Morale in the workplace is essential to success and to maintaining a positive environment. Without it, employees are disengaged and tend to be negative, lacking focus and determination. There are ways you can change this and boost morale throughout the entire workplace.

Promoting positivity in this way is fun, and you should view it that way. Don’t think of it as adding more work for yourself, because when everyone is happy, more gets done. Taking the time to boost positivity will make a huge difference that you will notice immediately.

How to Increase Morale in the Workplace

With morale in the workplace, employees will enjoy coming to work and spread positivity. It will help them come up with good ideas and collaborate effectively. These tips will help everyone and improve your work environment for good.

1. Ask Everyone for Ideas or Input

When you ask for input, they will feel valued and trusted. Decisions and ideas shouldn’t all come from one person, so increase positivity in the workplace by including everyone in the process. When an employee’s idea is used, make sure to give them credit, too.

2. Have Short Meetings Frequently to Touch Base

Every couple of days or even every day, have short meetings to talk with the staff. This session allows them to vent, discuss issues, or suggest changes regularly.

If possible, keep the meetings small with only a few people in each session. Keeping the meeting small allows connection and communication on a deeper level.

Please find out how employees are feeling about their job, their co-workers, and even their supervisor. Ask them if they are facing any challenges and if there is anything you can do to help. These questions will lead to more happiness and an increase in workplace confidence.

These meetings are also an opportunity to provide performance feedback, coaching, and training. This time spent discussing the workplace will build trust and help develop better relationships.

3. Do What No One Else Wants to Do

If there is one job that no one else wants to do, then take it on yourself. Determine what the biggest problem is for the employees, and then take it off of their plate. Doing this relieves stress and shows everyone that you are willing to work hard, too.

4. Be Open and Honest

When things change, be honest about the reason. Open up and explain things, and it will prevent the employees from being angry or frustrated. Hiding problems or avoiding discussions will only make the situation worse.

If you are open and honest, the staff will appreciate and respect you more. They will see that you aren’t trying to hide anything and that their well-being isn’t sacrificed.

Some of the things you should always discuss and be honest about include:

  • changes within the company
  • updated protocols
  • feedback from customers or clients
  • new things that are in the works
  • issues within the company
  • achievements

5. Do Something Special

When each workday is the same, morale can diminish. Break up the monotony of the workweek by planning something special for everyone.

You could consider scheduling back, neck, or shoulder massages to help ease tension and promote relaxation. Another idea is to plan a dance class for an hour each week or hire a fitness instructor to lead an exercise class. You can ask the staff for ideas, too, guaranteeing that they enjoy whatever special event you plan.

6. Make the Purpose of Each Job Clear, So Everyone Feels Valued

When people don’t know the purpose of their job, they won’t give their best effort. Individual confidence in the workplace will fall as no one knows the difference they are making. By making their purpose clear, they will feel valued and find pride in their work.

Tell employees why their job matters and help them understand that they are needed. When they see that they are essential to reaching the business’s goals, you will notice a significant boost in their attitude.

7. Give Recognition

While employees get paid for their jobs, they need more recognition than a weekly paycheck. Recognize effort and hard work, and be sincere when you do. If the staff knows their hard work is recognized, they will strive to be even better than they already are.

When employees receive regular recognition for a job well done, there will be a host of benefits. You will notice higher productivity, engagement levels, loyalty to the company, and customer satisfaction. Plus, of course, recognition will increase morale quickly as employees feel a sense of accomplishment.

8. Keep Things Calm and Organized

If the workplace is hectic and unorganized, it can cause unnecessary stress. Keep things as organized as possible, and promote a calming environment. When you do this, stress levels will decrease, employees maintain a healthier work-life balance, and everything will flow better.

9. Teach Employees New Things and Promote Professional Development

Most people want to learn, develop, and strengthen their skills. Spend time teaching the staff to do new things. This could include teaching anything from running a new program to how to do part of your job.

Consider investing in further development opportunities. Allow employees to attend conferences, take classes, and anything else that allows them to grow professionally.

When employees understand how to do things or why they are done that way, it can help promote morale. Teaching them can also increase loyalty because offering these opportunities lets your staff know that you believe in them.

10. Plan Fun Things to Do Off the Clock

While employees likely don’t want to spend all of their time together, they still need to connect on a personal level. Plan something that you know most of the staff will enjoy based on what you know about them. By planning something they enjoy, they won’t dread attending, and it’ll be a good memory afterward.

Don’t plan these events too frequently, however, because everyone has lives outside of work. Every couple of months is enough to promote communication, teamwork, and positive connections.

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11. Discuss the Reason for What You are Working On

When the reason is apparent, employees will want to be better. They will feel more driven and engaged, helping to boost morale.

12. Plan Team-Building Activities During the Work Day

Team-building games are helpful for a couple of reasons. These games promote collaboration, motivation, and they foster communication and problem-solving skills. The activities also encourage creativity and productivity.

13. Be Flexible and Allow Others to Be, As Well

Times are changing, and desired work schedules are, too. When you can, let employees pick their work hours. As long as they get the job done well, it shouldn’t matter when they do it.

Instead of enforcing a strict start time early in the morning, let employees choose the time. This way, they come in well-rested and ready to work. If you can’t allow this type of flexibility all of the time, consider implementing it once a week or so.

Doing this also gives them sufficient time for appointments, errands, or family things they need to deal with. Handling those things before work means they won’t be distracted, promoting productivity and morale in the workplace.

14. Encourage Breaks

When employees get breaks during the day, they will come back feeling refreshed. Some employees may insist that they don’t need to take their break but encourage them to take it anyway.

15. Make People Laugh

If you can make everyone at work laugh, morale will soar. Laughing will boost their moods and help form positive connections between employees. A fun way to do this is by presenting funny awards that a custom to the receivers.

16. Provide Food

Feeding people is a sure way to boost spirits and promote positive attitudes. When people don’t have to waste their money on lunch, they’ll feel a little happier and more cheerful. Plus, they will appreciate the kind gesture and be grateful for working in such a caring environment.

17. Practice Gratitude

Show everyone how much you appreciate them, and tell them, too. When they know you are thankful for what they do, they will want to do it even better. Plus, it will boost morale as it creates a safe and comfortable space for employees.

18. Develop a Personal Connection

Learn personal things about everyone, and make it a point to acknowledge life events. When they know you care and support them, they will feel better and more understood at work.

19. Redecorate

Everyone needs some change once in a while, and this includes when they are at work. Redecorating the workplace is exciting, and it gives everyone a fresh perspective. Add plants, too, because studies show that they boost office morale.

20. Allow Others to Work on Their Ideas

When people are allowed to work on their unique ideas, they are more creative and inspired. As long as they get their regular job done, let them explore a little. They might even come up with an excellent idea for the company if they’re allowed to do this.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Increase Morale in the Workplace

Low morale in the workplace can cause tension, stress, diminished productivity, and many other problems. It can also cause the turnover rate to be high. If you notice that your work environment lacks this area, use these tips to increase it.

It benefits the entire company and all of the employees when morale is high. Implementing a few of these ideas will make a big difference.