The internet has opened a new variety of dating that’s allowed many people to find love in the most unexpected places. With cyber dating comes the risk of being catfished or lied to. It would be best if you watched out for online cheaters. However, it could be that you’re using online dating platforms and wonder about the integrity of the person you’re talking to.

First, you must establish what you consider cheating. Some folks think that if you engage in an emotional relationship with an individual while tied to someone else, it’s infidelity. At the same time, others believe that you must have some physical interaction to be considered cheating.

Each couple must establish boundaries before entering any relationship as to what they believe is infidelity. Is there an easy way to spot the cyber cheater? Since this is a typical game played by so many people, it’s not as challenging as you think.

Remember, anyone can cheat. According to Worried Lovers, you don’t have to be narcissistic or self-absorbed to step out on your spouse. Instead, many people cheat because they’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and need a release from their current life.

Twelve Behaviors of a Partner Who Might Be Guilty of Online Cheating

What if you’re married or with a partner who you think might be cheating on you using online platforms? How do you know if the one you love is being unfaithful to you? Here are some classic signs of an online cheater that hits close to home.

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1. Their Schedule Changes

One of the most prominent signs that something is up is when you see frequent schedule changes. Make a note if they’re coming home late from work, having overnight trips out of town, or going in early. While some jobs will have people work odd hours, if they’ve worked the same shift for five years and now sudden changes occur, it’s time to do some research.

2. You Catch Them in Lies

A man or woman is only as good as their word, but if you start catching your significant other in lies, then it’s a cause for alarm. Are they lying about stupid stuff, like why they spend money on lottery tickets or are they lying about more important things?

3. Money Is Missing From Checking Accounts

Do you notice that money is missing from the checking account, or have they been making charges on the credit cards? One of the signs that they’re buying gifts or living a double life is they will run up debt.

4. They Don’t Eat Dinner at Home Anymore

If you always ate dinner as a family and now you’re eating solo, it’s a cause for concern. True, their job might be holding them back, but they’re also possibly having dinner with someone else. If they don’t call to tell you they will be late, it’s another sign of concern.

5. They Secure Email and Social Media With New Passwords

Having open passwords and access to accounts is usually not an issue when a couple’s relationship is based on trust and honesty. However, they’re trying to hide something if they’ve got things locked down like Fort Knox and don’t want you into their accounts.

6. They Become Very Guarded With Their Phones

Another sign of the online cheater is that they don’t let their phone out of their sight. They may get nervous if you even get close to it. They guard this little device with their life. When you question them about their strange behavior, they could go unhinged.

7. They Hide To Talk on the Phone Constantly

Have you noticed a change in their telephone habits? Are they constantly on the phone? Do they need to take a “business” call in another room? If their phone calls seem to have picked up, it’s a sign they may have many cyber fish on the line.

8. Obsession With Responding to Online Contacts

Do they drop everything they’re doing if they get a text, email, or phone call? You may find that the bulk of their time is spent on the phone or computer these days. Their response times are better than most corporations, which is a sign that something’s up.

9. Romance Has Dwindled

One way to tell if something is going on is if the action between the sheets has died. Now, couples who have been together will go through dry spells, but anything out of character may be something to worry about. They could be having their needs met somewhere else, or they may be uninterested in being with you as they have many others to choose from online.

10. They Have Secret Social Media Accounts

An enormous red flag is when you find they have one or more social media accounts they’re hiding. You can quickly search and see social media accounts by using a picture on a search engine. Of course, if they’re an online cheater with fraud on their mind, they won’t use their correct image.

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11. They’re Acting Strange

Do you see any behaviors that are out of the ordinary? If they were always happy and jolly, but now they come home from work irritable and moody, it could be a sign something’s wrong.

Everyone can be frustrated from work, but they seem to target their frustrations on you. One sign of a guilty conscience is they will pick arguments with you, so they feel justified in their actions.

12. Monthly Phone Bill Discrepancies

If your partner is cheating, then you might see some strange things on your cell phone bill. Are they calling international areas, or are they calling numbers that are out of the ordinary? These could be significant warnings signs that they’re guilty of being an online cheater.

Eight Tips on Avoiding Online Cheaters While Cyberdating

For the sake of argument, perhaps you are single and ready to mingle. You’ve signed up with some online dating accounts, and you’re looking for the right one. How do you know if someone on the world wide web is an online cheater, or are they the real deal? Here are some signs to watch for.

1. They Only Call at Specific Times

One of the most significant issues with someone stringing along several people is the calling patterns. They may only want to call you, and they can only call in a short window. This is a huge red flag.

2. They’re Very Secretive

When you try to get to know them and discover their life, they will concoct a story that doesn’t make sense. If you dig and find the pictures they give you belong to someone else, run. Also, you may not verify the details of their life if they offer any information at all. Secretive behaviors may become huge red flags later.

3. You Hear Children or a Spouse in the Background

If you call beyond the specified time frames they allow, you may be rushed off the phone and hear a noise that sounds like kids or a partner in the background.

4. They Only Want You to Text

If all your conversations are made by text, it’s a red flag. If they don’t want you to have their number and prefer to talk on instant messenger platforms, it’s a warning sign that they’re not 100 percent honest.

5. They Ask for Money or Gifts

The online cheater is often in it for what they can get out of you. Block them if they ask for money, gift cards, or anything of monetary value.

6. You Can Never Go to Their House

When meeting or meeting in person, they may avoid you coming to their home. They will want to meet at your home or the local hotel. Find out why their home is not available, as this is a serious concern.

7. They Don’t Allow You To Meet Friends or Family Members

If they’re serious about getting to know you, they will want to introduce you to friends and family. Though this might take a few months, if they never sound interested in showing you off, then trust your gut instincts.

8. They Don’t Want To Be Seen in Public With You

They don’t want to go out in public to dinner or a movie. Whenever you talk about dating, they want to meet somewhere inconspicuous. Those who don’t like to be seen in public either suffer from a social anxiety disorder or live a double life.

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Final Thoughts on Knowing the Telltale Signs of an Online Cheater

If you see any signs that a person you’re talking to on social media is an online cheater, block them and don’t look back. Now, when it comes to your partner or spouse, it’s a bit different. You need to gather your facts before you start accusing anyone of cheating.

You can be a detective and gather information before hurling accusations. If your partner is not cheating on you, any claims you make can drive a wedge between you and damage your trust. According to North American Investigations, 54 percent of men don’t believe that online flirting and engaging in an emotional relationship is cheating.

Regarding women, over 72 percent think online dating is cheating. So, you may need to adjust your perspectives, decide what you both classify as infidelity, and set dating rules. Any inappropriate online behavior that’s done behind your back needs to be addressed.