Though we may wish that the stars would align and the universe would grant us what we want, that’s not the way the world works. If you want to lose weight or get that physique you’ve been dreaming of, you have to pursue your goals and put in the hard work to get there.

Expert Advice for Fitness Goals

You aren’t going to wake up with the perfect body overnight. Achieving your dream body starts with knowing how to set specific goals. Read on for expert advice for setting your goals.

1. Be Specific

Your goals must begin with a specific idea of what you want.

In order for you to work towards something, you must have a clear vision of what it is. When you start to specify what you want to see with your goals, be sure to address where it will happen, when it will happen, what you need to accomplish, why you want it, and what is required of you to get there.

Making the transition from vague to specific when setting goals is what will make all the difference.

2. Make it Measurable

The only way to know how much progress you’ve made is to make your goals measurable.

This way, you can determine when you have reached your goal and when it is time to set new goals.

For example, if you aim to lose five pounds in one month, one way to make this goal measurable is to set the smaller goal of losing one pound a week by going to the gym for an hour a day.

Whether you fulfill these expectations or not, you’ll have something to measure your progress against.

3. Set Attainable Goals

Many people are a little too optimistic when goal setting. While it is good to set lofty goals, they should all be attainable.

This means that you need to believe in every goal you set. The right goals are all things that you know you are capable of achieving. 

4. Don’t Go Overboard

Just as your goals should be attainable, they should also be realistic.

Keep in mind your strengths and limitations when setting your goals. While it is important for you to build your strength by challenging yourself as you work out, you do need to be mindful of what it is you can and can’t do.

5. Create a Timeline

Part of what makes goal setting so effective is the timeliness of these goals.

If you set certain goals but don’t have a timeline for when you’ll complete them, it’s likely that they’ll never get done.

Consider your schedule and find a way to fit regular workouts in. Whether it’s four times a week or everyday, this commitment to a timeline will help to keep you focused.

6. Find Inspiration

Just as you should focus on your strengths when setting goals, it is important to look outward for inspiration.

Find other people that are committed to their own goals. This can be a personal trainer or fitness model on social media—whoever they are, they should be able to give you some inspiration for your own goals.

7. Visualize Achieving Your Goals

This step goes hand in hand with setting achievable and realistic goals.

Even if your goals are attainable, you have to believe you can achieve them if you ever hope to do so. 

When you visualize your goals, you should imagine them coming true. This will help to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind, pushing you even further than you’d be able to go otherwise.

8. Practice Affirmations

Affirmations are often helpful in meditation and mindfulness practices, but they can also be used when setting goals.

Fitness affirmations should be used to verbalize how these goals can become part of your present.

For example, if you aim to run five miles by the end of a month, a good affirmation would be, “I am healthy and strong. I am an efficient runner and can do anything I put my mind to.”

These affirmations serve to boost your confidence and remind you that anything is possible.

9. Release Your Doubts

Self-doubt is natural.

We all have moments where we doubt ourselves. Instead of giving into these fears or anxieties, we must release these feelings. Know that you are fully capable of becoming the fitness phenomenon you’ve always dreamed of being.

Though you may have weaknesses, these shouldn’t stop you from going after your goals. The more effort you put into it everyday, the stronger you’ll become.

10. Boost Your Self Confidence

As you are in the process of achieving your goals, you may find that your self-confidence waivers according to how well you progress in your goals. While this is natural, it is important to stay strong whether you achieve your goals or not.

Your strength comes from within. It shouldn’t be affected by anything you’ve done, will do, or haven’t done. The greater your self-confidence, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

11. Take Action

Your goals only work if you do. Never settle for less when working on your fitness.

Be ready to take action and put in the hard work when trying to achieve your goals.

12. Use Technology

There are countless apps and gadgets on the market that will completely transform the way you do fitness.

With products like the Fitbit and apps that are built-in personal trainers, these resources offer you everything you need when it comes to reaching your goals.

This tech will help you stay on track and keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

13. Meditate Often

Believe it or not, meditation can have a significant effect on your fitness goals.

Meditating allows you to let go of any stress and really concentrate on the moment at hand. This process encourages you to focus on your breath, breathing in positivity and releasing negativity.

While you can set aside a certain block of time just for meditation, you can also participate in moving meditation. This is the art of being mindful of your breath and your body when you’re moving.

14. Update Your Goals

When setting your fitness goals, never hesitate to update them. Your initial goals aren’t set in stone.

As you keep track of your progress, pay attention to what is and isn’t working for you. Then, update your goals accordingly.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to add new things to your fitness routine. Even though you have specific goals you are trying to meet, this shouldn’t keep you from diversifying your workout.

15. Embrace Personal Growth

Just as you are excitedly awaiting the physical changes you are preparing to experience, you also must understand that setting your goals is also about your personal growth as well.

The more challenging your goals, the more growth you will experience. As you aim to be better than you were yesterday, enjoy the process of transforming into the stronger person you need to become to do that.

16. Learn from Others

Many people become hyper-focused on their fitness goals, so much so that they forget that this should be a learning process.

Instead of only paying attention to what your goals are and what you think you need to do, leave room for other people to give you advice. In fitness, there are a variety of ways to accomplish a particular goal. The more you learn from other people, the greater opportunity you have to reach your goals.

17. Express Determination

If you really hope to get further in your fitness journey, having a fair amount of determination is an absolute must.

Determined people are relentless—the never give up, no matter what. Whatever your goals may be, move confidently towards them knowing that you can do anything.

18. Stay Positive

Being positive doesn’t mean smiling your way through every single workout.

set fitness goals

Having a positive outlook makes everything else a little more enjoyable. Be optimistic about your goals and the way you achieve them. For example, when you prepare to go to the gym, think about how great it is that you have time to work out.

Whatever may happen in life, you choose how you react to it. By choosing to respond with positivity, you are guaranteed to have a positive experience. 

19. Put Perfection Aside

We all have different ideas of the “perfect body”. Whatever you consider to be perfect, you have to understand that there’s no such thing as perfection.

The best body is the one that you’re in right now. The hours you put in to better yourself are only adding to the best body you already have.

As you continue to achieve and surpass your goals, you’ll see that your idea of “perfection” has shifted too.

20. Push for Passion

Just like determination, passion is essential to achieving your goals.

If you’re not passionate about something, you won’t want to do it. In order for you to stay committed to your fitness goals, you must find a way to be passionate about them.

Once you find your passion, you’ll see that you can accomplish your fitness goals that much faster. For example, if you find that you don’t like lifting weights in the gym but you enjoy playing basketball with your friends, it’s better to do the activity you’re passionate about.

Final Thoughts on Fitness Goals

The goals we set help us to become the best versions of ourselves. In life, we never stop improving, and our fitness goals should reflect this.

Whatever your fitness goals look like, make sure you are doing all you can to achieve them. Keep this advice in mind as you start setting new goals for your fitness future.