Happy couples have one common denominator–compatibility. If you’re not compatible with your partner, then you can’t expect that you’ll have a happy and healthy relationship. Just like your life, relationships go through phases.

Initially, you’re in the infant stage when it’s new and exciting. You’re learning and growing together and exploring the innermost parts of this person. As you’re together longer, you start to find out if you’re a good match and can keep going. If you’re incompatible, you’ll never reach the adult stage in your relationship.

Compatibility isn’t something one person must have, as it takes both parties to have these qualities to make a good connection. When your relationship is harmonious, you can live together, adapt to one another’s lifestyles, and be open to new ideas. If this crucial element is missing from your relationship, it can be disastrous.

Fifteen Signs of Compatibility

How do you know if your relationship has what it takes to make it for the long haul? Are you meant to be together? Here are some signs that indicate you’re compatible.


1. Compatible Partners Share Similar Interests and Goals

Compatibility means that you both have similar interests and goals. You’re both going in the same direction. Wouldn’t it be miserable if you went in one direction and your partner in another?

It’s often said that opposites attract. But how can you spend time together if you don’t like the same things? While you’re dreams and interests don’t have to mirror one another, they should at least be complementary.

2. Compatibility Means  You Are Free To Be Yourself

There are few things as bad as a fake person in a relationship. You want someone who allows you to be yourself without exception. You don’t have to change one thing when you’re with them.

You feel very free when you’re together. Compatibility means the freedom to think, speak, and be who you are. So many people are fake because they want to attract someone they believe is out of their league. Consequently, the foundation of your relationship must thrive on trust, and you must be honest with one another.

Many people turn to the internet to find love as their local options are limited. Interestingly, the Federal Trade Commission reported a loss of over $1.3 billion to romance scams in the past year.

Now, while your partner may be dating you in person and not on the internet, most people lure others with lies to make themselves seem more appealing. Individuals do this in real life and don’t need a screen to hide behind.

3. Minor Arguments Are Resolved Amicably Between Compatible Partners

It’s only natural for couples to have minor arguments. According to The University of Alabama, a couple who doesn’t have disagreements means that someone isn’t being honest. You can’t expect to always get along with someone who will do and say things that upset you.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is the ability to settle the conflict amicably. The argument doesn’t escalate to exchanging harsh words, childish behavior, and going without speaking for days. You don’t need a third party to step in to resolve things, as happy couples have enough respect for one another that they want to work it out.

4. Compatibility Includes Physical Appeal

While some folks think you shouldn’t base your relationship on looks, it’s usually what attracts you to this person initially. Being compatible with one another does require some physical attraction.

How can you develop feelings for someone who doesn’t appeal to you? Your attraction to one another helps to build a foundation that allows other things to follow.

5. You Become Family

The family lines seem to blur as you settle into a pattern of togetherness. You consider them part of your family unit, and no one better try to come between you two.

6. Compatible Partners Avoid Finger Pointing

It’s very childish for couples to play the blame game. Pointing fingers at one another are never the way to resolve anything. In an unhealthy relationship, one party refuses to take the blame for anything they’ve done wrong and is eager to point the finger at the other person.

This is a red flag for lack of compatibility and shows some selfish and manipulative behaviors under the surface.

7. Vulnerability Feels Safe Between Compatible Partners

When a relationship has a good foundation, you have no problems sharing your deepest thoughts and secrets. You know that no matter what you tell this person, it will not affect the relationship. Being vulnerable with one another is what makes happy couples, as you feel free enough to tell them anything.

8. You Prioritize Your Relationship

In a relationship, you must be each other’s top priority. You will often put your partner’s needs above yours, and their satisfaction and happiness are essential to you. When you’re compatible, you want to make each other feel loved and meet your needs.

compatible partners

9. Never Ashamed of One Another

When you’re compatible and find the one you long to be with, you’ll be proud to be with them in public. You’re never embarrassed or want to stay home to avoid being seen, as you want to show them to the world.

10. You Don’t Try to Change One Another

It’s a trainwreck when you go into a relationship with the idea that you can change someone. If you’re compatible, you accept each other for their weaknesses and strengths.

You don’t try to change one another, as this can create a toxic atmosphere. Happy couples learn to embrace their differences.

11. Similar Philosophies or Core Values

Having a partner who was raised with similar values and morals is helpful. However, even if you don’t have these similarities, you can see things from a standard lens. When you don’t understand one another, it causes endless misunderstandings.

Suppose you never went to college and feel that paying all that money for education is a waste of money. Consequently, your partner thinks that a college education is non-negotiable. When it comes to parenting, how will you raise your children regarding future schooling?

This situation could cause many arguments, especially as every person wants their kids to do great things. Thankfully, you both can work through these differences by looking at each other’s points. You see a way to work through what might be massive issues and tear some people apart.

12. Compatibility Means You Are Patient With One Another

It’s often said that patience is a virtue, but it’s vital when it comes to relationships. If you’re not patient with one another, it causes significant issues. An inpatient partner is a red flag of incompatibility.

When someone shows traits of being impatient, they push you along like everything is in a hurry. They expect you to move mountains, while in many instances, they won’t lift a finger. These people often have unrealistic expectations of their partners, and many have selfish or narcissistic tendencies.

13. Compatible Partners Are Willing to Sacrifice for One Another

One piece of chocolate cake is left, so you offer it to your partner because you want them to have it. Sure, you want that cake so bad you can taste it, but you prefer them over yourself. Love is never selfish, and it always comes with great sacrifice.

You may give up your dream home on the side of town you love because you want to be closer to work. Your partner wants six kids as they grew up in a big family, but they will settle for two because you don’t want that many children. Relationships are all about compromise and sacrifices, but when there’s compatibility between the two of you, it just seems to work out.

14. You Grow Together

Compatibility means growth. A couple doesn’t start at 25 years old and remains in the same spot in life at fifty. You grow together in many aspects, which include financial, spiritual, and otherwise.

Healthy relationships cause you to want to be better and do more. If you’re not growing together, you’re growing apart.

15. Compatibility Breeds Greater Trust

If you’re ever in the presence of happy couples with compatibility, you will notice the trust between them. They know that their partner isn’t going to say or do anything that would upset them.

They respect one another and know those proverbial boundaries that are so important. The love of a compatible couple is absolute and concrete.


Final Thoughts on Compatibility and a Happy, Healthy Romantic Relationship

The key to a successful relationship is compatibility. All relationships take plenty of hard work but knowing if you’re compatible from the start is helpful. Why put all this work into someone when you’re not going to make it anyway?

So many people focus on the physical aspects and the three words that make your heart swoon: “I love you.” However, they miss the most important things. After the romance is done and the words have been spoken, if you have nothing in common, it’s challenging to make things work. It’s undoubtedly better to find out if you’re compatible sooner rather than later, so you don’t waste time with the wrong one.