Teaching your dog tricks is a fun way to hang out with your canine. Dogs love brain-stimulating activities. It’s fun to see them enjoy them. Anyone can teach their dog tricks. It takes patience and consistency…and lots of treats. Here are some cute dog tricks and techniques for you to teach your pup.

Why should you teach your dog tricks?

One of the best reasons to teach your dog cute tricks is that it’s fun for you and your dog. Canines, like humans, get bored. They enjoy spending time with their humans. Plus, they enjoy getting treats or lots of praise, motivating them to keep working. Never underestimate your dog. Shelter dogs can be some of the best dogs to teach dog tricks. If you know someone who wants a dog, show off your dog’s skills. Maybe you can even persuade them to adopt a shelter dog. Finally, when you’re training your dog, it gives them physical exercise. Obesity is a problem for dogs. Besides feeding them a healthy diet, exercise keeps your dog in shape. Doing dog tricks with them is a helpful way for them to stay in shape.


15 Cute Dog Tricks and How to Train Them

Here are some cute dog tricks to teach your pet. Please spend a few minutes running your furry friend through the tricks you teach them daily. This practice keeps them fresh in their mind, and it’s fun to see what they’ve learned.

1 – Shake

It’s a basic command, but it’s a cute way for your dog to greet guests. Have your dog sit. Tell them, “shake,” and gently pick up their paw. Give it a little shake. Give your dog lots of praise. Do this repeatedly. You can give your dog a treat when they lift their paw on their own. Keep praising them; they should shake on command after a few quick sessions.

dog tricks

2 – Give a kiss

Who doesn’t like a little doggie kiss? This trick is cute for kids. First, put a treat on your cheek. Give your dog the command to “give a kiss.” Keep doing this repeatedly until your dog does it without the treat on your cheek. This dog trick can help your dog stop licking you and instead give a little kiss. Give your dog lots of affirming praise along with pats on the head.

dog training

3 – Beg or sit up

You’ve probably seen cute small dogs begging. This trick is hard for bigger dogs, but small dogs learn this trick quickly. Gently lift your dog in a begging position while saying the command, “beg” or “sit up,” whichever you choose to call it. Give a treat. Do this repeatedly until your dog is begging on their own. Mix up praise and treats. This keeps your dog motivated to do the trick. Plus, it limits how many treats they get.

dog tricks

4 – Fetch

Canines enjoy the challenge of finding things. One idea is to put a slit in tennis balls and slip a few treats inside. Show your dog the ball and the joys. Then throw the ball and say, “fetch.” You may need to run with them to find the ball. Please give her a treat when she sees the ball. In no time, you’ll be able to provide the command, and they’ll run and get the ball.

Some dogs have a hard time letting go of the ball once they’re brought it to you. Keep a treat in your hand and say, “drop it.” Your dog will drop the ball, and you can pick it up as you give them the treat. Mix it up. Don’t give a treat every time. Sometimes pat your dog’s head, and provide them with a treat. This limits the number of treats they’re getting.

dog tricks fetch

5 – Turn around

This dog trick is adorable. Hold a treat near your dog’s nose and move in a circle so your dog turns around. Say, “turn around” as you do this. Repeat this trick, sometimes with a treat and sometimes without a treat. Keep your dog guessing. Soon they’ll be able to do the trick at your command.

dog training

6 – Bow

This trick involves your dog leaning down to the ground with the butt in the air. It’s a natural movement for dogs. Take a treat in your hand and hold it low while your dog is standing. Tell your dog “bow” You may need to lower your dog’s legs to get the proper position. It may take several tries before you and your dog figures out how to do this. Keep at it. Your dog will learn it with patience and lots of practice.

dog tricks

7 – Roll over

Dogs seem to learn to roll over quickly. Tell your dog to lie down. With a treat in your hand, guide your dog to roll over. They may stop but keep moving and give them the treat when they fully roll over. It may take a couple of tries, but your dog will get the point soon enough.

training your canine

8 – Play dead

If your dog has learned to roll over, they can learn this trick. When they’re lying down, tell them, “play dead.” You want them to roll on their side and stop moving. This takes practice because your dog may try to roll over. Just keep working with them. If your dog gets tired, take a break and just play with them. If you work them too hard at training, the tricks won’t be fun for them.

dog tricks



9 – High five

High fives are fun dog tricks. Dogs naturally raise their paws. It’s easy to teach this cute trick. So your dog doesn’t get confused. Teach high five with the opposite paw they use for shaking. Have your dog sit down. Give the command, “high five.” Gently lift the paw they don’t use to shake and high-five with your hand. Say, “high five” as you’re doing this. Your dog may seem confused, but keep doing it. Tell them “good job” when giving even a slightly lifted paw. Eventually, they’ll understand and do it on their own.

dog tricks

10 – Crawl

If your dog knows how to lie down on command, you can teach them to crawl. With a treat in your hand at your dog’s nose, say, “crawl” while dragging the treat along in front of your dog. Your dog will follow the treat. Give praise and repeat this until your dog does it on command without seeing a treat. You may need to drag your hand along the ground to motivate your dog to crawl, but they’ll eventually get it.

canine training

11 – Speak to me

This works better with some dogs than others. If your dog likes to bark, it could set off a barking session you didn’t intend. When your dog barks, use a command, “speak to me.” Give them praise and repeat this until your dog understands you tell them when to speak. This could help your dog not bark as much.

dog speak

12 – Stand

This is like begging, but it is a different command. Have your dog sit and then hold a treat at their nose. Gradually lift the treat upwards, and your dog will stand up to get it. Praise them and say, “stand.” Repeat the process using the command.

dog tricks

13 – Put away toys

Who doesn’t want their dog to put away toys? Please take one of your dog’s toys and throw it across the room. Your dog will fetch it and bring it back to you. Hold a treat over the toy basket and say, “put away your toys.” As your dog drops the toy into the basket, give them a treat. Repeat this until your dog naturally drops the toys into the toy basket on their own.

dog tricks

14 – Lie down

Ask your dog to sit. Tap the floor and say, “lie down.” You can gently pull your dog’s legs down, so they’re lying down. Praise them and give them a treat  Repeat this until your dog is lying down by themselves when they hear the command without you needing to pull their legs down.


15 – Wave

Have your dog sit. With a treat in your hand, keep your hand up as if you’re going to say, “shake.” Say, “wave,” and see if your dog lifts his paw. Give lots of praise even for the slightest effort. Some dogs keep their paws low but encourage your pooch to lift it higher by lifting a treat higher. You might get your dog to wave their paw back and forth with extra effort and patience.


Final thoughts on teaching Fido some cute dog tricks

Teaching your dog to do cute dog tricks is a great way to spend time with your canine. Dog training bonds you with your dog. They love the challenge of learning new things, and it keeps them from getting bored. Remember,  it takes lots of patience and practice for dogs to learn. Don’t overwork your dog. Make dog training fun. Take frequent breaks so they can romp with you on the grass. Before you know it, you’ll be able to show off your dog tricks with friends and family. And your dog will enjoy getting the praise and attention.