Many people out there wish to lose weight and get healthier, and weightlifting can provide you with the results you want. Not only will weightlifting help you burn fat, but it can also help you tone up and strengthen your muscles. Although everyone needs to do some sort of cardio as well for heart health, lifting weights are equally as important.

Weightlifting can help prevent osteoporosis, which is especially important for women and older adults, and plus, you’ll just feel stronger and more confident! We hope the following photos inspire you to get into weightlifting and transform your body.

Here are 11 people who transformed their health with weightlifting:

1. Katie definitely shows us that hard work pays off!

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She says it’s important to focus on your overall health, not just what the scale says. In weightlifting, if you go by only your weight, you will be disappointed, because muscle weighs more than fat.

2. “Keep working, keep grinding.”

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Stacey says, “My love for the gym and years of consistency have brought me here. And you can achieve it if you want it too.”

3. Nothing worth having comes easily; you have to work for it.

4. This woman has been both underweight and overweight, which is why she can relate to so many women out there.

However, Sia says, “I would take strong over skinny any day.”

5. You can see that the squats have definitely paid off in the difference between these photos!

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6. Yes, she gained 15 pounds, but she also gained confidence and health as well.

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7. Though there’s only a four pound weight difference, Jenny says the confidence she gained is through the roof!

8. What a difference weightlifting can make in just a couple years.

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9. Everyone has to start somewhere, and as long as you keep working at it, it WILL pay off!

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10. Guys, we didn’t forget about you! Check out this man who transformed his health with weightlifting.

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11. Wow, check out those gains!

We hope these photos inspire you to get into weightlifting, because it can truly kickstart your health and take your confidence to new heights!


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