One of the most difficult things to deal with in life is being rejected. Most people thrive when they know that their loved ones care for them. Yet when people are continually rejected, they can suffer from a wide range of issues. Some of them include low self-esteem, social isolation, and depression. Luckily, we can incorporate many strategies to deal with rejection and become productive, positive people. Below you’ll find just seven of many strategies that mentally strong people use to deal with rejection:

1. Acknowledge The Discomfort.

Oftentimes, people who are rejected tell themselves fictional narratives about the situation that is unfolding. For example, if a person doesn’t get the job they wanted, they might say, “I didn’t want the position in the first place.”

Of course, this inner monologue might make you feel better for a moment. However, it’s ultimately unhealthy because it creates a mental world marked by untruths. Note that mentally strong individuals discuss their real emotions. By discussing situations that make them feel disappointed, hurt, or embarrassed, these individuals are empowered to heal the pain in a healthy way. Thus if you’re serious about learning how to deal with rejection, make sure that you’re being honest with yourself about what happened.

2. They Remain Grounded In Reality.

Oftentimes, the pain of rejection leads people to adopt extreme, fatalistic conclusions about reality. For example, an individual who is looked over for a promotion may conclude “I’ll never be able to climb the job ladder.”

On the other hand, mentally strong people don’t do this. Instead, they examine what took place in a logical, realistic manner even as they acknowledge the emotions they are experiencing because of what happened. Instead of holding a pity party, these individuals remind themselves that one single life experience doesn’t determine their ultimate value, abilities, or disposition towards the world. As you begin learning how to deal with rejection, remember that thinking in an objective, the holistic way is very helpful.

3. Celebrate Your Ability To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

If people understood what rejection ultimately signifies, they likely wouldn’t get so upset when it happens. As many psychology experts and wellness gurus know, rejection is proof that you tried to move beyond your current limits to expand. This is a very brave way to approach reality. So celebrate it! Trying to step out of your comfort zone only to be rejected can be disappointing and embarrassing. However, the experience functions as the groundwork through which you learn how to try new things repeatedly (and in different ways!) until you attain the results you want.

4. They Don’t Let The Experience Define Them.

One of the dangers with experiencing rejection is allowing what happened to define your identity and perceptions of the world. Mentally strong people know that while they will experience rejection at various points in their lives, they also receive love at other times. Moreover, their presence and personhood are oftentimes sought out and deeply craved by many people! In recognizing that all of these realities co-exist, mentally strong individuals don’t allow one negative experience to define them. Thus if you’re really serious about learning how to deal with rejection, make sure that you think about your life holistically rather than zeroing in on one occurrence and allowing that moment to overshadow everything else that you’ve done or experienced.

5. They Practice Self-Care.

Because rejection can compromise self-esteem, it’s immensely important to take care of yourself when you experience it. Mentally strong people know this, and they maintain an arsenal of strategies that they are always ready to use whenever they experience criticism, letdowns, etc. Your self-care strategies can include anything from a monthly massage to the development of a strong yoga practice. The key to success with this strategy is doing something that actually works.

6. They Learn From The Experience.

Another strategy that you should consider implementing when learning how to deal with rejection is learning from the experience. Mentally strong people take the time to reflect on things that happen in their lives because they know that doing so will provide them with the knowledge necessary to make more prudent decisions in the future. Thus as opposed to merely experiencing a wave of negative emotions and feeling physically or mentally weary as a result of it, take the time to learn from the experience. The learning can include the acquisition of more self-knowledge. Furthermore, it can also teach you how to operate more effectively in the world.

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7. They Move Forward.

If you really want to know how to deal with rejection, make sure that you learn to move forward. In many cases, people find themselves paralyzed by negative experiences. This makes sense given that experiences like rejection can engender numerous negative emotions that make people feel lethargic, demotivated, etc. Mentally strong people are aware that negative experiences such as rejection can lead them down the road to stagnation. Moreover, they implement strategies to keep moving forward. The strategies can include anything from going to the gym more frequently to keep the body in motion to joining a networking group. These both keep one on the path of professional progress.

Use These Strategies To Deal With Ejection

If you’ve never experienced rejection, know that you likely will at some point. With this reality in mind, it’s important to access and implement strategies that will help you deal with rejection and become a stronger person as a result of it. Utilize some or all of the aforementioned seven strategies to keep yourself on track to perpetual progress in the face of rejection!