Opening yourself up to the endless possibilities in life means you will attract abundance from the universe. When you place limitations on yourself and doubt your abilities, it leaves you paralyzed with fears. To embrace everything the world offers, you must let go of this negativity and believe in yourself.

Sadly, many learn from parents and peers to live according to a prescribed plan and never stray from normalcy. But it would help if you remembered that no one can define you except yourself. No person on earth can make you feel inferior without your consent. You get to make up the rules on how you will live and what opportunities you’ll explore.

Your thoughts and actions make up who you are, so practicing positive thinking is essential. If you let go of self-perceived limitations and believe in the power of the universe, you can achieve anything. Learn more about the importance of letting go of negativity below.

Why You Should Shift Your Thinking From Negative to Positive


Even in the darkest times, there’s always room for encouragement and hope that things will turn out well. When you live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, it keeps blessings from reaching you. Have you ever heard the saying, “You can never live a positive life with a negative mind?” Truer words have never been spoken because your thoughts create your reality.

Focusing so much on everything going wrong in life only attracts more of those experiences to you. However, if you learn to believe in possibilities and see the world through childlike eyes, you’ll start noticing the clouds in your mind dissipating. People view the world differently because of their upbringing, habits, and thinking patterns. While we can’t change our past, we can alter our routines and mindsets to release negativity and become more positive.

For instance, practicing positive affirmations and loving kindness meditation have increased well-being for many. People who utilize these techniques open up their energy fields to the possibility of love and bliss. When you close yourself off from life, you can’t experience anything beyond doubt, fear, and barriers between yourself and others.

The only way to let go of this negativity involves looking deep within yourself and removing the obstacles keeping you from love. We all have these barriers, to some extent, due to societal programming and childhood trauma. But we’re not meant to live in such a restrictive, depressing manner. Our brains are wired to experience blissful union with the divine, so we need only peel back the layers shrouding our souls.

Trust the Universe to Open You to New Possibilities and Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs

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On a smaller scale, embracing joy and love will make your daily life flow effortlessly. For instance, most people experience blockages in their energy field that cause frustration and confusion. But when you live in the present moment and surrender to the universe, beautiful things happen, and more possibilities become available.

You start seeing yourself as a light being, capable of anything and free from self-defeating thoughts. Instead of seeing the world as a problem to solve, you can live from moment to moment without feeling the need to change things. You’ll stop worrying about the whole world and only focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

We’ve come here to learn lessons and spread love to each other by living harmoniously with the universe. The only reason we can’t experience that feeling comes from past karma and the illusion that we’re separate from each other. But this illusion dissipates when you get in touch with your soul, beyond the body and mind.

As you have probably noticed, many people today have forgotten what’s possible with a positive mindset. News programs and social media accounts have become inundated with negative, destructive language and information. We must learn to move past fears and primal instincts if we want to explore the vast possibilities in the universe. Our human nature wants us to preserve ourselves, but our spiritual self longs to break free of these limitations.

We’re much more than the mind and body, but we can only know this by surrendering to infinite possibilities. The universe doesn’t want us to live in turmoil and anxiety for eons and neglect our divine nature. When you doubt yourself and your place here, remember that you’re already perfect and don’t need to prove anything. You only need to remove the layers between you and the infinite to realize the possibilities within you.

Ways to Practice Letting Go of Negativity

In addition to positive affirmations and meditation, you can explore other methods to clear your mind. Here are a few examples:

  • Let go of the need for control. We’ve lost touch with our intuition and become too logical in the modern world. This reliance on reasoning has made us overly controlling and rigid in our actions. By surrendering to a higher power, you can remove this burden from your soul and feel freer.
  • Live in the present moment. More than ever, we need mindfulness and patience in our lives. Studies show mindfulness can improve mental health, increase focus, and lower cortisol levels. After all, where else can you be but the here and now? Reminding yourself of this simple fact makes it much easier to remain rooted in the present.
  • Put yourself first. Don’t feel guilty about practicing self-care and making time for healing. You can’t explore the endless possibilities that come from self-development if you don’t do the work. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish; it’s the greatest act of love you can offer yourself.


Final Thoughts on Learning to Embrace Possibilities and Release Negativity

Have you ever wanted to experience more possibilities in life but didn’t know where to start? The human journey can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming, and throwing in the towel is easy. But when you subscribe to negative thinking, it prevents the flow of love and bliss from reaching your soul. Only by remembering your divine nature through meditation and surrendering to the universe can you experience these possibilities.