15 Traits a People Person Displays Without Realizing It

15 Traits a People Person Displays Without Realizing It

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Are you a social butterfly, or do you shy away from crowds? Sociable people create lively conversation and adventuresome friendships. They always seem to be bubbly and ready to have fun. These folks have several traits that make them crowd lovers.

Extroversion is the need to relate to others best in a group situation. Introversion personalities are usually loners and only interact with others on an as-needed basis. You may see yourself in one personality or a mixture of traits.

First, you needn’t be ashamed if you’re an introvert. You’re still just as intelligent, gifted, and compassionate as a friendly person. Introverts need more solitude to recharge themselves.

According to an article published in Psychology Today, Dr. Carl Jung designated the introversion and extroversion personality types. However, Jung believed that most people were ambiverts, meaning they could be either.

Do you prefer to be friends with an introvert or an outgoing person? Which personality makes the best friend to have? The answer may surprise you. Either personality type could be your best friend.



It depends on understanding each other and someone’s outlook on life. If you want an outgoing, bubbly partner, then an extrovert might be for you. For one-on-one friendships, introverts might be better.


The Fifteen Key Traits of a People Person

How do you know if your personality is mainly sociable? Many of the traits are apparent, and some are a bit subtle. Here are fifteen characteristics that suggest that you are a social butterfly.

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1. If You Are a People Person, You Shine Best in a Crowd

When you’re a people person, you don’t shy away from crowds. You’re at your best when you’re mingling in a group. Even if you don’t know anybody in the room, you’re not too shy to introduce yourself and interact naturally.

The only downside to being so people-oriented is that you often feel lonely. You usually don’t spend much time relaxing alone at home, even on the weekends. Being among a group of chatty pals revives your spirits and satisfies you.

2. You’re a Skilled Conversationalist

A valuable benefit from being an outgoing person is that you’ve honed your conversational skills. Your fascination with socializing probably began at a young age. Sociable children are often just as comfortable talking with adults as with their peers.

You’ve also discovered how essential it’s to have active listening skills. While you do have the gift of gab, you are genuinely interested in what others have to say. You maintain open body language, and others gravitate to your positive energy.


3. You Have Varied Interests

Since your best conversations are in a group, you can’t run out of subjects to discuss. Fortunately, you’re a people person who is probably a voracious reader and is well-traveled. Also, you glean knowledge from conversing with people from many walks of life.

While you may not be a walking encyclopedia, you can often discuss various subjects intelligently. You may have many hobbies and interests and are eager to learn more. You’re a student of life who will be perpetually in class.

4. You Know a Lot of People

Sociable people have an inept skill for networking, so you’re bound to know hundreds of people. You’re the person who addresses those who work in public by name. As the old saying goes, you never meet a stranger.

Ironically, many of your professional and social connections may be superficial. You have tons of acquaintances, and your social media friends list is overflowing. However, you may tend to have few close friends that you’ve had for years.

5. A People Person Likes to Take Risks

As a people person, you’re used to interacting with others, which boosts your esteem. You also pay particular attention to their stories and examples. If your friends can take risks successfully, you suppose that you can do it, too.

In an article published by Behavioral Brain Science, R. A. Depue and P. F. Collins discuss the link between extraversion and incentive motivation. They found that sociable people get a burst of dopamine when they take risks, perceiving this as a reward. So, these folks are more apt to be daring to get more pleasure and happiness.

6. You Adapt Well

If being around others is your passion, then you’ve learned to adapt early in life. You may have been the new kid in school, but you soon found your place. While introverted people may be overwhelmed with changes and unfamiliar faces, you take it in stride.


You are flexible and aren’t afraid to try new ideas and techniques. Although a set of principles and opinions guides you, you can respect other viewpoints. Sociable people can usually find a level of comfort in most situations with some adaptations.

7. You Are Usually Optimistic if You Are a People Person

Party poopers aren’t extremely popular in a crowd, but that’s not your issue. Another attractive trait of a people person is your positivity. While you still have the occasional blues, you tend to be upbeat, and it’s contagious.

Your genuine smile also displays your optimism. You don’t dwell in a fantasy world, but you generally see the best in people and situations. According to the law of attraction, your positive affirmations attract more positive things to you.

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8. You Can Discuss Your Feelings

Whether you’re in a group of people or chatting with your best friend, you’re not afraid to share your feelings. Sociable people usually tune with their inner voice and don’t stifle emotions. Your gift of conversation helps you be genuine with others about your deepest thoughts and feelings.


9. You Don’t Need a Lot of Solitude

Introverted people are more comfortable when they’re spending time alone. A people person takes the occasional break from the world, but not often. Sometimes, a solo trip to the market or a solitary walk-in nature is all you need to recharge.

You find that your hobbies are even more enjoyable when you’re doing them with other people. When the solitude gets too much, you’re the first to grab your phone or jump on social media. There are times when you must be alone, but you refuse to be lonely.

10. You Are a Natural Leader

Since friendly people like you connect well with others, you probably have natural leadership qualities. You’re comfortable in a group, express yourself well, and want everyone involved. Friends and coworkers also consider your empathetic ear and willingness to find solutions.

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