10 Signs Someone Needs a Parasite Cleanse

10 Signs Someone Needs a Parasite Cleanse

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We share this world with countless creatures, many of them microscopic. Did you also know that some of these tiny bugs and worms also share your body? How do you know if you have a bodily invasion of parasites? Could you even need a parasite to cleanse?

It’s a sobering realization that your body is not entirely your own. According to an article published by Clinical Microbiology Reviews, you are a virtual menagerie of microscopic flora and fauna. The report reveals that average humans may host as many as 300 parasitic worm species and 70 species of protozoa.

Over thousands of years of human evolution, some were from primordial ancestors and others from animals. Not all microbes are parasitic, meaning they rob blood and nutrition from your system. Some of these tiny organisms are harmless.



Your body depends on specific microscopic flora for the well-being of your digestive system as well as other benefits. However, internal parasites can cause disease and other conditions if left untreated.


Ten Signs You May Have Internal Parasites

Nobody likes to think that they have tiny creatures wreaking havoc in their body. The parasitic pests may be tiny, but they often have notice calling cards when they’ve taken up residence in your gut. Here are ten signs that you may have internal parasites that would warrant a good parasite cleanse:

1. Anemia

While vampires may be the fiends of horror fiction, nature’s tiny bloodsuckers are a reality. Some parasitic species bite into the lining of your digestive system to sip life-sustaining blood. After a time, you may develop anemia from iron deficiency.

2. Changes in Appetite

You may hear expectant mothers say they are eating for two. What if you have internal parasites and are eating for thousands? An article published by the Mayo Clinic says that just two tapeworms in your intestines can be problematic.


These disgusting pests attach to the lining of your intestines and steal some of the nutrients meant for you. Since you must share, you may not feel full after a meal and may experience unusual hunger. You may also develop painful bloating and gas due to tapeworms and other parasites.

3. Unexplained Digestive Problems

Did you know that a parasitic invasion can mimic other digestive issues? Some people who experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation may be misdiagnosed with IBS or other conditions. Many are surprised when further testing reveals that they have intestinal parasites that may be purged with a parasite cleanse.

4. Grinding Your Teeth

Have you ever noticed or has your sleeping partner told you that you grind your teeth at night? This condition, called bruxism, is usually caused by disturbances in your sleep and general anxiety. Both of these can be symptoms of intestinal parasites and the toxins they excrete that interact with your neurotransmitters.

5. Unusual Exhaustion

Juggling the chores of caring for your family, career, and other social responsibilities is enough to keep you exhausted. However, you can judge if your fatigue is worse than usual. If you are malnourished and anemic because of intestinal parasites, fatigue, lethargy, and depression are common.


6. History of Food Poisoning

If you’ve ever experienced an episode of food poisoning, you know the digestive nightmare it creates. Sometimes, a past attack may leave you more vulnerable to parasites in your digestive tract. If your digestive system feels as it’s been chronically changed, a parasite cleanse may help.

7. Pain in Muscles and Joints

When you’re battling an invasion of intestinal parasites, realize that these pests travel at will. When they get bored of hanging around in your guts, they can also migrate to the nearest muscles and joints. The toxins they excrete can result in painful joints and muscles.

parasitic infection
Know the fifteen signs of a parasitic infection.

8. Disrupted Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, your entire body pays the price. You feel grumpy, lazy, and in a chronic brain fog. Sometimes, the problem is an undiagnosed condition of internal parasites. They disrupt sleep with digestive issues, itching, and unexplained body aches and pains.

9. Digestive Issues While Traveling

You’ve heard the perennial warning while traveling, don’t drink the water. It’s not unusual to travel out of the country and contract intestinal parasites from the water, food, and soil. It’s essential to consider a parasite cleanse after being out of the country for any length of time.


10. Skin Conditions

Both internal and external parasites can cause a multitude of skin conditions. Some people experience unexplained hives, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, or extreme itching. These pests can invade pillows, sheets, and mattresses to hop on somebody else.

Five Healthy Foods to Support Your Parasite Cleanse

Mother Nature offers several ways that you can get rid of intestinal parasites. Many herbs and whole foods have natural compounds that destroy parasites and discourage any from invading your system. Here are some healthy and delicious suggestions.

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