When someone’s daily life at home or work is constantly overwhelming, they could benefit from taking time for relaxation. Leading a normal social life, being successful at work, taking care of themselves and all of the other responsibilities take a toll.

They can quickly experience burnout without a break to recuperate.

Even when someone says that they don’t need to relax, some behaviors prove otherwise. People often don’t want to admit when they need to take some time for themselves. They might view it as a weakness, even though that isn’t the case at all.

When you notice behaviors that indicate someone needs to take time for relaxation, step in and offer your help. They might have too much on their plate and are afraid to ask for help. Please encourage them to listen to their body and take a break to relax whenever they experience the behaviors discussed below.

15 Behaviors Prove Someone Needs to Take Time for Relaxation

Paying attention to these signs can help you recognize when it’s time to offer your help. Before things get out of control, you can help address it or ease the burden. Watch for the early behaviors that indicate someone needs relaxation, which is all easy to recognize.

1. They’re on Edge

When someone needs a break, they are likely on edge due to stress. They will be annoyed by little things that don’t normally bother them.

You may also notice that they are jumpy or over-reactive. Someone can get this way when they are exhausted, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, or stressed out.

2. They Put Work Before Anything Else

You always know that someone needs time for relaxation when they put work before everything else in their life. Putting work before other things normally means they feel pressured all of the time and can’t say no to anything.

It could be a sign if you notice that someone begins missing family time or other events that they used to prioritize. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to be around the people they care about. Instead, it means they feel like they can’t be there because they don’t have time for anything other than work.

3. They Want to Be Alone More Often Than Usual

Some people enjoy being alone, so it is normal when they don’t want to be social. For others, though, wanting to be alone more often indicates they need time for relaxation.

While alone time is great sometimes, it can lead to isolation and damaged relationships if utilized too often. It is a sign of self-destruction, overwhelming stress, or depression and is a direct sign that someone needs to relax.

4. They Can’t Focus

When someone needs to relax, they will have trouble focusing. There is too much on their mind, and they need a chance to rest their thoughts. If you notice that someone can’t focus on one thing or lose their train of thought, they likely need to relax.

5. They Have Trouble Sleeping

If someone can’t sleep at night, it sometimes means they are overly stressed during the day. This stress causes their mind to stay in a constant state of stimulation, making it hard for them to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep only causes an endless cycle of stress and the inability to sleep.

Having trouble sleeping is one of the first signs that someone needs time to relax. If you notice this behavior, you can expect more of the following behaviors.

The person may stay up late finishing things or trying to get ahead. Otherwise, they may wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to fall back to sleep. Sometimes, they will lie in bed for hours at night and not fall asleep.

6. They Snap at People

You know that someone needs to take time for relaxation when they are snapping at everyone around them. It is a sign that they have lost control of their emotions and must take a step back. With some time to relax and take care of themselves, they wouldn’t snap at everyone quite so much.

7. They are Restless

When someone can’t seem to unwind or sit still, it’s a behavior that indicates they need time for relaxation. Jumping from one thing to the next and not allowing themselves to calm their mind causes overwhelming stress. This type of stress is only eased with self-care and time for a break.

8. They’re Not Thinking Straight

People make poor decisions when they can’t think straight. If you notice someone who usually makes sound decisions making mistakes, it’s a sign that they need a break. Even if they don’t make a poor decision, you can tell if someone isn’t thinking straight by watching for other signs.

When someone does things in a way they usually wouldn’t, their mind might be somewhere else. Likewise, they probably aren’t thinking straight if they can’t keep up in a conversation or meeting.

9. Their Eating Habits Change

A change in someone’s eating habits is a sure sign that something is wrong. They might eat less than usual or begin skipping meals regularly. Or, they might overeat and always be on the lookout for a snack or treat.

Whether they aren’t eating as much or they are overeating, it’s a sign of overwhelming stress. This behavior means they could benefit from a break with plenty of time for relaxation.

10. Their Mood Changes Unexpectedly

Unexpected mood changes are confusing, but it is a behavior that proves someone needs to take time for relaxation. When someone is overwhelmed, they will feel moody, anxious, or even depressed as they doubt themselves and their abilities.

This emotional health interruption signifies more stress than the person should be dealing with at once. With time to relax and take a break, unexpected mood changes could become less frequent.

11. They Have No Motivation

If someone seems to be dragging themselves to work or losing their determination to get things done, it’s a sign that they need some time off. They’re feeling burnt out and are in desperate need of relaxation.

High levels of stress can make it seem like nothing is worth doing anymore. Daily tasks won’t get done as they don’t see the point. These behaviors are a sign that they need a break.

12. They Stop Enjoying Their Favorite Things

When someone stops being interested in things they once enjoyed, they might need a break from their life stress. Things that were once a reason for joy now seem like another chore to add to the list. Anyone that experiences this behavior must find a way to relax so they can find happiness again.

13. They Act Like They Don’t Care About Their Life

If someone acts like they don’t care about their life, they need a break and a way to relax. While it is normal to feel down sometimes, it shouldn’t become a regular occurrence. It is a sign that they are feeling unconnected, unengaged, and lack satisfaction.

Anyone can overcome these feelings with a break and a chance to relax, refocus, and reenergize. Then, the person can come back feeling better and more motivated.

14. They Become Increasingly Negative

Negative thoughts and comments are never a good sign. The negativity might be directed at themselves or those around them. Either way, it is a sure sign that a chance to relax is necessary.

You may notice angry outbursts, irritability, constant tension, or that they are cranky all of the time. Negativity is a sign of burnout, so it is essential to watch for this behavior to know when someone needs a break.

15. They Stop Taking Care of Themselves

If you notice that a person’s appearance has slipped, it is a sign that they are overwhelmed and stressed out. Letting their routine go seems easier when they have so much on their plate and haven’t had a break. Plus, they may stop caring about their appearance when they are constantly thinking about other things.

Final Thoughts on the Behaviors That Reveal Someone Needs to Take Time for Relaxation

Everyone needs a break and time for relaxation sometimes, which doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them. They can quickly become burnt out when they do too much and never take time for themselves.

The behaviors discussed above are sure signs that someone needs to take time for relaxation. Don’t let them get burnt out before you step in because things will likely worsen.

While you can’t ensure everyone is on the top of their game regarding their mental health, you can try your best to notice. If you recognize these behaviors in anyone around you, it would be helpful for you to suggest they take a break. It doesn’t mean they are weak or a failure, but instead, it means that they need time to take care of themselves.