On May 9 this year, make sure you look to the heavens so you don’t miss Mercury, one of the hardest planets to see, emerging in broad daylight. You’ll see Mercury inching across the sun for approximately five hours that day. However, unless you have special glasses meant for viewing an eclipse, then just wait for the filtered internet videos so you don’t damage your eyes by looking too hard at the bright sun.

Even if you don’t see it with your eyes, this event will bring many changes to all the signs in the zodiac, so it holds a lot of meaning for all of us. You will feel and see these changes happening in your life throughout 2016, so get prepared.

Mercury represents communication and openness, so anything you’ve been hiding will soon come to the surface, and others will also start to show their true colors. This year, we’ll all find important details about ourselves and our lives that will propel us forward into the future. Also, this year, we’ll see all the difficulties and obstacles we’ve been facing slowly fade away, which I think we can all agree is positive news.

As we progress and move through our own cycles of personal growth, we’ll start to see many positive changes in our lives. The change we want to see begins within ourselves, so we all must work together on ourselves if we truly want to see positive, measurable changes happening in our realities.

Mercury’s transit will surely bring about many surprising, yet necessary changes for every sign in the zodiac. Read below to find out what this astrological event means for you!

What the Mercury Transit on 5/9/2016 Reveals According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries March 21 — April 20

Aries, the beginning of the year will prompt you to look over your current obligations and responsibilities and see where you might want to cut things out to have more free time. You want more freedom and time to yourself, but your overachieving attitude often makes this difficult.

However, you realize that you need to allot more time to personal things, so you have started to put yourself first and not allow your ego or other people to dictate your actions.

This year, you’ll start to relax and not let your competitive nature get in the way of your personal happiness. You’ll learn that you can fail sometimes, and the world won’t come crashing down around you because of this.

Things will become clearer as you let go of everything that once held you back and embrace the mentality of true freedom and nonchalance. You won’t totally lose your go-getter attitude, of course, but you’ll learn to make the best of it and not allow it to dictate your whole life anymore.

You will move into this year with a lighter heart and a clearer mind and feel more energized for the year ahead. Letting go of the reigns a bit will improve your relationships with others because you won’t feel so stuck on the aspect of control in a personal and interpersonal sense.

With the Transit of Mercury fastly approaching, you’ll find that the obstacles you’ve faced mentally and emotionally will either start to melt away, or you’ll find your own way around them.

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Taurus, this year, you’ll find out what matters most to you and uncover more about your purpose here on this planet. Recently, you’ve also been caught up in the matter of wondering if other people even care about your opinion or not. However, you don’t mind either way – you’ve finally gotten to a place where you feel confident in your ability to live life on your own terms and not look to others for acceptance.

This year, you’ll learn to trust that inner voice more than ever, and your self-assured attitude will attract others of a like mind. Taurus, normally you have been a bit reticent and closed off to your emotions, but this year, you’ll open your heart and free yourself of all the suppressed emotions you’ve locked inside for so long. This will prompt others to let go and tell you what they’ve been hiding.

Since you will appear more confident to others, people will start to respect you more. You’ll find that your circle of friends will grow tremendously, and your social life will explode. You haven’t been one to have a lot of friends and go out too often, but this year, get prepared for a huge expansion of your social circle.

Also, you will find more abundance money-wise this year. You won’t have as many money worries, and the things you’ve wanted for so long have finally begun to materialize for you..

No matter what you feel drawn to as far as your passion, you will surely go after it this year as you gain the confidence and financial stability to do so!

Gemini May 22 — June 22

When you look around at people in the world, you often wonder how so many of them have attained so much power. You’d like to have some of this power but often don’t realize that you possess it at this very moment. You don’t realize what potential you have, and, therefore, can’t use your power to its fullest.

In the year of 2016, Gemini, you’ll start to learn more about yourself than ever before. You will discover the inner workings of your mind and figure out what processes work best for you, and which don’t.

This year will involve a lot of self-reflection, but all the work will bring real, measurable results. You will evolve in many different ways and will come out as a more whole, powerful, authentic person at the end of it.

Even if you think you know yourself to the core, you can always do more inner work to reveal what you’ve been unknowingly hiding within.

During the transit of Mercury, you’ll have the urge to look inside your heart for the answers you never even knew you possessed. You’ll discover that you have more power than you realize, and not to doubt yourself so much. Using this self-knowledge, you’ll have better results in real life, and the work you’ve done within will definitely pay off.

Basically, you’ll learn how to achieve results without working so hard for them.

Cancer June 23 — July 23

Cancer often puts others first so much that you forget about yourself somewhere in that process. However, in 2016, you’ll figure out when to say no and when to listen to your gut. You won’t have the urge to bend backward so much for others; instead, you will listen to your own needs more.

Of course, you might still feel a little guilt when you have to turn someone down, but at least you’ll learn to put yourself first for a change.

You will also learn that you can’t please everyone, and sometimes, telling them no will help them more than if you just gave in to their request.

One person stands out this year that you seem to want to please more than others. You’d do anything for this person, but ask yourself – does helping them out so much affect my own happiness and peace? If so, you will want to examine that relationship and determine if they have been pulling their weight. If not, you should give them space until they have had time to think about their intentions with your relationship.

Cancer, you’ll learn to have better relationships with others this year by putting yourself first. You won’t say yes just because you need to please everyone – you’ll say yes because you feel like doing so. Your previous relationships may have suffered because of your people-pleasing habits, but all of that will end this year.

In this magical year of 2016, you’ll emerge more authentically at the end, get rid of relationships that no longer serve you, and really start listening to your intuition more than ever.

Leo July 24 — August 23

Leo, you have been known to stand your ground and not give up without a fight. You have a headstrong attitude, which can get you far in life. However, sometimes you get so caught up in being right or getting the last word in that you fail to understand the other person’s point of view.

This year, you’ll leave behind negative thinking patterns and ways of dealing with others and have a healthier manner of negotiating and sorting out issues with people.

The possibilities truly abound as you dive into this year, and your relationships with people will deepen as you eliminate habits and patterns that no longer serve you or others.

In 2016, you’ll also find out that you didn’t know someone as well as you thought you did, so exciting new things will happen with this relationship.

Allow this person to show you the side of themselves they had previously hidden, and don’t get too surprised when the person that emerges seems different than the one you thought you knew.

Basically, during this year, just allow things to happen organically. Don’t question or fight reality – just embrace it. You will grow in many areas this year, Leo, if only you allow yourself to relax and go with the flow.

You might have felt trapped emotionally and mentally before, but now, all those blocks will go away as you figure out more about yourself and others.

Virgo August 24 — September 23

Virgo, you’ve never been in tune with your inner voice, and sometimes, you might not even be aware of it. You might not always understand the voice, but this year, you’ll have more clarity regarding your intuitive self.

This year, try not to allow your skepticism to rule your life. Allow yourself to go on a spiritual journey, even if you don’t know where it will lead or what it all means in the moment. The more you doubt your higher self and inner voice, the farther away from your real self you will stray.

If you can trust your spirit, you’ll attract others who have also become attuned with their highest vibration. This will allow for more authentic relationships in your life, instead of constantly attracting those with lower vibrations.

During this Transit of Mercury, allow yourself to become immersed in the parts of yourself you didn’t even want to touch before, because only through this method can your real soul emerge, and you can begin to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

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Libra September 24 — October 23

This year Libra, you’ll finally begin to understand what works for you and what you should discard. You haven’t always been able to discern between the two in the past, but in 2016, it will all become clear for you.

You haven’t always been the best at knowing which things make you feel good and which things weigh you down in life, but this year, you will get to know yourself on an incredibly deep level.

During 2016, you’ll discover new talents and likes that you may not have even considered. As we get older, we tend to become more closed off and like to get set in our routines. However, we can’t possibly grow this way. 2016 invites you to throw away all those stereotypes in your head and preconceived ideas of what you will excel at, and simply dabble in many different things to find your strengths.

Like they say, if you never try, you’ll never know.

2016 invites you to take a closer look at the things you once threw away without a second thought. You might realize that you overlooked something meaningful to you, or discover that you have a hidden talent that you never knew about before.

Libra, you tend to enjoy order and routine, but let all of that go out the window this year. Don’t get stuck in a routine; allow yourself to try new things and experience the beauty of variety and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Scorpio October 24 — November 22

Scorpio, this year it looks like all the troubles you’ve been facing will finally begin to melt away. All the hard work you’ve been putting in will finally pay off, and you will start to feel lighter emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Oftentimes, you confuse the past with the future – you tell yourself that because things happened a certain way before, they have no choice but to unfold the same way again. However, you can’t use the past to predict the future. You will only hold yourself back this way.

You’ll become a beacon of light this year, Scorpio, and leave behind all your insecurities. You will make positive changes in your life, and learn to coexist and collaborate with others. Even though you like to lead and give direction, you must learn to work with others if you truly want to succeed.

Scorpio, you’ve felt stagnant in your life for a long time, but this won’t last forever. Finally, the scales begin to tip this year, and you’ll see progress on all the work you’ve done and the effort you’ve put in.

The universe realizes your potential to effect change, and wants you to step into your role this year. Therefore, you’ll overcome many obstacles as you discover your true purpose on this planet.

Sagittarius November 23 — December 21

Unfortunately for you, Sagittarius, this year won’t start out that easily. Every day, you’ll pick away at a new challenge, but even though it may seem frustrating, it will help you grow. Remember each day’s lesson, and don’t forget what you can learn from these experiences. You might still have many mountains to ascend at the end of the year, but think back on what you’ve learned from it all.

You have a plan or a destination in mind, and because you have high standards for yourself, you’ll see the journey through to the end this time.

What you have been going through now and what work you’ve done internally will prepare you for the next 30 years or so. In other words, the work you’ve been doing matters greatly for your future.

You tend to have a clear direction for your life and have great confidence in yourself; as long as you can keep this attitude up, you will see great rewards in the future.

You chose this path, remember, so only you can decide where to go from here. All of the obstacles will seem worth it once you reach the top of that mountain you have your eyes on.

Capricorn December 22 — January 20

Capricorn, you’ve been known for your stubbornness and workaholic tendencies, but you also have many good qualities. You seem to improve with age, and your best qualities emerged this year.

You’ve always been a hard worker and love taking on new tasks and gaining more experience in the workplace. You work harder than any other sign, and this year, all that hard work will begin to pay off. You haven’t always believed in yourself – you’ve sort of just done the work because you felt obligated. But now, you’ll start to see WHY the work matters in your life and how you can impact others.

This year, you’ll see the possibilities that may have been hidden before. You haven’t been the biggest believer in trusting in your imagination; you only believe in results. However, your dreams will begin to speak louder this year, and you’ll see their value. Others will also start to believe in your dreams, and the doubters will fall to the wayside.

Aquarius January 21 — February 19

In the beginning of 2016, you might have a feeling of heaviness and tension. You’ll have high standards to meet, and might feel under pressure to meet them.

However, you’ll see the top emerge after walking up the mountain. All the battles you’ve faced have happened for a reason, to show you how much you can truly accomplish.

Within you, you’ve always had the fire in your belly, but sometimes, it burns hotter and brighter than at other times. This year, you’ll start to reignite this flame and regain purpose in your life.

While the fire may not burn very brightly, just go with it. A fire that burns is always better than one that doesn’t ignite at all.

Slow progress is the game’s name, Aquarius, but slow progress is better than no progress. Slow and steady wins the race, after all.

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Pisces February 20 — March 20

This year, you’ll discover many new opportunities, but you’ll have to do a bit of digging for them first. After all, you’ll only find them if you search for them.

Believe in yourself, first and foremost, and you can achieve anything you desire. Keep faith in yourself, and the universe will reward you. Work with the universe and the Law of Attraction, not against it, and you’ll surely find yourself down the path to abundance.

In this Transit of Mercury, make sure that you stand strong and conquer your inner demons. Don’t allow them to speak too loudly. Remember to also remain happy about others’ progress, even if you haven’t made similar gains in your own life. You will only become bitter if you allow other people’s successes to bother you.