate and breathe deeply, you can shake off those feelings. No one wants to start a new day with stress and anxiety, as it’s not an excellent way to begin.

3. Program Your Alarm to Something Pleasant

Speaking of alarm clocks, you need to wake up gradually as it’s less stressful on the body. According to an article in Tropical Health, using an alarm clock is bad for you. Your body responds better when you’re on a strict sleep schedule, as it’s all connected with your circadian rhythm.

For instance, how often do you wake up before the clock goes off only to stare and wait for the bell that says it’s time to get up? Your body is awakening because of a schedule and not the clock. Additionally, the article states that you can have anticipatory stress knowing that the alarm will sound, disrupting your sleep cycle.

If you must sleep with a clock to get up, then make sure it’s something mild and pleasant that you program for your alarm. You don’t want anything loud, jarring, or the news that puts negativity into you before you even climb out of bed. Something as small as your alarm can have a significant impact on your day, so even these little things count.

4. Make Lists During Your Morning Routine

You need to make a to-do list and make sure you check it twice. You want to make sure that everything you must do is on this piece of paper. Use it as a guide to get through the day.

Make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself with too much stuff, as it can be counterproductive to have a list crammed with things you can’t possibly accomplish. Try to schedule your days to have time for yourself, your family, and eat healthily. Learning to say “No” and not piling so much on your plate is essential for your overall happiness and wellbeing.

5. Wake Up and Start That Morning Routine Early

If you want to have a better day, don’t wake up at the last minute. It would help if you had your morning routine timed out perfectly, and then you should allow some room for incidentals. You never know when the kids will drag getting out of bed, and the traffic is backed up on the freeway.

If you want to start on the right foot, you need plenty of time to ensure you don’t lag. Nothing sets your day off-kilter like running late. It makes you grumpy, and it can alter your focus.

morning routine

6. Quote Daily Affirmations

Take five minutes of your morning to recite daily affirmations. These are short sentences that enhance your self-worth and boost your esteem. Even if your morning routine is busy, you can do these in the car on the way to work, or you can do them while taking a shower.

Here are some affirmations that you will believe when you recite them enough:

  • “Today is going to be a beautiful journey, and I welcome it with gratitude.”
  • “I will be happy, peaceful, and stress-free today.”
  • “I am certainly amazing, powerful, and skilled.”
  • “Today will be the best day of the year.”

7. Skip The Coffee

According to an article on Forbes, many people head to the coffee pot hoping for a jolt to kickstart their day, but it’s water they need. When you’ve been asleep for many hours, your body lacks hydration.

However, one of the first things people do is urinate when they wake up, further putting the body into a dehydrated state. It’s possible that you need water to hydrate your system and boost your energy, not caffeine.

8. Move Your Body

If you want to be mentally healthy and strong, then you’ve got to get your physical body involved. According to Business Insider, Bill Gates is one of the most successful businessmen around. However, he works out on a treadmill every morning.

Sure, he will get all hot and sweaty, but he makes sure that he is getting those endorphins and feel-good hormones circulating in his body. He also stated that if he doesn’t work out on a day, he can feel a significant difference. Your body should keep moving–the more, the better.

9. Get Six to Eight Hours of Sleep

One of the best ways to have a great morning is to start the night before. Don’t stay up too late watching your favorite movie or television show, as this will affect your tomorrow.

Your body must have proper rest, and this is why so many people don’t need an alarm clock, as their body knows that they’ve rested enough and it’s time to get up. Having a sleep deficit can affect your morning and entire day.

10. Journaling Can Be Great for Your Morning Routine

Part of your morning routine should include journaling. Some people call them morning pages as they’re just a place to get everything from the top of your head down onto paper. A lot of stuff starts swirling around in your mind as soon as you wake up, so it’s time to purge all those thoughts.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be excellent writing, as you’re not submitting it to a publisher for a novel. The key is to get it out, get over those feelings, and then you’ve released them from your mind. Additionally, journaling is an activity proven time and again to uplift your mood. According to Moyra Mackie, a motivational and career coach from Berkhamsted, England, it can help relieve your stress and boost your creativity.

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Final Thoughts on Improving Your Morning Routine

While these ten changes may be a lot to take in, you don’t have to do them all. You can pick and choose the ones that work best for you based on your schedule.

Not every person works the same schedule. But the key is to make changes to your life that will enhance it, and it all starts with how you begin your day. If you’re having more bad days than good ones, it can be because of many of these tips listed above.

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf and take control of your happiness? Starting now, you can declare a good day by starting each morning on the right foot.