Having a crush on someone is an exciting experience, but you likely have many questions. First, you must find out if an interesting prospective partner is available for a relationship. Being available could involve knowing if they are already in a relationship or if anything else is preventing it.

Sometimes, your crush might be unavailable, but not because they are in a relationship. Work commitments or simply not wanting a relationship can both prevent their availability, too. In this situation, you can decide if you want to keep trying anyway, but maybe it isn’t worth it to you.

These subtle ways to ask this intriguing individual if they are available can open up a line of conversation, too. Most importantly, though, you can find out if you are wasting your time. If they are open to a relationship, you will know that it is worth pursuing a relationship.

Finding out if your love interest is available early on can save you from embarrassment and disappointment. Plus, it can lead to a line of discussion that allows you to ask them on a date. The sooner you find out the romantic availability of your crush, the sooner you can move forward on forming a relationship.

Twelve Questions to Ask Your Crush to Find Out if They’re Available for Love

1. What are your biggest goals for the next year?

Without making it sound like a job interview, find out what your crush’s goals are for the year. Knowing their plans and the situation they see themselves in can help you decide if there is room for you in their life.

2. What do you like to do for fun or to relax?

When you are just getting to know your love interest, you probably don’t know what they like to do. This question is a good way to start a conversation and get some background information. If your crush is unavailable, this is normally when that information will become clear.

Your crush will either mention that they are in a relationship, or they won’t talk about a significant other at all. Or, your crush might start talking about things that make it clear they aren’t ready for a relationship at this point in their life.

3. How did you spend the weekend?

Asking how your love interest spent their weekend is the perfect way to find out if they are available. If they spent time with a partner, they’d likely mention them in the conversation. Plus, you can find out if they live a lifestyle that has space for a romantic relationship.

If they are a workaholic and work on the weekends and the weekdays, you must consider whether that is an option for you. The small details of your crush’s weekend can tell you so much about their availability.

4. Do you think a relationship is in your near future?

While you should generally avoid yes or no questions, this one is essential. If they can’t see themselves being open to a relationship, then you know right away that they are unavailable. It will help you save time, energy, and negative feelings along the way.

Your crush might only want a friendship right now, and forcing more won’t go well. So, if that isn’t something you can settle for, you must decide what to do. This simple question can give you all of the answers you need.

5. What are your plans for the holiday?

There is always a holiday coming up, even if it is still a few weeks out. If your crush is in a relationship already, they will likely have plans with their partner for the upcoming event. So, if they don’t mention plans with someone special, they might be available for love.

6. Why did your last relationship end?

Asking a question about their last relationship will mention if they are in a current relationship. Getting the basics out of the way in this regard is always essential when determining if your crush is available.

Even better, though, the answer to this question can help you figure out how your crush handles relationships. You can likely find out when the relationship ended, too. Knowing when it ended will help you nail down a timeline to figure out if they had time to get over their ex.

Then, when you find out why the relationship ended, you can gather much-needed insight. You can find out how your crush refers to their exes, and you will likely see any lingering hints of anger or bitterness. These small details will help you figure out their emotional availability.

This question will also likely reveal any negative aspects of your crush’s dating history. If their relationships ended for reasons that raise a red flag, make a mental note to think that over later.

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7. How has your dating search been going?

When you ask how their search has been going, they’ll likely open up about their thoughts on the topic. They might be unavailable if they’ve stopped looking because they aren’t interested. Likewise, if they’ve already found someone, they’ll let you know that, too.

This question is an easy way to get the conversation started. After they answer, you can ask some follow-up questions to get any other information you want. This conversation is perfect for finding out the romantic availability of your crush.

Another reason this is a great question to ask is you can find out how they handle their relationships. If you hear that they are pursuing multiple partners at once during their search, you might decide that competing isn’t what you had in mind.

8. Do you want to come with me to an event this weekend?

If you’re comfortable asking, this question is perfect if you have an upcoming event. First of all, it’s direct and could potentially get you precisely what you want. When it comes to finding out the romantic availability of your crush, though, it’s even better.

Depending on the event, it could require you to dress up. If that is the case, people will assume that the person you brought is your date. Your crush will realize this, so if they agree to come, it is a good sign that they are available.

9. Did you come here with someone?

Asking this question can quickly let you know if your crush might be single. If you’re at an event that many people bring a date to and you see them alone, use it as an opportunity to find out if they’re available. By asking if they came with anyone, they have a chance to tell you if they’re seeing someone.

 10. Why are you still single?

Used in the correct context, this question can be a way to find out if someone is romantically open. They can either explain the problems going wrong in their dating life or say they aren’t looking for anyone right now. Either way, you can get the information that you need.

11. I didn’t recognize the person you were with when I saw you the other day. Is it your partner?

Casually ask this question the next time you see your crush if you saw them out with someone. It will clear the air on their availability while making it look like you’re just curious. Your crush will either tell you about their partner or explain that the person was just a friend.

12. Did you celebrate with your partner?

If your crush just had a birthday, got a promotion, or had another event that deserves celebration, this is the perfect question. This question is your crush’s chance to say whether or not they are already romantically involved. Plus, they will tell you who they celebrated with, giving insight into who they are closest to.

If your crush says they didn’t celebrate at all, it opens up another line of discussion. You could always suggest that you help that special person celebrate and make a plan to do something fun together.

Final Thoughts on Things to Ask Your Crush to See If They’re Available for Love

As you experience the excitement of having a crush, use these questions to gather information. You can find out if they are romantically available while getting to know them better at the same time. The questions are subtle and casual enough that you won’t have to be embarrassed by the answer.

The sooner you find out if your love interest is available, the better things will work out. You won’t become as emotionally involved if you know they are unavailable ahead of time. Plus, if they are open, you can spend more time working on pursuing the relationship.

The best-case scenario from this line of questioning is that you land a date with your crush. Otherwise, at least you will know an essential thing there is to know at this point. If you didn’t know how to ask, these questions would help you get the answers you need.