Emily, an adventure and pet lover, takes pet photography to new heights with her two dogs, Loki and Journey. She’s currently living in Germany where she explores the countryside with her furbabies, simply enjoying life. Her photos truly capture the magic and love that dogs bring to life, and hopefully, you’ll think so too! Here’s the story of the trio that’s transforming the world of pet photography.

“I am originally from Australia, as is Loki, and we flew over to Europe about 4 years ago. We traveled for two years in our teeny-tiny little camper van and drove all around Europe,” Emily said. “And I’ve been taking photos the whole way through while we were traveling. Right towards the end, I decided to look into pet photography and set up my little business, and yeah, that’s us!”

Meet Loki and Journey, the Stars of the Business

Loki’s almost eight now, and Emily says he’s really come into his own. They’ve had an amazing time traveling and adventuring together in their tiny home on wheels. The two of them have seen mountains and lakes, and gotten to meet many incredible people along the way. She says he’s a pretty easy dog to get along with.

He’s a Border Collie, a breed that usually needs a moderate amount of exercise. However, Emily describes him as being “very happy to just relax and sleep.” When he’s not lounging around, he also loves to work, hike, paddle board, or whatever activity Emily wants to do.

“He just lives life and enjoys wherever we are or whatever we’re doing basically. Journey is still very young, he’s only two. He is really funny, he kind of lives life to cheer people up. He loves to carry leaves in his mouth and bounce with them and bash his little mouth against your hand because he’s so fierce with his tiny, little leaf,” Emily jokes.

“He’s got all this kind of young boy energy where he just wants to race everywhere all the time. But he’s also really sweet and sensitive. If I’m a bit upset or I’m having a hard day, he’s with me and he’s cuddling, he’s looking after, me so he’s a really good boy.”

Adventure Lover Takes Pet Photography to a Whole New Level

“The most interesting part of it for me is getting to meet lots of cool dogs along the way and their owners, and you know, trying to really capture their personalities and their stories in a photo,” Emily says. “I really like making photos that are more, I guess, artistic or kind of dramatic. So yeah, I love the challenge of creating photos that really speak about the dog, or that create some kind of fantastic story.”

Emily describes the creative process of taking pet photos as kind of a puzzle. She loves being in control of the pieces and how she portrays the story to her audience. She enjoys storytelling through writing books as well, but now, she’s put her energy into pet photography. Emily wants all her photos to make her audience stop and go ‘Wow! I’ve never seen a dog photo like that’ or ‘This is so magical’ or ‘This is so dreamy!’”

In the future, Emily hopes to continue growing her teaching business where she reveals the tricks of the trade in pet photography. It’s rewarding for her to show other pet owners how to capture beautiful photos of their dogs at her workshops. She’s love to set up retreats in the future where she can keep making connections in the pet world.

Learn Pet Photography Through Inspawration Photography School

Millions of people post photos of their pets to social media. However, if you’re truly wanting to create magical, professional photos, Emily can show you the way. She runs both online and in-person workshops where she teaches lighting, posing, style and more.

Or, if you’re not into taking your own pet photos, Emily also offers portrait packages. All that’s required is sending her the details and location, and she’ll capture your pet in ways you never thought possible!

“If you are serious about wanting to get into pet photography, then investing in education is the biggest thing. I think what keeps me motivated is continually trying to push the boundaries of what I can do and what is considered pet photography,” Emily says. “For me, it’s the biggest compliment if someone looks at one of my photos and goes, ‘I’ve never seen a pet photo like that before,’ or ‘I didn’t know pet photography could be like that.’”

Basically, she wants to keep pushing the envelope with pet photography, trying out new styles and props. This would include experimenting with lighting, using different creative lenses, or exploring new scenery.

“You know, pet photography doesn’t have to be a photo of a dog sitting in a field. It could be something really interesting, something different or it can capture some really special moment, or something unexpected. So, that’s what’s motivating me is just to continue finding new ways to do pet photography,” she says.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Emily’s journey traversing Europe with her two best friends. She believes it’s important to cherish every moment with our pets, as they’re with us for such a short time. Make sure to take a few photos of your pets, because you’ll savor those memories long after they’re gone.

Final Thoughts on Woman Adventurer Who Loves Taking Pet Photos

Nowadays, traveling with your pets has become the latest trend. Why not take them along for the ride and make some new memories with them, after all? Some people, like Emily, have even made a business doing pet photography while getting to travel the world. It’s a dream come true, and if you’re feeling called to this path, let Emily’s journey serve as your inspiration!

You can explore forests, mountains, and beaches with your furry friends at your side. It truly doesn’t get any better than that. Let us know which photo was your favorite in the comments!