Do likes attract or do opposites make the best relationships? You probably know the type that you’re attracted to, but is that the perfect type for your personality? You know yourself at least a little by now, but how do you know what personality type would make the best partner for you?

If you know your own personality, you can begin to understand how certain personality types might be a more perfect match for yours than others. If you’re looking for the perfect relationship fit for your personality type, here’s how to find your perfect match.

The nine personality types listed here are based on the system of the Enneagram. The Enneagram system was developed in the 1960’s, but has its’ roots in ancient wisdom from South America and Asia.

What’s Your Perfect Relationship Based On Your Personality?

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The Nine Personality Types

The descriptions of the nine personality types of the Enneagram system are below but taking a quick quiz will help you to determine your type easily. Now that you know your own type, let’s find your perfect relationship match.

1. Reformer

The Reformer personality type is a perfectionist, or at least they want to make things better. In fact, they like their lives to be organized and they are very responsible.

The Reformer’s perfect personality match is the Individualist who can help the Reformer to break out of a rut. An Individualist will help you find unique ways to accomplish your goals. Avoid the Enthusiast unless you want a challenge in directing that boundless energy.

2. Helper

The Helper personality type needs to be needed. They are selfless and giving people who idealize love. The Helper remembers birthdays and special occasions with gifts and is always ready to help a friend in need.

The Helper’s perfect personality match is the Challenger who will defend and protect the Helper from overextending themselves. A Challenger will encourage a Helper to speak up. Avoid Individualists because they may tend to take advantage of Helpers.

3. Achiever

The Achiever personality type seeks success. They are hard working achievers who are focused on the next goal. Achievers want to be admired for their accomplishments. They tend to be extroverts.

The Achiever’s perfect personality match is the Enthusiast whose spontaneity will help the Reformer to have fun. Avoid the Peacemaker since they will seem lazy compared to an Achiever’s energy.

4. Individualist

As their name implies, the Individualist personality type doesn’t want to be like everyone else. They thrive on being unique and different.

The Individualist’s perfect personality match is a Reformer who can help them achieve their goal of being special. Avoid Helpers due to the potential for Individualists to become dependent.

5. Investigator

The Investigator personality type tends to be introverted and they prefer to read, write and express their thoughts. They appreciate intelligence and people that inspire them.

The Investigator’s perfect personality match is the Enthusiast since they can help break an Investigator out of their shell for a little more fun. Avoid the Challenger unless you enjoy debating with your partner.

6. Loyalist

Loyalists are not quick to trust other people. This personality type will be extremely loyal but they need others to prove themselves first. Once they feel comfortable, a Loyalist will be devoted to their mate.

The Loyalist’s perfect personality match is a Peacemaker who will put their mind at ease over worries about infidelity. This will be a long-term monogamous match. Avoid the Achiever who may make a Loyalist feel neglected.

7. Enthusiast

The Enthusiast personality type loves new adventures. They are energetic and like making plans. An Enthusiast is creative, open-minded. Besides that, this personality tends to be extroverted.

The Enthusiast’s perfect personality match is an Investigator who will bring just enough calming energy to the Enthusiast. The opportunities for learning that an Enthusiast will seek out are a good fit for the Investigator. Avoid the Reformer who will be too much of a controlling influence.

8. Challenger

A Challenger hates being controlled so they take control themselves. They are decisive, strong-willed, practical and energetic.

The Challenger’s perfect personality match is the Helper who will care for the Challenger’s high maintenance personality. A Helper can reduce stress for the Challenger when they take on too much. Avoid the Investigator since they can be seen as indecisive.


9. Peacemaker

The Peacemaker personality type avoids conflict and seeks harmony. They are somewhat introverted because they want to avoid anything that will disturb their peace of mind.

The Peacemaker’s perfect match is the Loyalist who will bring peace of mind to the Peacemaker. You know you can rely on them to be there when you need them. Avoid the Achiever who can be seen as too pushy and goal focused.

Indeed, understanding your own preferences is the best way to find the right match for yourself. When you know what you like, as well as what you won’t tolerate, you can find your perfect personality partner for your perfect relationship.