20 Ways Men Show Love (Without Saying It)

20 Ways Men Show Love (Without Saying It)

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Not everyone is comfortable opening up about their affections and feelings. Men have faced social conditioning to hide their feelings, so it can sometimes be tough to tell if a man is into you. Additionally, men show love differently than women, demonstrating it in action instead of speaking the words.

Luckily, body language and nonverbal communication can often speak louder than any words can! Here are 20 ways men show love without saying it.

20 Ways Men Show Love Through Actions

1 – Being Close Physically

Men often express themselves physically. Someone who is always close to you is taking comfort in the knowledge that you are with him. 

Men also like the feeling of protectiveness that comes from being close to you. He might even be sending a subconscious message to the world: She’s with me, so back off! He may:


  • Have his arm around you regularly
  • Hold your hand 
  • Hug you at random times
  • Always want to cuddle you
  • Walk or sit very close to you
  • “Accidentally” touch you

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2 – Providing Gifts Of Affection

People have been giving gifts as a method of showing their affection for centuries. It’s not surprising, then, that men continue to do so today to make the people they love happy!

Gifts don’t have to be materialistic or expensive – in fact, they don’t need to cost any money at all! Here are some examples of gifts a man may give you when he loves you:

  • Love letters or love notes
  • Little trinkets that he thought you would like
  • Gifts for online games that you play
  • His time and effort

3 – Eagerly Listening To You

It’s not unusual to hear complaints that men don’t listen. Of course, this isn’t factually true, to begin with, but someone’s rapt attention is always a sign of affection! 

If a man very eagerly and happily listens to you, even about very small details or through long rants, he’s definitely showing you some love! He values your words and wants to be there for you – and to pick up new information about you, too!

4 – Smiling After Kissing You

Kissing is romantic and feels great thanks to the rushing release of hormones that comes with it – but those boosts to positive thinking are even more obvious when the people who are kissing are really into each other!

A man who can’t stop smiling after a kiss – even from a little peck on the cheek! – is feeling giddy because of his love for you. This is especially true from men you’ve just started to date, but also for men you’ve been dating for a while. No one can resist the charm of a kiss from the person they love!

5 – Remembering Details About You

A man who remembers as much as he can about you is likely motivated by more than just platonic emotions. He may remember:

  • Your favorite things
  • Random little details about you
  • Details of your conversations or dates
  • What you were wearing on certain days

Even with people you platonically like, you’ll probably forget a couple of things about them as time passes – and we’re not saying a man in love has perfect memory! But he will make an effort to remember things about you, even when they don’t seem important or memorable to you!

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6 – Shifting Posture

Watch what happens when you enter a room with this man in it. When he sees you, does his posture change ever so slightly? He might:

  • Straighten up
  • Puff out his chest
  • Square his shoulders
  • Seem more alert
  • Seem more lively

If a man behaves this way around you, you’ve made him perk up because he’s happy to see you! He’s also posturing in a subconscious effort to impress you – he wants you to think well of him.

7 – Taking An Interest In Your Interests

Each individual is different and unique, with their own set of interests, likes, and dislikes. This means that there’s a very good chance that the man in your life won’t really like the same things you like!

But if this man loves you, then he’ll show it by taking an interest in your interests, even if he doesn’t understand them. He’ll:

  • Be supportive of your interests
  • Ask questions about your interests
  • Agree to participate in some way in something involving your interests
  • Learn about your interests
  • Listen to you rave about your interests

8 – Including You In Future Plans

Men who love you will talk to you about their futures and those futures will always have you involved. He will even take your own plans into account so you can line your goals up and be together as you work towards them!

9 – Never Staying Angry

Your relationship with a man is not going to be conflict-free. There will be times when you fight and disagree, or get mad at each other. But a man who loves you can’t stay angry at you for too long. He’ll eventually stop being angry and will want to talk it out so your relationship can be positive again.

Here’s a little disclaimer: if you mistreat or do harmful things to a man, of course, he’s going to stay angry at you; if you’re the person fully at fault for something significantly worse, it’s your job to apologize and earn back his trust! 

10 – Giving You Space

A man who loves you, no matter how clingy he usually is, will respect your need for space. He will understand that you are a unique, special individual who needs their own time – just like he needs his! He won’t be controlling or possessive, which is really bare minimum!

A lot of romantic ideology forces the idea that an ideal couple needs to be together forever in a physical sense; any time spent apart should feel “intolerable” and ruin your positive thinking. It doesn’t take much to figure out that this isn’t a healthy mindset! So embrace the space and don’t forget to be your own person!


11 – Chivalry

They say chivalry is dead, but they haven’t been looking for it very hard, evidently! A man who acts like a gentleman around you is doing a number of things:

  • Caring for you
  • Showing off his strong side
  • Trying to impress you and show that he can be a good partner

Chivalrous acts include:

  • Walking you to the door
  • Cooking for you
  • Holding open doors or pulling out chairs for you
  • Checking to make sure you got home safe
  • Sharing a coat or umbrella with you

12 – Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very intimate form of affection for something that’s non-physical! It’s a way to build a bond and hold your attention while sharing a moment with you. It can also be a sign that he can’t stop looking at you, or it may be an intentional attempt at seduction!

13 – Introducing You To Friends

If his friends know about you and have heard positive things about you, that can only mean one thing: he talks about you to them, and men rarely do that unless they’re in love!

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