Man Who Was an Obese Kid Becomes Super Fit

Man Who Was an Obese Kid Becomes Super Fit

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When you transform from an obese kid to a fit firefighter, you naturally want to share your story with the world. Chase Knight went through this amazing transformation himself, and we hope his story will inspire you.

Chase started working out during his freshman year of high school in 2003 when he played baseball. He says he weighed around 200 pounds at only 5 feet tall and wore a size 40 in pants. So he knew he had to make some changes in order to safeguard his health and have improved energy levels. The formerly self-described obese kid says:

“I’m a full-time firefighter, and I do try to train when I’m on shift, but those workouts are usually kind of slowed down a bit just because you don’t know when the next call is going to be.”

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He goes on to say he sometimes gets a call in the middle of the workout as that’s the nature of the job. However, he enjoys using any spare time to get a workout in, even at work!

“As I get older, I realize that you have to know what works best for you,” he says. “At the end of the day, as long as you’re moving, and moving safely, you’re going to get fitter, and that’s just the nature of it.”

Even if you only have time for a 15-minute jog around your neighborhood after work, for example, consistency will pay off. If you keep at it, you will start to notice improvements in your fitness levels. Most people want to see results quickly and succumb to crash diets or fad workouts. However, slow and steady tends to pay off more in the end since your body will have more time to adapt.

“Being fit has allowed me to excel in my careers and has allowed me to gain leadership positions and roles,” Chase said. In turn, this gave him the experience he needed in order to help other people, which is important and rewarding for him.

A transformation from obese kid to super-fit firefighter

If you want to begin your own fitness journey, Chase offers some wisdom he’s gained along the way.

“What I would tell someone if you’re going to start, is just start. You only get one body, you only get one life and that’s it,” he says. “At the end of the day, the question is: What are you gonna do with it?”

Chase says he wants to enjoy this life as long as he possibly can, and knows that being in shape will allow him to do so. He says that staying fit will give him more time to make an impact on the world and help others. Since he went from an obese kid to someone who takes fitness seriously, he wants to share the knowledge he gained.

Of course, you don’t have to take up weightlifting or intense forms of exercise like Chase. Find what you enjoy, and keep at it as much as you can. That way, you’ll stick with it and find fulfillment in the process! While everyone takes a different path, we all have been given bodies that we have to maintain.

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