Remember when you were a kid and wished on falling stars, or what about all the times you blew out the candles on your birthday cake? Children instinctively believe that they can have their hearts’ desires. Even as an adult, you have the power to dream and speak it into manifestation.

The only person who can make your dreams a reality is you. You have the divinely given tools to use anytime you want. It’s all a matter of believing in yourself and giving voice to your desires.

For the past few years, the law of attraction has received a lot of attention in the media. However, it’s not a recent discovery. It’s been used by great thinkers throughout the ages to manifest positive results.

An article published by Dr. Tchiki Davis in Psychology Today says that there are scientific ways to have manifestations. Davis explains that when you visualize your dreams, you create positive emotions. You are more apt to bring them to fruition than if you’re negative.

Some people have a misconception that visualizing and manifesting your desires works like a genie in a magic lamp. You tell the genie your wishes, and you sit back and wait for them to appear.

Of course, you must put action behind your affirmations. Not only do you agree with the Universe, but you work with it to bring your goals to reality. Nobody realizes their destiny by not putting forth an effort.

It’s important to realize that the Divine will not go against your free will. If you think your dreams aren’t possible and you’ll never be a success, the Universe will let it happen. However, it will also manifest your goals when you agree with positive affirmations.

Moving From Affirmation to Manifestation

How do you take your goals from the dream state to actuality? The Divine already knows your path and the beautiful things in store for you. However, it requires your agreement to make them happen.

Do you want a life that is overflowing with joy and contentment? It’s your birthright, and the Source of All is waiting for you to claim it. Here are ten habits that can help you bring more positivity to your life and manifest your heart’s longings.

1. Create Specific Goals

Before you can manifest your dreams, you need to identify them specifically. How can you wish for something if you don’t know what you want? It’s also essential that you be specific concerning your goals.

For example, you may want to create an affirmation for a better job. You’ll be more aligned with the Universe when your promise is in greater detail. Say something like, “I want to finish my master’s degree and teach high school math,” or, “I want to start my own bookkeeping business from home.”

These are more specific goals that not only describe the results but also provide steps for achieving them. The more assured you’re in what your heart desires, the closer you come to the Source and manifesting your dreams.

2. Ask the Universe for Help

When you make positive affirmations to the Universe, you attract positive manifestations. It’s the law of attraction working for you. Whether you speak to the Universe, a deity, or simply the Source of All, you’re aligning with a Higher Power that has your best interest at heart.

3. Live in the Dream Now

How will you feel when your dreams become a reality? Maybe you desire to lose weight or find your soulmate. Why not get yourself acclimated to having your desires in the present?

Picture yourself in the house that you’ve always wanted. You can even arrange furniture in your mind and choose your favorite wall colors. Look deep into the eyes of your future soulmate as if they were holding your hand now. Let your senses experience every tinge of your affirmations.

Since perception is your reality, why not have your best life now? While the law of attraction isn’t always instantaneous, your faith brings you closer to positive results. Now is the time to bask in joy and fulfillment.

4. Make a Dream Board

Many people create dream boards as a visual aid for focusing on manifesting their goals. You needn’t be an artist to make one. It can be constructed from a poster board or on a bulletin board in your room or office.

Feel free to design it however you wish. Cut out pictures from magazines and copy inspirational sayings or poems. Let your dream board reflect your inner desires.

5. Be Flexible

Sometimes, you may not be familiar with the paths that lead to your destination. As you combine with the Universe, you learn to trust that your best interests are always considered. Maybe the track from Point A to Point B isn’t what you expected, but reaching your goals is worth the trip.

Remember that the Divine doesn’t always work the way we think it should. Nevertheless, you can be assured that it’s lovingly directing you to the blessings you want and deserve. Be patient and watch your dreams manifest before your very eyes.

rainbow on the other side

6. Listen to Your Inner Voice

When’s the last time you silenced the negative chatter in your brain and listened to that still, small voice? This intuitive voice is your inner being speaking to you. As you listen to your own calm, reassuring words, you discover your true desires.

In an article published by Psychology Today, Dr. Alex Lickerman suggests that the more you recognize why you have intuitive reactions, the more you will trust them. It can help you fill your greatest expectations. So, to receive significantly, you must be true to your gut feelings and considerably expect.

7. Record Your Progress

It’s only human to want to see some positive results to boost your faith. That’s why journaling can be such a helpful tool for the manifestation of your dreams. When you review the benefits that the Universe has brought in the past, you’re ready to unite for more incredible things.

Journaling is a fun and rewarding way to record your affirmations and the results. It can be a simple notepad, or you can buy a decorative book meant for this art. Some people enjoy writing their reflections in a computer file.

Whichever way you choose, your journal can help you define and record your goals. You don’t have to share it with anyone unless you want.

8. Use Your Imagination

If you’ve been a stranger to the world of imagination for a while, talk to a child. They aren’t too far removed from their cosmic origination to believe in the Unseen. Unfortunately, adults grow away from this perfect, childlike faith into an attitude of skepticism.

When was the last time you allowed your imagination to run wild? The crucial part of making your dreams a reality is to form them in your mind. When you entertain doubt, you negate anything the Universe can give you.

How do you imagine your best life? Be positive and see how far your imagination can bring forth manifestations.

9. Be Grateful

Have you ever given a gift to an ungrateful friend or family member? Their indifferent attitude probably made you think before you gave them anything else. If you want more abundance in your life, remember to be grateful for what you already have.

The law of attraction works whether your affirmations are positive or negative. If you aren’t grateful for your blessings and count them as nothing, the Universe agrees. You’ll continue to have ungrateful feelings and no value to your life.

However, a grateful heart cultivates positive affirmations that will be returned. Watch as your blessings increase according to your gratitude. It’s not always material goods but an increase in joy, awareness, and well-being.

You may consider devoting a section of your journal to a gratitude list. There’s nothing too insignificant for thankfulness. As you count your blessings, you’ll cope better with life’s difficulties.

10. Be Patient While Awaiting for Manifestation

Remember the old saying that good things come to those who wait? As you make affirmations into the Divine, know that its timing isn’t always you’re timing. Your destiny is already paved in eternity, and you’ll realize your dreams in due season.

While you wait, continue meditating on the positive things in your life, and you must continue living as usual. After you’ve achieved what you want, you’ll better understand the plan. You’ve already done your part, and you wait for the Universe to do what it will.

Final Thoughts on the Manifestation of Your Dreams

The first step to living your best life is to believe you can. Try these habits and learn to agree with the Universe with your affirmations. Then, watch as you learn to cultivate blessings that were meant for you from the beginning.