As you gaze into the night skies decorated with endless stars, you may feel small and insignificant. The earth’s solar system is one of possibly billions of more galaxies in the spanning universe. However, the same Universe that created the stars whispers lovingly to your heart, especially before a personal growth phase.

You’re part of something greater than you could ever imagine. You don’t need to be religious or even believe in such things for this voice to speak to your heart. It’s pure light and love, and it believes in you.

Have you ever been thinking of someone you haven’t seen in years, and you suddenly get a call from them? Perhaps you’ve had a strange feeling that you shouldn’t take a trip and later find your delay saved your life? It’s that still voice in your heart that’s gently trying to get your attention.

Your Cosmic Connection

There’s nobody in this world exactly like you, nor will there ever be. Even as a tiny speck on a planet twirling through space and time, the Universe knows you by name. It knew you before the galaxies took shape, and it has your best interest at heart.

Isn’t it reassuring to realize that the Source of All can tenderly light the paths to your best life? Your inner voice can provide valuable guidance as you enter a personal growth phase. The Universe will never overstep your free will, but it’s present as a kind mentor showing you the right paths.

personal growth phase
Spiritual Growing Pains

According to a guide published by the BBC, living organisms have specific characteristics that distinguish them from nonliving things. These include movement, reproduction, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, respiration, and growth. To be alive, you must grow.

Humans are a composite of body, mind, and spirit, and each of these facets experiences growth. First, your body matures from an infant to a child, and later you turn into an adult. During this physical growth, you learn and experience things that provide maturation to your mind and emotions.

You also grow spiritually as you realize your eternal connection with the Divine. Remember when you were a kid and began to experience unexplained aches and pains in your joints and bones? You may have thought you were dying, but your parents assured you it was typical growing pains.

As your bones, muscles, and organs got larger and more robust, it was uncomfortable and often painful. The same process is true for spiritual growth. As you enter a personal growth phase, you feel the tug from growing toward the Light.

It can be painful to access your belief system and toss things that no longer work for you. However, purging negativity is good for you and an essential part of growth.

The Universe is Sending These Eight Signs

Just as your parents patiently explained your growing pains, the Universe wants to reassure you of spiritual growth discomforts. These may rend your heart and plunge your soul into temporary despair, but you’ll be fine. On the other side of the pain, your spiritual maturity will be your trophy.

Wouldn’t it be a blessing if you were warned of these inevitable growth spurts in advance? It’s possible when you’re in tune with your inner voice and follow its subtle cues. Here are eight ways the Universe may be signaling a personal growth phase.

1. Your Gut Feelings are Off

Did you know that your nervous and digestive systems are linked? According to an article published by the Harvard School of Medicine, emotions like joy, anger, anxiety, and sadness have a direct effect on your gut. Negative emotions may be a motivation for digestive issues.

Listen to your gut if you’re experiencing a dizzy feeling in your stomach and everything seems off. The Universe works with your body systemically to get your attention. A season for personal growth may be in your near future.

2. You Have More Problems Than Usual

It’s impossible to live without problems because they challenge you and provide maturity. Nobody goes a day without some irritation or upset that requires rationalization and action. However, you may be experiencing more challenges lately than usual.

While many problems are typical or of your own creation, some may stop you in your tracks. It’s these times that the Universe is encouraging you to take a breath and reconsider your path. Personal growth phases can take you to higher levels of understanding and capabilities.

3. You May Receive Negative Omens

The Divine works in signs and symbols that are specific to each person. What you may perceive as an ominous warning may be disregarded by your friend. Having a working relationship with the Universe is the best way to hone your intuition.

Maybe you see an unexplained ripped page in your journal, or your winding clock has mysteriously stopped. It might seem like poltergeist activity to some, but perhaps these signs aren’t adverse at all. Maybe the Universe is telling you that your present occupation is changing by a personal growth phase.

4. You Feel Rather Clumsy Lately

Did you ever think that you were born with all thumbs or could trip over your own feet? Clumsiness is human and is often the product of a preoccupied mind. Remember how awkward you felt as a teenager?

The classic teen clumsiness is understandable when you consider all the changes in their bodies and emotions. Likewise, you may have irritating cases of butterfingers, trips, and bumps preceding a personal growth phase in adulthood.

personal growth phase
5. Your Sleep Schedule Becomes Erratic

What could be more refreshing than awakening after a healthy night’s sleep? If you are tossing and turning all night, you pay the price in the morning. You feel sore, grumpy, and in blinding brain fog that coffee can’t dissipate.

While you’re watching the clock tick away another sleepless night, what’s on your mind? The Universe speaks with the softness of angel wings and a titanium strength that leads you through personal growth changes. Listening and following may help you return to the deep sleep your body needs.

6. Hurry Up and Wait

Patience is a virtue that everyone wants right now. It’s the prevailing concept fueled by a drive-through mentality and instant gratification. However, many valuable lessons are gathered by slow and steady persistence.

Before you can experience a personal growth spurt, the Universe may signal you to get out of the fast lane, breathe, and think. How will you notice the most beautiful lessons that fade in the blur if you rush through your life? You may see unusual delays or wrenches in your plans as a way of the Universe tapping your shoulder to get your attention.

7. Signs of the Time

Remember that the Universe often will seek your attention by using signs and patterns. Some of these may be specific to you, such as a significant number or word. While the Universe will rarely write your message in black and white, it may use another person to deliver what they need you to know.

Think about some of the unusual patterns that recently keep appearing. Maybe it’s a specific number, or you keep seeing monarch butterflies in many places you go. Is it a coincidence, or is this repeating pattern a warning to look upward?

Personal growth changes don’t always happen at once. They can be gradual and can catch you off guard. Realize that they are an essential part of your maturity process. The signs and patterns you see are reflections of the Universe, and it’s possibly trying to get your attention.

8. You May Feel a Disconnect

Have you ever been irritated by a lightbulb that continually flickers? It’s probably because it needs to be tightened and connected with the electrical socket better. When life’s struggles have shaken you to the core, you may feel a disconnect from the Universe.

Acknowledging this disconnect is your first step to revitalizing your spirit and benefiting from a personal growth phase. Do you feel more annoyed than usual and snap at your family and friends? Your disharmony makes you feel uneasy, and the Universe is gently guiding you back on course.

Sometimes, you don’t want to be around anyone, and you retreat to your sacred place. Use this time to reflect, heal, and reconnect with your inner voice. Your maturity will manifest in better feelings and more confidence in your relationships.

personal growth phase
Final Thoughts on the Universe and Your Personal Growth Phase

It’s comforting to know that you were never meant to journey alone in this life. The Universe overshadowed you before you were born and will be at your side until you step into eternity. It can signal a personal growth phase, bringing you through as a stronger and wiser person.

Sadly, many people miss the signals or ignore them because they don’t realize what’s happening. Connecting with love and light and your spiritual beings can enhance your life and those around you. So don’t be so eager to dismiss strange occurrences or growing pains as bad luck, as it may be a gentle nudge from the heavens directing you.