You can’t choose who you love. There’s a force that’s chemical, biological, or on some other level that brings you together. Some people will attract you while others are not your cup of tea. But the main thing you must remember is to look past the physical to uncover the positive traits on the inside. Physical beauty fades, but a caring, kind heart can help build a lifelong love.

While you can’t choose the attraction, you can choose who you love. Love is a choice that goes far beyond feelings as there’s commitment and much more involved. Before you fall head over heels in love with someone, you must consider if they have the personality traits that you desire in a person.

Everyone wants an individual who maintains the highest caliber of character, but this kind of person isn’t always easy to find. So many people turn to a list to see if the potential suitor checks the boxes.

22 Positive Traits to Seek in a New Partner

Even the best relationships are challenging. No relationship is without its share of troubles, regardless of how things look on social media. There will be times when you are angry, feel unloved, and have your feelings hurt.

It would help if you found a partner who will work with you in the good and bad times. How you handle conflict is a good indication of whether you’ll stay together long term. What are the things that you most desire in a partner? Here’s a list of some positive traits you should consider.

Positive Traits The Keep Your Love Alive

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1 – An Excellent Sense of Humor

Life is challenging, so you need someone who can make you laugh. When you have a good sense of humor, you can handle whatever life throws your way. Find someone who does mundane chores, like going to the grocery store, fun. When you find an individual with a sense of adventure, life will always be exciting.

2. Maturity

You don’t want to have a relationship where one person is the adult and the other acts like a child. One of the positive traits you should look for is someone who’s matured and can be an equal partner, not someone you must parent.

3. Empathetic

Life is hard, and you want a partner who understands what you’re going through. This person is caring and will offer you a shoulder to cry on when you need it most.

4. Radiates Positivity

The world around you is hostile, so you need someone full of positivity. They see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. They can help you keep things in perspective when you might be tempted to be pessimistic.

Positive Traits That Reveal Willingness to Work as a Team

These are the habits and signs of someone with a strong moral compass.

5. Trustworthy

One of the positive traits that help to establish your relationship is trust. Why would you want to be with your partner if you can’t trust them? The person you choose to share your secrets with should be trustworthy, or they will tell your secrets to everyone they know.

6. Charitable

You don’t have to be a philanthropist to be charitable. If you like to give back by helping in soup kitchens and volunteering, you want someone who equally shares your passions. A caring and unselfish person needs someone who shares their vision for helping others.

7. Independent

An independent spirit is one of the positive traits that most people don’t list. However, if you have a dependent person in a relationship, it’s a recipe for disaster. You want someone secure enough within themselves that they don’t need you to be at their side 24×7. They can have friends and interests outside you, and it’s okay to maintain your individuality.

8. Flexibility

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was predictable? Unfortunately, life is ever-changing, and you need a person who embraces times of change. A partner who doesn’t fall apart at every shifting wind benefits you in many ways.

Positive Traits That Predict a Successful Romance


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9. Willing to Give and Receive Unconditional Love

There will be days when you’re not a nice person, and there will be times when you’re cruel. Your moods will fluctuate due to the season of life you face, but when you have someone who can show you love unconditionally, you’ve found a gem indeed.

10. Kindness

A kind person will help a senior citizen load groceries in their car at the supermarket. They will hold the door for the next person at the mall and ensure that your vehicle is toasty for you on a cold winter morning. Having someone kind means they consider the other person and not just themselves.

11. Sets Boundaries

Everyone has boundaries they set as guidelines in their life. A partner with positive traits will understand that your limitations are essential. They won’t try to cross your perimeters and don’t expect you to cross theirs.

Positive Traits That Show You’re on the Same Page

12. Good Communication

One of the positive traits that you can’t live without is good communication. Being able to talk with the one you love is not negotiable. When communication is lacking in a relationship, it leaves room for misunderstandings.

13. Acceptance of Other Relationships

Taking on a partner means that they also develop relationships with your friends and family members. You need a person accepting of those in your inner circle, and they don’t try to separate you from them.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, people with narcissistic personality disorder have a tough time with relationships because they’re deceptive. They will try to take you away from family and friends so they can manipulate and use you to their advantage. You want to steer clear of these types of people.

Positive Traits That Make the Initial Attraction Last

14. Good Hygiene

Sure, putting hygiene on a list of things to seek in a partner sounds silly. However, if you’ve dated someone with poor hygiene, you would understand why it’s here. Taking care of your body should come naturally, and when someone’s hygiene is lacking, it reflects on you.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, someone with poor hygiene often has mental illness behind it. People who are depressed or dealing with other mental issues don’t feel like taking care of themselves. This type of self-neglect is pretty overwhelming to deal with in a partner.

15. Likes to Have Fun

One of the best positive traits to have in a person is that they like to have fun. Life certainly would be boring if there were nothing fun in the mix. While a sense of humor is a good thing, you also want someone who knows how to be adventurous and free-spirited at times.

16. Same Goals

While a caring partner who radiates positivity is impressive, you also want someone going in the same direction. It doesn’t matter if they’re attractive and make tons of money if you’re going in opposite directions. Perhaps you want to dedicate your life to giving back, and your partner only cares about making climbing the corporate ladder. It’s easy to see that this situation can be very troublesome.

Positive Traits That Prove Emotional Intelligence

17. Affectionate

You need someone to throw their arms around you and let you feel their love. Affection is something that happens outside of the bedroom. You want a person who loves you and isn’t afraid to hug, kiss, or hold your hand in public. Affection is one of those positive traits that relationships need to thrive.

18. Forgiving

You don’t want to share your life with someone who isn’t forgiving. This person must learn to forgive themselves when they fail and others. Forgiveness is admirable because it shows that they realize no one is perfect.

Positive Traits That Bind Couples Together for Life

19. Truthful

Part of positivity and maintaining a good relationship is being honest. No one wants to be with a person who is always telling lies. You can’t trust someone dishonest, so why would you want to be in a relationship with them?

20. Faithfulness

One of the essential things in a relationship is faithfulness to one another. Not every person on this earth can be monogamous. Some people can’t imagine themselves tied down to one person for life. Having someone who will be faithful to you even in the face of temptation is priceless.

Positive Traits That Display a Desire to Succeed

21. Strength of Character

Do you want a person who falls apart during a crisis? There will be times when you fall to pieces, and you will need someone there to help you up when you stumble. Having someone who is a pillar of strength is one of the positive traits you need in your partner.

22. Compatibility

Either you will click well together, or you won’t. There’s no way that you can work on your compatibility once you’re together. Some people attract each other like moths to a flame, while others tend to disgust one another. Find someone who you’re compatible with, and there’s attraction.

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Final Thoughts on Valuing Positive Traits in a New Partner Along With Physical Attraction

After examining this list, what positive traits are essential to you? Is a caring person high on your list, or do you prefer someone who is worldly and has a sense of adventure? Finding the best person for you isn’t always easy, but you must ensure you never settle for second best just because the right one hasn’t come along.