5 Uses For Coffee You Never Heard About

5 Uses For Coffee You Never Heard About


Did you know a staggering 83 percent of Americans drink coffee, which equates to an average of three cups a day per person? 

This might come as no surprise, though; almost everywhere you look, you will either see someone with a cup of coffee in their hand, or an advertisement telling you to buy yourself a cup. Coffee fuels the world in many ways, but did you know that you can use coffee for more than just a quick pick-me-up beverage? Coffee actually offers many benefits, but you don’t necessarily have to drink it to make use of coffee.


Today, you can use coffee in all sorts of nifty ways, whether for your health, your garden, or even your furniture!

Here are 5 uses for coffee you never heard about:


1. Coffee enema

This might sound strange or uncomfortable at first, but getting a coffee enema actually can make you healthier.

Taken from Helping the Body Detoxify by Linda L. Isaacs, M.D., “Coffee enemas have long been in use. In a case report in the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal in December 1866, M.A. Cachot, MD, described successful use of a coffee enema to treat a child dying from an accidental poisoning.

Articles from the late 1800s reported that coffee enemas were helpful in post-operative care; at a medical meeting in 1896, Dr. W.J. Mayo, one of the founders of the Mayo Clinic, mentioned coffee enemas as a routine part of care for patients after abdominal surgery.  Coffee enemas were listed as a stimulant and as a treatment for shock in medical and nursing textbooks in the early 1900s.

In an extensive 1941 article in Uruguayan Medical, Surgical and Specialization Archives, Dr. Carlos Stajano described immediate improvement in near-terminal patients after coffee enemas, including a patient with cocaine intoxication and a patient with post-operative shock.  He elaborated on his extensive experience with coffee enemas in post-operative management and made a plea for their continued use.”

According to Lawrence Wilson, MD, coffee enemas can be used to cleanse and heal the colon, detoxify the liver and intestines, help get rid of parasites, eliminate pain, help with depression and anxiety, increase mental clarity and energy levels, aid in better digestion, and much more.


2. You can use coffee to make your hair shinier!

If you want glossy hair, coffee can actually give it that extra shine, so save your coffee grounds instead of throwing them away! The stimulating effects of coffee can also help your hair grow, so mix it with your preferred conditioner and leave the mixture in your hair for 20 minutes. If you have lighter hair, you may not want to use too much coffee, as it might darken the color. Use this coffee treatment on your hair once a week for the best results.


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