Psychologists Explain 6 Gestures That Reveal A Man Is In Love With You

Psychologists Explain 6 Gestures That Reveal A Man Is In Love With You

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Are you dating someone who leaves you feeling unsure as to his true intentions? Maybe he’s not very open about his feelings of affection, or perhaps he’s not much of a showy guy. These signs can make you worried that he doesn’t love you.

But words aren’t the only way to show affection, and many times, gesturess play just as significant a role in showcasing love.

Psychologists Explain 6 Gestures That Reveal A Man Is In Love With You

1.    He’s Willing To Work Through Problems

Every relationship experiences problems, such as conflict, difficult times, and rough life events that you will weather together. It can take a lot of strength to decide to push through despite those problems. So if the man in your life is willing to do so, it’s likely because he cares deeply for you and loves you. Here are some signs of this:

·         He’s Willing To Compromise

Compromise is one of the most crucial ingredients to a positive relationship. A man who happily participates in the give and take and tries to find a win-win solution, even at the expense of what he fully wants, is one who loves you. He wants to make it work with you, and he wants you to be as happy as possible with the outcome of disagreements.

·         He’ll Talk About The Issues You Both Face

Without communication, relationships die an early death. This man wants to love you for a long time if he’s willing to discuss problems together. Your man is open about how he feels, he listens to how you feel, and he doesn’t shy away from working with you to better understand each other’s perspectives.

·         He Doesn’t Expect You To Be Perfect

Let’s face it. No one’s perfect. You’re going to make your fair share of mistakes too. But he doesn’t use these things against you. He communicates what he feels about the things you’ve done, and you’re able to talk about them so you can take steps to improve yourself. He’s in love with all of you – the good and the bad.

·         He Doesn’t Freak Out At Your Problems

Got some skeletons in your closet? He doesn’t care. He listens, he tries to understand, and he respects your past. This gesture means he loves you, and what’s most important to him is the here and now.

2.    He Shows It In Subtle Body Language

Some men aren’t very verbally open about their feelings, especially when you haven’t reached a stage in your relationship where that would be preferable. That’s why nonverbal communication is just as crucial in getting a more accurate, positive idea of a man’s feelings. Here are some signs to look out for:

·         Raised Eyebrows

This gesture is an unconscious gesture that will happen when a man sees or hears something pleasing. They will discreetly raise and lower.

·         Staring

Do you catch him staring at you when he thinks you’re not looking, especially with a particularly loving expression in his eyes? If he does this even when you’re doing unremarkable things or not all dolled up, he might be in love!

·         Eye Contact

A man who makes eye contact with you may be trying to flirt with his eyes, or he may be completely engrossed in what you’re saying. Either way, they’re good signs!

·         Pupil Dilation

If you’re looking into his eyes and notice that his pupils are large and dilated, he’s attracted to you. This effect is because dopamine, a positive love hormone, effects iris size. (Oxytocin does so too!)

·         Big Smiles

A man who is in love will have an amazingly genuine smile that seems to speak of more than just humor. A giant smile from ear to ear when he sees you indicates he’s falling head over heels!

·         Mirroring

Mirroring is a widespread form of body language that shows interest. When someone is infatuated, their subconscious picks up on the object of their affection’s actions, causing them to mimic those movements.

·         Leaning In

When a man leans in when you speak, he is giving in to a subconscious desire to be closer to you. It also shows that he is genuinely 100% interested in what you have to say.

3.    He Finds Excuses To Touch You

Touch is a prevalent way that men show their attraction to someone. So if he’s (respectfully) finding ways to touch you in what seems like subtle ways, he could be in love! Here are some things to clue you in:

·         He Plays With Your Hair

Playing with your hair is flirtatious and showcases a fun-loving side. A man who is playing with your hair is trying to get across the fact that he’s into you. It’s not discreet anymore; it’s outright flirting!

·         He Discreetly Touches Your Hands Or Legs

When you’re interacting, he will lightly touch your hand, arm, or leg. Often, men perform these small actions to encourage the person they like to reciprocate. He’s showing you that you can do the same to him – or more!

·         He Seems To Enjoy Playing With Your Hands. 

When the two of you are out on a stroll, he makes sure to brush your hands with his regularly, whether intentionally or just because he happens to be walking that close.

When he openly holds your hand, he seems to play with your hands and fingers almost absentmindedly. He makes sure to find an excuse to hold your hand often so that he can do it again and again.

·         He’s Constantly Trying To Get Closer

This man will find any reason to get closer to you. He sits right next to you whenever he can. He reaches out to touch you often. He wants to cuddle or hold your hand whenever you’re together. If he’s not in love by now, he’s definitely getting there!

4.    He Is Open With You

Sure, it’s a bit of a stereotype, but many men don’t feel very secure about opening up regarding their emotions. Plus, a relationship automatically makes both parties more vulnerable. So if a man is happy being open with you in spite of possible rejection, then he’s willing to take a big leap to see if you love him, too.

Besides, a man who can see a future with you is going to be more open about his issues, feelings, and deepest troubles. He wants you to know who he is – and he wants to know who you are, too.

5.    He Does Things For You 

To drop everything and do something for another person indicates genuine caring and love. It means that he considers you more important than everything else in his life – unless it’s something unavoidable, of course.

This gesture means that he will not complain about you being a burden. He won’t scoff and leave you be when you’re in dire need of aid. He won’t brush off your emotions, difficulties, and negative moments and tell you to use positive thinking and handle it on your own.

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