10 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

10 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

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Positive affirmations help us rewire our brains. Though the world can be draining, creating a habit of saying these affirmations and truly believing them will allow us to accomplish anything we want in life.

Ten Powerful Positive Affirmations

Wherever you may be in your journey to accomplish your goals, don’t lose sight of them. Use the following 10 affirmations to help you stay inspired as you go throughout your life.

Positive Affirmations to Live By

1. I am capable of greatness.

Whether you believe this statement initially or not, repeating this affirmation over and over will shift your mindset.

We are all capable of achieving every dream that we have.

The first step in achieving these dreams is believing that you can. The only way to push yourself towards this greatness is to stir the flames of the belief that you can do it.

Regardless of whatever resources you begin with, telling yourself that you are capable of anything you set your mind to will completely change the way that you pursue your goals.


2. I love myself and accept myself for everything that I am.

Loving one’s self is a lifelong journey.

That being said, oftentimes we want to withhold this self-love until we become the best version of ourselves.

This isn’t beneficial to your growth as you should love yourself wherever you are in life.

We are all works in progress and will spend the rest our lives growing.

Find out who you are in this moment and love that person. Whatever you may like or dislike about yourself should never change the love that you have for yourself.

Everything about you is deserving of love.

3. My mind is sharp, my soul is peaceful, and my body is strong.

These types of positive affirmations speak to your mind, body, and soul.

Every part of your life must be in balance for you to truly be at peace with who you are.

You are in control of how you feel and you should be intentional about this through the positive affirmations you tell yourself.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, you can take control of your situation by speaking truth to them.

Telling yourself that your mind is sharp, your soul is peaceful, and your body is strong (even if you don’t feel that way at the moment), will allow you transition into feeling like this.

By speaking this into your life, you’ll eventually find these statements to be true.

4. I can do anything.

A lot of times, most of us feel that we can accomplish certain things in our lives, if only we had more of something.

Whether it’s more money, more education, more professional experience, or anything similar, most people end up holding themselves back from moving forward in life because they believe they need to wait before they can begin.

The best way to start going after a goal is to do it. It doesn’t matter what resources you have—you can do anything just as you are with what you have now.

These positive affirmations encourage you to use the energy, strength, mental stamina, and resources you have right now to get started. 

5. Everything that happens to me is for the greater good.

Positive affirmations like this one show you that everything in life is working together for your greatest good.

Certainly, good things and bad things can happen in life, but that’s life.

We must accept both the good and the bad as we work to become stronger people. It’s important not to victimize yourself when bad things happen.

Say this affirmation to yourself and apply it to your life, regardless of what happens. Everything that you go thought serves to make you a stronger person.

Positive affirmations like this one teach you that everything happens for a reason.

6. I choose what I want to happen for myself.

You are the creator of your life.

You are in control of what happens in your life: you choose what friends you have, what work you do, how you spend your time, and what long-term goals to work towards.

Starting the day with this type of affirmation allows you to set the tone for the day. Everything that you do throughout the day will work to further create the life you are building.

If you don’t like the direction your life is heading, it is your responsibility to change it. As you are the architect of your life, you can choose to change your life any time you see fit.

7. I am letting go of the hurt I’ve felt in my past.

Things that have hurt you in the past should stay in the past.

Certainly, healing takes time, but if you are still burdened by past events, it’s time to start letting go.

There’s a reason the old saying explains that holding on to past hurt is akin to taking poison hoping the other person gets sick. The only person that is being hurt from this anger and unforgiveness is you. 

Holding onto the pain you’ve felt in the past will only keep you in the past.

Replaying these events in your head will prevent you from growing into the best version of yourself.

Once you’ve made the choice to forgive, release the hurt you feel and decide to use this experience as a lesson as you move forward in life.

Use these following tips to help you let go of past hurt:

1. Choose to let go.

Making the decision is the first step in letting things go. Though you may still feel hurt, make a conscious effort to let go.

This means avoiding replaying these things in your head and choosing to let the past become the past.

2. Express your pain.

Expressing what you feel is part of the process. If you feel pain, experience it.


Feel the hurt—cry about it, write out your feelings, or talk to a friend. However, you choose to express these feelings, getting out all of these emotions is essential to moving past your pain.

3. Don’t victimize yourself.

Part of moving on from the past is choosing to avoid being a victim. At the heart of the situation, you may have been wronged, but it’s time to stop holding onto those feelings.

You are no longer a victim—you’re a survivor.

You came out of this stronger and are going to carry that strength with you for the rest of your life.

Now that you’ve let go, these events, this trauma, and the victimizer has no power over you anymore. You’re in control again.

8. I can conquer any challenges that come before me.

Your abilities are limitless.

Sure, life will throw curveballs your way, but you are capable of handling all of them.

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